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                 01/17/2018 09:05 PM  
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09/07/2005 06:31 PM ID: 50045 Permalink   

Katrina Victims Given Fresh Start by Government


The victims of the deadly Hurricane Katrina will receive debit cards with a total of two thousand dollars starting soon.

"They are going to start issuing debit cards, $2,000 per adult, today at the Astrodome," said Kathy Walt, a spokeswoman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

These debit cards will be widely accepted at many locations. The common things these will be used for will be food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. Only adults will receive the card.

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  Democrats plan  
They released it a few days ago:
  by: Kaleid   09/07/2005 06:52 PM     
  It depends how you look at it I guess  
$2k isnt alot when you come to think about it certainly not enough to start over, but then again its something...

It says that every adult will get a debit card... and call me pessimistic and prove me wrong please... but if in 20 days time all the money is gone and there are still people in the Astrodome I wont be surprised.
There were not any jobs in this city before Katrina and there are now around 100,000 more people here. The cost of housing and renting will go up. If you are a two parent family and you get 2 debit cards then one of those might be enough for first and last month's rent and the security deposit... but then you have to find a job to pay the rent....
What happens to the woman (or man) with 5 kids who lost their partner? they get the same as a single person? Will it be like food stamps: its a debit card how will they monitor the purchase of alcohol and the withdrawal of cash for other substances like tobacco?
and finally how many natives of this city will be now trying to get into evacuee camps to get this benefit..
  by: juleslady     09/07/2005 07:52 PM     
good point, but as a start, its good, but its stillonly a start. next like yo mentioned you have to work on the housing and employment for all the displaced persons, and also give more help to famlies, and single parent famlies with a/severak kids, although if this is suggested, the aclu will probally complain about discrimination to the single, or non married, or married w/o kids who lost a spouse, ect. and muddle the whole things up
  by: ganjaman22     09/07/2005 08:34 PM     
yes mate down here if you do something for one you do it for all or someone cries racism. It wont be long before the people in this city start yelling "hey what about us"
its the American Credo: "What do I get?"
  by: juleslady     09/08/2005 01:04 AM     
  By next week  
$2000 might get you about 5 gallons of gas. Unless you are incredibly resourceful or talented this won’t last anyone very long and is just a tease to placate the masses. Any help is appreciated but to believe this will get them back on their feet is absurd.

I challenge anyone in government to walk out the door with nothing but the clothes on their back into the NO area and make it on $2000. Show me, make me a believer.
<listening for the stampede of politician....nothing but the sound of crickets>
  by: valkyrie123     09/08/2005 01:31 AM     
  Now if we reclaimed the $12 billion  
our government just gave to the oil companies and divided it amongst the 800,000 people from the disaster area it comes to $15,000 per person. A good start but not enough to repair much of the damage. How about we take the record $30 billion profit the oil companies just made in one quarter and add that to the pot. Another $37,500 per person. That’s a total of $52,500 per person. That will get them back on their feet. Anyone here want to defend the oil companies and their profiteering?
  by: valkyrie123     09/08/2005 01:41 AM     
  ATM card, is that the best we can come up with....  
While I am all for these people getting money to help rebuild their lives, $2000 is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It's funny people in this thread are 'bragging' about how this is a democrat plan to help out, of course it is:

1. Not well thought out (just like Social Security and Welfare)

2. All show, no substance

This is a total PR show to show 'hey, we helped out these poor people from the hurricane, while the evil Republican's watched them suffer....'

Rep, Dem, whoever, as long as someone out there can come up with a good plan to help these people out, then that is great, but it really does need to be a PLAN, not just an ATM card.

If all of these people really want to make a difference right now, they need to get the $50bil that Bush is asking for and start handing out some real checks, then start using the rest to rebuild homes, businesses, etc.

Just giving someone a 'welfare' card with $2000 is like handing a band-aid to a person with a gun shot wound to the head.

I hope all the donations start pouring in soon for these people, because I think ALOT of the money can come in from donations. That is one of the things that makes this country great, when a major event like this happens, we really do come together and take care of one another. I remember with 9/11, there were so many donations, that every family from 9/11 could have been VERY well off for the rest of their lives.
  by: drduranduran   09/08/2005 03:00 AM     
And when the money runs out then what? Not like many jobs out there at the moment. It is a start I guess. I know I would be a ticket and get out of dodge.
  by: Paige5763   09/08/2005 01:14 PM     
  forgot to comment first...  
mainly because I couldn't find my own article for awhile...

but the title was suppose to be a play on words type, seeing how most people lost EVERYTHING from valuable family pics, entertainment, homes, cars, other family members...

And the government is just like "here, take this 2k debit card as a free gift"

They're given 2k and will probably have to fend for themselves for the time being. And, it won't probably be tracked, meaning some could blow it on alcohol, cigarettes, and whatever else would come to mind (you can't put money into everyone's hand and not expect that)

2k isn't going to get you any transportation, if it does it'll be a beater car that you'll have to get fixed constantly. Gas will eat up that 2k. Food and clothes will tear that 2k know?

If I were a new oreleans hurricane suvivor (i'm just a regular katrina suvivor) I would of course take the 2k, but lets just say that wouldn't be nearly enough.

I just hope people were smart enough TO HAVE INSURANCE! *some won't though*
  by: hotrock11     09/08/2005 03:25 PM     
  actually most in new orleans dont have insurance  
because insurance companies wont give you insurance if you are in a flood zone... and HEL-LO this needs to be changed. My moms property had one corner which was designated flood zone and she had great difficulty in getting any insurance for her house. She moved.
  by: juleslady     09/08/2005 04:23 PM     
  this is why many stayed  
in their stores and shops - they wont be able to rebuild their stores but will instead probably have to file bankruptcy at the end of it all.... I am sure credit companies wont just write off 30 - 100k worth of debt just cos it floated off in a storm
  by: juleslady     09/08/2005 04:25 PM     
  Don't forget the passed bankruptcy bill n/t  
  by: Kaleid   09/08/2005 05:21 PM     
  Those who didn't take advantage of that...  
I think it included the loophole for students where you could consolidate your loans and literally save thousands...AND NOT FILE BANK.

I dunno if that was separate from the bank. bill that passed, but they basically had the same deadline. There were reports of people saving a easy 5k from not having to pay intrest anymore...
  by: hotrock11     09/08/2005 05:59 PM     
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