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                 01/17/2018 02:23 AM  
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10/29/2005 05:49 AM ID: 50935 Permalink   

Driver Swerves from Cat and Hits 36 Kids


A driver in Shizuoka, Japan, swerved to miss hitting a cat on the street, and ended up crashing into a line of nursery school children.

36 children were involved in the accident along with an adult looking after them. Only five of the children were seriously injured.

The ages of the children range from 4-5, and the adult is 23. Akira Yano, the driver, was arrested for suspicion of inflicting injuries caused by negligence.

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this is what happens when people think cat's can be hurt..
  by: tenarc   10/29/2005 07:15 AM     
how much are we betting it was a black cat?

Talk about bad luck haha
  by: Dook   10/29/2005 08:08 AM     
  Arrest the cat too n/t  
  by: kmazzawi     10/29/2005 09:45 AM     
  they did  
the cat was detained by police. after council from his lawyer they released the cat since the most they could pin on him was jaywalking.
  by: manilaryce     10/29/2005 11:02 AM     
This is why in real countries we have a law that if it can *possibly* put others in danger, or simply cause an accident, you are REQUIRED to run over the animal and not swerve and endanger humans.
  by: Beryl   10/29/2005 02:05 PM     
Such a law is hard to enforce and follow (plus it is illegal to intentially kill some animals in such a way in the UK, and it is against the law not to report accidents that result in the deaths of those animals). If SOMETHING appears infront of your car it is instinctive to avoid it, even if it is just a cat or squirrel.

FYI if you wound or kill a dog by accident you are required by law (in the UK) to tell the owner, as under law the dog is a farm animal. Injuries caused by you to farm animals have to be reported to the owner).
  by: Eidron   10/29/2005 02:17 PM     
well its funny to think that just to ven be able to drive he spent six thousand dollars just to get his license and he cant just hit his brake to stop, even if the car didnt have abs or anything or after i post this someone is going to say he didnt have time to stop, he definetly did. if he was in a city which he wa because i dont know why there wouldbe 36 pre school kids out in the middle of nowhere with a cat, he had to be going 25, maybe 35 max you cant really go all that fast.
  by: thrasius   10/29/2005 03:08 PM     
i'd rather hit the kids th an the cat anyway
  by: groomsy     10/29/2005 06:07 PM     
"This is why in real countries..."

You're one of those people who mistakes Australia for France when shown a world map, aren't you?
  by: opinionated   10/29/2005 08:37 PM     
  It's not the cats life, it's my perreli's...  
I'm yet to run over a living thing. I did accidentally hit an old (already dead) possum while rolling a joint & driving. I did GO OVER a coon, It was in the middle of the lane, so luckily with minor adjustment (And my highlanders ride height) I just knocked it down to the ground, and hit it with my rear & front diffs.
I'll avoid an animal at all costs, alot of people don't know how disgusting guts are on your car, or stuck in your tire treads, not to mention how bad it smells later...?
Also, something like a deer will demolish your car, even at a head on collision ~40mph.
Also if it is news of irony, and it was a black cat, well I don't know much about ancient oriental folktales, but you kill a black cat, you die. A white cat gives you the eye, you're very soon to die, you apparently get herion withdrawals cold flashes when the white cat eyes you aswell.
  by: Syphon   10/29/2005 10:09 PM     
  well Beryl  
I live in the Maine 6 months after graduating high school a car of 4 of my class mates going the speed limit hit a moose 1 died the rest where lucky.

Can you image hitting this thing?
  by: emp3r0r     10/30/2005 01:31 AM     
Since no child was killed, isn't it better than having hit and killed the cat ?

Now... I can't access the source so I don't how serious it is for the children who were seriously injuried.
  by: Schee   10/30/2005 01:54 AM     
It sounds to me like it was a matter of him swerving and then not having enough experience swerving that would help him out of a swerve. Apparently the adult was leading the kids down the more deadly side of the road or something so I don't know if I would call the driver negligent per se.

p.s. tenarc what is that about
  by: Fratley   10/30/2005 06:00 PM     
tenarc believes that all animals are just inanimate ojects that are not capable of feelings or pain.
  by: lurker     10/30/2005 06:28 PM     
  We already know  
How the higher life form that is Tenarc feels about animals so let's not start that again...

This was just a tragic situation. Had the driver known that he was going to hit the children in attempting to avoid the cat, I'm sure he would have gone for the cat rather than the children - I think most people would have given the choice.

But he just didn't have the reactions to make that judgement, and I don't think most people would.
  by: daniel2508     10/30/2005 06:35 PM     
tenarc believes that all animals are just inanimate ojects that are not capable of feelings or pain.
  by: lurker     10/30/2005 07:46 PM     
36 kids stand by the street are just asking to get hit. If i was the person looking after them, they wouldn't be anywhere near the street, you never know when a kid might run into the street following a butterfly or something, especially those japanese kids. They might have seizures from Poke'mon or something. Well all in all everyone is ok, at least no one died, if the cat got hit it would have died. :)
  by: mattf485   11/03/2005 03:59 AM     
  Lets not forget...  
All cars are potential killing machines.

when driving, you are in a large heavy vehicle (compared to the size & weight of a human) with an immense stopping distance.

Bikes Rule!!!!
  by: Hagopm   11/03/2005 02:53 PM     
screw a bike I want a jet pack!
  by: emp3r0r     11/03/2005 03:53 PM     
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