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                 02/24/2018 01:02 PM  
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10/12/2005 05:19 PM ID: 50669 Permalink   

New Tax Will Be $360 Per TV


Pensioner's reacted angrily to a new plan by the BBC to increase the TV licence fee to $360 per TV per year. A pensioner's group argued the elderly would pay more for services they will not be using like mobile phone downloads and online archives.

"Many under-75s not eligible for free licences are already struggling to make ends meet in the face of increased household costs and rising utility bills which far outstrip the meagre rise in the basic state pension," said Anna Pearson.

The BBC last increased their fees in 2000, at that time there were only 2 channels, and have since created 4 new channels. The licence fee is currently $250 per TV but is expected to reach $360 by 2013 if it continued to increase as per inflation.

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  some other facts  
the tv licence fee is for each tv in the house for one year so if you have one tv thats $360, 2 tvs that $720 and so on. It does not say this in the story because it is a british newspaper and everyone in britain knows that.

You can get reduced priced tv licence if you are deaf. You will receive a $3.00 rebate.

Until recently the BBC only ever had 2 channels but there were 4 on the TV. You could not however choose not to pay for the BBC channels and only watch the 2 free channels.If you receive satellite tv you must also pay the tv fee even if you only watch american channels or whatever. So for cable tv you pay for cable and then you also pay the fee for the tv.

I have never heard of some pensioners getting free tv this must be a new thing.
  by: juleslady     10/12/2005 05:24 PM     
  I know nothing about your TV system  
I've never even heard of the TV tax before. How does the government know how many TV’s you have? Is everything on cable? Are TV’s registered like guns. I know if they ever tried that here in the states the black market on cracking devices would skyrocket and the people would riot. Take away a mans TV you might as well take away his penis, you’ll get the same result, and I wouldn’t want to be the tax collector.
  by: Valkyrie123     10/12/2005 06:18 PM     
  thats re diculous  
imean just watch tv on your pc and dont have a tv. but im pretty sure theres a computer tax too though.
  by: Ronsonol   10/12/2005 06:29 PM     
  they have tv detector vans  
and yes if you had a monitor but not a tv you would still have to pay tv licence because you can get tv on your computer... also most people in england used to use their tv as their monitor since computers like the amiga hooked up to tv's
  by: juleslady     10/12/2005 06:39 PM     
Don't know where you get your facts from but they are waaay off bat. TV licence covers 1 household regardless of the number of sets in that house. Computer monitors are NOT eligible for TV licence taxation and neither is internet television.

You are right however that satellite television is subject to this licence cost and the top Sky package = £40+ per month on top of your TV licence.

Detector vans prowl round the streets and failure to get a licence is finable up to £1000!!

And quite frankly with the quality of programmes these days which are mainly reality TV shows, crappy imports from abroad and re-runs is just not worth the money.
  by: kuryakin   10/12/2005 07:06 PM     
  i get my info  
from when i used to live in great britain, if they have changed the tv laws since then i am not aware of it, however, i went without a tv for 3 years before i moved because i would not/could not afford one.

if you only have to pay one license thats great...

however the television monitor thing is true, because i did not have a tv i had to give my computer monitor away also since they can charge you for that. Phone them and ask, say I have no tv but i do have a computer do i need a tv license and the answer will be yes.
  by: juleslady     10/12/2005 07:15 PM     
  last i knew they were implementing  
the licence for every tv thing cos my grandmother was throwing a fit saying my grandfather would have to give up his tv and she would be forced to watch endless cricket and snooker on hers;p
  by: juleslady     10/12/2005 07:23 PM     
  To save the debate Jules  
I have put a couple of links in

Internet TV strictly speaking is a yes but is virtually impossible for them to check.
  by: kuryakin   10/12/2005 07:38 PM     
  Things have changed...  
Jules, as far as I know, the fee has always been per household as opposed to per house. I'm not sure how long it has been since you lived in the UK but for as long as I've known it has been per household. Of course, I don't pay (the bonus of still living with my parents while I study) so I never really paid that much attention.

Oh, and it's closer to $320, not $360. The exchange rate isn't at $2:£1 - it's more around $1.75:£1.
  by: Nyku   10/12/2005 07:44 PM     
  Brits stop whinging  
Stop moaning and pay up the best money you have ever spent. I live in Spain and would gladly pay to have British BBC in my house not the international Beebe I mean the real thing like we steal for free in Ireland?
Man 15 minutes of Spanish Tv…….. and you’ll all be as Shane McGowan said “sitting on the floor watching TV thanking Christ for the BBC” . I can not even begin to explain how bad Spanish TV is it’s even worse than American TV except you can half believe the news … but only half believe .
  by: Hugo Chavez     10/12/2005 09:17 PM     
  @Hugo Chavez  
Worse than American TV? Our shows are the best.. Hence the reason the majority of the world plays our reruns in their language. True that our news stations are biased but thats why I come here.
  by: creep   10/12/2005 09:57 PM     
of course there are good shows from the US but you have about a zillion channels and have so far come up with .....ehhh ...

Family guy /simpsons and eh ....

well I like British Comedy more (the office , extras etc) and Canadian documentaries are really good I have to get my english speaking Tv of the net in divx so if you know of any good shows I'm all ears ...
  by: Hugo Chavez     10/12/2005 10:14 PM     
i always translate at 2:1 after 20 years of watching it change - i have family in england and usa so always changing money from birthday cards to vacations - it averages out at 2:1... i aint looking up the exchange rate every time i need to convert :P
  by: JulesLady     10/12/2005 10:54 PM     
'also most people in england used to use their tv as their monitor since computers like the amiga hooked up to tv's'

No we don't. Ever tried to read text, at even 640x480 off a conventional TV set? What is it with Americans and thinking every other country is backwards...
  by: EeekiE   10/12/2005 11:52 PM     
Just can't seem to catch a break there JL? So much hostility between cultures, can't we all just get along?..... without the Swiss of course.
  by: Nachos_N_Cheese     10/13/2005 12:18 AM     
TV tax is crazy. Do they tax other forms of entertainment like VCR & DVD players separately, radios or mp3 players, or other forms of non electronic entertainment I can't think of right now?
  by: Nachos_N_Cheese     10/13/2005 12:23 AM     
obviously you never had an amiga...
but i used to have a cat called eekie...
and we used the tv as a monitor and so did all my friends that had computers...
and I lived in england so get your facts straight, just because you are obviously rich enough to afford a pc you dont need to rub in our faces ;p
  by: JulesLady     10/13/2005 01:50 AM     
no same culture (though he/she seems not to know that) different class...

  by: JulesLady     10/13/2005 01:52 AM     
I just spoke to my hubby and he definitely remembers it being every set too.. thats wierd.

oh and those pages on that faith website are a load of ar$e they would let you have a complete video machine unit - but who could afford one of those - but if you took the entire ariel out of your house and had a tv and only watched movies on it you could get arrested. Also if you were living in a dormitory or shared accommodation of that kind each person had to buy a separate licence for every tv in the place.
  by: JulesLady     10/13/2005 02:08 AM     
ahhh i get it sorry. Ok go ask your mom or dad if they ever had a "vic 20" or a "ZX81"... ask them what they played it on. Guess what they didnt come with monitors like your new fangled pc....

and i had to walk 20 miles through the snow to school every day with no shoes!!!
... lol ok get out my walking stick i need to go to the kitchen :P
  by: JulesLady     10/13/2005 02:12 AM     
They had computers in your days? Did you have to wind them up or kick start them?
  by: creep   10/13/2005 03:23 AM     
I had a vic 20 and c64 that only used a monitor
  by: tenarc   10/13/2005 03:28 AM     
Hate to disagree with you but I never recall ever paying per TV, it is per household. Further the Mirror is a nasty tabloid and they were going ape about what is essentially a small raise in fee above the rate of inflation for at least ten years. So personally I don't really see what the problem is. The BBC is worth the money. If any Brit does not believe this then they need to visit America and see how they like 15-20 minutes of commercials per hour.

Personally though I would fix the license fee where it is, tie it to inflation and let them make the additional revenue with one minute of commercials per hour.
  by: ZCT     10/13/2005 04:42 AM     
That really brings back memories lol, I remember my vic-20(and c64 and c128) and the old b&w I hooked it up to. All the commodore computers could be hooked up to either TV (via an rf box, usually included) or to one of the commodore monitors.
  by: StarShadow     10/13/2005 05:50 AM     
Yeah, seriously. The Office on BBC America lasts 40 minutes. That's 10 minutes of adverts. The Simpsons over here has no less than 3 commercial breaks between the program starting and it finishing - US TV is a joke, they may have good shows sometimes, but the amount of adverts makes it near impossible for me to watch. I do not grudge paying the license fee.

And @JL - TV license, which was previously the radio license, has always been per household. I believe the Tories wanted to change it to per TV some time ago, but this never happened. And it is only devices capable of receiving a TV signal that are licensable - that is TVs, VCRs, set-top boxes and PC TV cards. A PC monitor is not licensable.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     10/13/2005 06:51 AM     
It's even worse than that. If the show is not a new episode they will often remove the end credits, edit bits out of the show, shorten the opening credits, and more just to get in more commercials. Often they will promote a new show in big annoying animated graphics while a show you are watching is playing. It's quite unreal. I've never understood why the American networks don't get together and double their ad prices and half the number of ads shown. They will still make the same money and we won't have to suffer so much.

The one good thing is DVR (like TiVo). It is an awesome service on cable. With DVR all my favorite shows are recorded automatically and digitally. I watch them later and can simply fast forward through all the commercials.

In my opinion American commercials are so intrusive they are far less effective than they would otherwise be. If they showed fewer like in the UK people would be more likely to watch them.

The thing that is really sick in the US is if you ever watch a movie or an hour long show in the US on regular channels. They do the commercials like drug dealers. They start you off with a good dose of the show for free just to get you hooked. They might go 10 minutes or so with no commercials. By the end of the show they are hitting you over and over again, but you don't want to change channel because you've already seen so much of the show. Long live DVR!
  by: ZCT     10/13/2005 01:36 PM     
  Hot Girl  
Every time I go on this page there is a REALLY hot girl who appears on the Mate 1 ad at the top. There should be more ads like that ;)
  by: ZCT     10/13/2005 01:38 PM     
  Ugly Boy  
Speaking of commericals and ads I wish Short News would replace the banner ad for DOWNLOADS. That ugly dude looking at me when I type really annoys me. I wish they would change that banner.
  by: ZCT     10/13/2005 01:39 PM     
  @ ZCT  
Not to mention you are also paying $50 a month to watch those commercials if you get standard cable.
  by: notalentassclown     10/13/2005 01:54 PM     
Indeed. My cable bill is over $100. But then I have DVR, HD, Premium Channels, and their fastest broad band. It still pisses me off that some channels are still not unlocked even at that price.
  by: ZCT     10/13/2005 02:23 PM     
  It's evil.  
As far as I know it's just if you have anything with a TV tuner, so you'd need one if you just have a VCR on it's own not connected to anything. They should stop forcing people to pay for channels they don't want. They could easily use encryption and get people to subscribe.
  by: Pandafish   10/13/2005 03:51 PM     
  Basic cable in Utah  
Basic cable in Utah: $9.00
Playing in the mountains: free

Studies also show: the medium size of the ass of a person increase exponentially, the more you pay for cable.
  by: vigorstrength   10/13/2005 11:37 PM     
I don't care if basic cable is free in Utah. It's not worth it to live among a bunch of mindless cult members. I wouldn't even do that for all channels, T1 ISP and DVR. I'd have to have various female movie stars of my choice come and act out various scenes from their movies in my house before I would move to that hell hole.
  by: ZCT     10/14/2005 05:32 AM     
  TV Detector Van?!  
Ummm what exactly is that? How does it work? I mean how would they ever know that you had a TV in your house?
  by: BackoftheBus   10/18/2005 05:44 PM     
As weird as it may sound to a non-Brit, the TV Detector van was a van that would drive around neighborhoods in the UK looking for TVs. Supposedly it could detect a Cathode Ray Tube style TV if it was on in the home. They would then knock on the door if you did not have a TV license and ask to come in and have a look to see if you had a TV. Frankly I think it was all a load of crap. For one thing you don't have to let them into your home and for another I've heard that they actually did not really have the technology that could accurately detect TVs. I think it was more a scare tactic because the fine is quite high for not having a TV license, and if you have a TV in your home and see one of these big gray vans in your street it would scare you into buying a license.

As weird as it all sounds the system works well. The TV license, which is not expensive, pays for I believe four channels (it's gone up since I left the UK) with no commercials, six FM radio stations without commercials, a great world class news service and their web site. All in all as strange as it sounds it is a good system.
  by: ZCT     10/18/2005 08:55 PM     
Bargin absolute bargin, best tv company in the world, free radio channels, one of the best websites in the world too, all for only $360 per household. I'd pay more <thumbs up>

cc: headline is incorrect, change it to per-houshold.

  by: koultunami     10/19/2005 12:47 PM     
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