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                 12/14/2017 05:47 PM  
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09/06/2005 10:05 PM ID: 50018 Permalink   

New Orleans: E. Coli in the Water


A New Orleans official has released information that the city's floodwaters are now contaminated with E.coli bacteria. Drinking water that is contaminated with the bacteria can lead to serious illness and/or death if it is not treated properly.

New Orleans was left about 80% flooded, some water being as much as 20 foot deep, after Hurricane Katrina and officials have warned it will take weeks before the floodwaters are drained out of the city.

There may also be future plans to spray the city for mosquito's since the standing water will be a breeding paradise for the insects which can carry West Nile Virus amongst other diseases.

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  Was only a matter of time...  
Raw Sewage = E.Coli almost no matter what...But, when you add dead decaying bodies into the fray, there's no telling what kind of diseases these people are going to be coming out with...IF they ever decide to leave!

These people just don't understand that there is nothing left...even once the water has drained (which is supposed to take weeks...think about it, New Orleans is located BELOW sea level...), there will be no power, no running water, no A/C, No food, no Jobs, and none of the buildings will be suitable to house anybody due to rot, mold, contamination, and who knows what else! Those who survived and are still there need to count their blessings, and get the hell out, because the longer they stay there, the greater their chances are of dieing... Did I even mention the Alligators?

ALSO...In my personal opinion, the City should not be rebuilt. It's a very bad spot to have a city...and now that it has been destroyed, there is no sense in rebuilding everything...The state should buy back the land and restore it as a natural marsh land, because this isn't an isolated incident. As long as you have a highly populated city located below sea level AND right off the coast of a Hurricane-prominent area...stuff like this is going to keep happening, so lets save future lives, learn from our past mistakes, and not build here! Plain and simple! I know I have a lot more to say on the subject, but I can't think of it right now...but I'll be back!
  by: theavenger8     09/07/2005 12:49 AM     
  Another example of pestilence  
IT's great that they are pumping the water out, but to where? How are they going to clean the water and get the toxins or viruses out?
  by: slave_boy_imp   09/07/2005 02:16 AM     
  Hurricane Andrew  
When I went thru it in 1992, we didnt have power for 1 month, and every week, there were flying DC 3's around Homestead, spraying for mosquitoes, I see the same for NO. I dont know what they are going to do about the sewage in on the ground. I understand the people not leaving, there is no where to go. Belive it or not, if and when they rebuild, there will be an econmic boom there. You have to hire locals to rebuild most of the places, I was a roofer for a while, cant stand the heat and bisters, it wasnt my cut of tea. My mother freaked out when see saw me on a 4 storie condo walking on the edges of the roof with feet hanging over the edge and no fear. The person I work for, was my brother in laws uncle. I saw him start a checking account, with in a 3 days he had 10,000 dollars in it, a month later his son had a new sports car( paid in cash,, he was a roofer too, three generation of them where in town). His uncle had a new Jag and bought a house, and restored it. His roof was made from spanish tile, the expensive type, it was put together with left over tiles from his other roofing jobs. For a few years after, some places in Homestead looked like a bomb was dropped. 13 years after, there are no signs of any hurricane. The town looks great. It was a Cat 5 hurricane, We did have the storm surge, but unlike N.O. the water was gone after the storm was over, only had a 100 foot boat in the middle of old cutler road. We learned that when a storm comes a knocking you get rocking out of town. Many people that got resuced said, they didnt think the storm was going to be that bad. I tell if I can look at the door and see the ocean 6 feet above me in distance. I would be out of there.
  by: thedrewman   09/07/2005 03:18 AM     
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