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                 01/21/2018 11:22 PM  
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10/28/2005 12:44 PM ID: 50930 Permalink   

Satellite Built by Students Launched


The European Space Agency has successfully launched the first ever satellite to be built entirely by students. The micro-satellite was launched from Plesetsk in northern Russia, weighing just 52 kgs.

100 students from ten different universities across Europe took part in the 18-month project. The satellite has been named the Sseti Express, as it's the first mission for the Student Space Exploration and Technology Initiative.

Graham Shirville, who worked on telecommunications side of the project, said: "It's the first European-built satellite that has been built largely by using the internet as communication between the teams."

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  Fun, I've always loved amateur radio...  
And there are lots of amateur radio satellites :)

(Just pointing it out that while it may be the ESA's first Student/Amateur launch, it's certainly not the first all-around which few non-HAMs know) :)
  by: Beryl   10/28/2005 01:28 PM     
  They could have named it better  
Sseti is very close to SETI (Search for Extra Terestrial Intelligence).
  by: sparky_fox   10/28/2005 01:38 PM     
  agree w/ previous comment  
The name is too close. Maybe the first S just stands for "Students'" :P

Nice achievement though...
  by: intermix   11/03/2005 02:55 AM     
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