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                 01/23/2018 11:08 AM  
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10/25/2005 12:51 PM ID: 50871 Permalink   

Hong Kong Loves Nazi Porn


Swastikas and German uniforms have been popping up all over Hong Kong lately, prompting Akasi, a popular mens magazine, to publish the new "nazi chic" for their October issue. Whether Akasi was aiming to offend with the October issue is unclear.

Visitors to Hong Kong can sing karaoke in a bar with photos of Nazis executing prisoners, buy a dress in a fashion store with swastikas hanging from its ceiling or watch TV on a station that likens its commercial advertising to “the final solution”.

Akasi readers will enjoy photos of a sexy model seig-heiling in front of a swastika, holding a Nazi action figure in front of her breasts, popping out of a Nazi tank, and romping in the grass with a plastic Heinz Guderian, Hitler’s chief of staff.

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  i wonder  
the swastika is also a buddhist symbol, so the hong kong probably wouldn't see it as the evil symbol we see it as. though i'm sure the fascination has more to do with capitalism than buddhism.
  by: manilaryce     10/25/2005 01:21 PM     
I believe that in buddism, it is usually a reverse swatstika. Regardless, I don't think anyone mistakes buddism and nazism.

Hong Kong was away from the Nazis, so they're going to be less sensitive about it than the west. Just like how the west tends to be less sensitive when it comes to the Japanese atrocities in the east.

I have a feeling that the source is exaggerating the story a bit. It's probably generalizing a few specific instances to make it seem like it's a mainstream thing in Hong Kong, which I rather doubt.
  by: bane39   10/25/2005 04:09 PM     
  A different source...  
  by: opinionated   10/25/2005 05:03 PM     
Same girl in all of those pictures, same doll With in the one with the girl by the "large" plastic person as in the one where he's holding her boobs. obviousely photoshopped.
  by: paradizelost     10/25/2005 05:11 PM     
  yup yup  
yeah, the photoshopping is horrible, but i guess nobody should mind that if they don't mind the swastikas and such. one of the three tank images is simply mirrored from the other. on the plus side the girl is cute (in a creepy kind of way).
  by: manilaryce     10/25/2005 05:20 PM     
  Man this is messed up  
Maybe someone should teach them who the Nazis were.

The ironic part is had they been in Germany or around there they would have been sent to the camps with the Jews.
  by: treyjazz   10/25/2005 05:22 PM     
  Love Thine Enemy  
Wasn't the axis comprised of germany and japan among others? didn't japan actually genocide millions of chinese and sent them to 'death/labor/concentration' camps, does Hong Kong hate China that much?
  by: kmazzawi     10/25/2005 07:31 PM     
like bane39 said, the people in hong kong are less sensitive about the nazis than the west. i don't think it's about hatred for the rest of china since i believe they consider themselves chinese as well. it'd be different if they were dressing as japanese soldiers from WWII. for example, it isn't so shocking for the west to be fascinated with japanese imperialistic culture, but that would never happen over there.
  by: manilaryce     10/25/2005 10:53 PM     
The swastika is the reverse of the Buddhist symbol. The Buddhists were using it as a symbol for hundreds if not thousands of years before Hitler was an itch in his papa's groin.

Personally I think the swastika is just a collection of black lines on a white background. It only has the power that we conciously give it. If we wanted to we could have incorperated the symbol into every-day life, not out of hommage to Hitler, but to erridacte the meaning Hitler gave to the symbol.

  by: Dedolito     10/25/2005 11:11 PM     
  the swastika  
its origins are in sanskrit. in hinduism the clockwise swastika and counterclockwise swastika are both used. the clockwise swastika represents the sun, and the counterclockwise represents kali (the mother goddess). buddhists only use the clockwise one.
  by: manilaryce     10/25/2005 11:41 PM     
shes kinda hot
  by: groomsy     10/26/2005 12:46 AM     
in a creepy way...
"she's like hot"
"she's like Nazi hot"
sorry couldnt stop my self.
  by: emp3r0r     10/26/2005 01:07 AM     
  i would like for her to wear...  
....her birthday suit.

Come over and just wear your birthday suit, but leave on the heels...
  by: hotrock11     10/26/2005 01:12 AM     
  Here's a link  
to the Wikipedia site with a lot of information on the history of the Swastika. It has a picture of the original Hindu symbol w/o the 45 degree tilt.
  by: treyjazz   10/26/2005 01:30 AM     
  Sigh its an alteration of the Hindu symbol  
For those of you stating the symbol is a Buddhist symbol, it is a Hindu symbol that was taken by the Nazis and promply altered - from a symbol of peace and tranquility to one of war and death. In Sanskrit it was caleld the 'Swastik' hence them taking the name and altering it ever so slightly like the symbol.

For an understanding of the level of mistake you made by stating the Swastik is a Buddhist symbol instead of a Hindu one, it would be like one saying that the Cross was a symbol from Judaism.

But with these religions and its people ever so far away (I am guessing you were Americans, am I right? How did I guess?), one can make these mistakes a little too easily. I think the following word sums it up perfectly. 'Ignorance'.
  by: Vswift   10/26/2005 02:26 AM     
It is a Buddhist symbol as well. I've got a jade braclet from a Buddhist temple around here someplace that testifies to this fact.

It's more like saying the fish symbol is a Christian symbol, which is true, but the Christians got it from the pagans before them.

So, as such, I'm afraid I'll have to toss your word right back at you.
  by: Dedolito     10/26/2005 02:45 AM     
  I saw...  
a tv show on a nazi officer who went to China during WW2 and set up safe areas for chinese citizens because the Japanise were killing them. Due to Japans respect for germany, they honoured these safe zones and no soldiers were allowed in. I think there is a day of remberance for this nazi officer but he was executed back in germany i think
  by: tiggyfiggy   10/26/2005 05:23 AM     
ignorance? wouldn't equating americans and stupidity be a sign of ignorance?

if you weren't so quick to make yourself seem smarter than everyone else you'd see that in my previous post i already explained the swastika as having hindu orgins. plus, as dedolito has stated, it is a buddhist symbol as well.

your analogy doesn't hold up either. although it's very nice to see you've learned how to use google to your advantage. keep trying.
  by: manilaryce     10/26/2005 10:58 AM     
  A sorta funny story  
I whent on a Yr 12 excursion to a Buddhist temple, found it quite peaceful and relaxing. They showed us rooms, taught us the beliefs. Until I whent into dark room with Swastikas all over the wall - I was horrified and continuely asked my friend "What the F$#$ is going on here, they're Buddhist! Oh my god wtf is going on here..." then I asked my friend and told me the truth, I felt so embarrassed that I should of realised it using common sense, but not knowing the Swastikas origin it really throws you a far distance.
  by: Mr-Anderson   10/26/2005 12:43 PM     
haha, that needs to be copyrighted and put into a movie.
  by: manilaryce     10/26/2005 01:13 PM     
  I saw...  
a tv show on a nazi officer who went to China during WW2 and set up safe areas for chinese citizens because the Japanise were killing them. Due to Japans respect for germany, they honoured these safe zones and no soldiers were allowed in. I think there is a day of remberance for this nazi officer but he was executed back in germany i think
  by: tiggyfiggy   10/26/2005 03:00 PM     
i hit back in the browsers
  by: tiggyfiggy   10/26/2005 03:01 PM     
the pics are pretty comical, thats how they should be viewed.
  by: mentally ill   10/26/2005 04:08 PM     
  OMG Secret Asian Nazi Porn!  
Somebody, put this on
  by: moomasta713   10/26/2005 04:09 PM     
  And So  
The World hates NAZI's I mean JEWS.. So?
  by: kinko     10/28/2005 11:31 AM     
The only way someone could even consider making nazism chic or marketable is if they are conscienceless and ignorant morons.

I am definitely offended by such a thought.
  by: Kupo   10/29/2005 06:13 PM     
  get a life  
the only reason it offends still is because people are too easy to offend.they're so sensitive. But only to things they pick. For example a picture with girls wearing sings of soviet russia would not offend anyone because of lack of serious anti soviet propaganda as is the case with nazis and very strong in america anti-nazi propaganda . Propaganda in america states that in very basic terms nazi's were evil and jews were main victims with a slight percentage of other minorities involved. Truth is different though. Truth always has two sides. There were good nazis and bad nazis and the jews themself did things they sometimes accuse others of. Not to mention that jews were jews by beliefs by were actually french, polish, yugoslavs,russians,and many other nations. So you can't put them all together. And for my previous point talin and his soviet regime killed more people than hitler and nazis could ever aspire to. And yet soviet symbols are not as despised. A picky propaganda isn't it?
  by: benevolent13   11/12/2005 01:53 AM     
  Best ever uniforms  
I am so glad to hear the Chinese respect the design of the German uniforms . I love them and know there has never in the history of the universe has there ever been a better designed , class-act uniform than the WWll German uniforms . NO apologies to anyone , anyway or anyhow . NEWS-FLASH- the war ended in 1945 after the 8th air force and the limey's pounded the German civilian populations into bloody hamburger meat .
The reason people admire the Third Reich uniforms is because they are perfectly balance and are the end result of three hundred and fifty years of military excellence . The swastika balanced out the the uniform and the eagle . It was all perfect balance with perfect intelligence . Not to mention the Stalhelm helment, that was created to perfection in 1935 and has been copied by the United States as we all can plainly see . Even the German weapons were perfectly designed from looks to efficiency . Society has been so brainwashed by the Jewish owned media that we are all hypnotised to think evil , when we see a nazi artifact . I'm sorry the Jews were used in forced labor however , that dose not change the way I see and feel about the German design perfection and artistic design . I love and admire the geometry of the swastika , that dose not mean I hate Jews , I love Jewish people I know and that does not change the way my brain interprets design and genius .
  by: klaussteiner   04/02/2008 09:38 PM     
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