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                 01/19/2018 06:37 PM  
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11/05/2005 03:10 PM ID: 51091 Permalink   

Cheney Asks for Freedom to Torture


US Vice President Dick Cheney personally appealed this week to Republican senators to allow the CIA an exemption under a bill to ban torture of terror suspects.

The bill is sponsored by senator John McCain, who himself was tortured while a prisoner in Vietnam. McCain is said to have opposed Cheney's request. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is said to have been supportive of it.

While Cheney was asking for the exemption, he added that the United States does not engage in torture.

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Yeah, he wants the CIA to be exempt, yet the US doesn't engage in torture, rightttttt
  by: richjournalist     11/05/2005 03:41 PM     
  McCain: Next Prez  
He's a winner...

I'm not Rep. but I would vote for him only, because it seems like he's one of the few that actually cares more about people then picking up the paycheck...and all the illegal monies...

From sports to general services, McCain is usually somewhere found in the conversation., in 2012, it's Obama time!
  by: hotrock11     11/05/2005 03:47 PM     
if it doesnt engage in torture why would they need an exemption?

like the source says, it sounds kinda misplaced while they are dealing with the Abu Ghraib prison scandals

it's like what my father used to tell what I say not what I do.
  by: Pas Content   11/05/2005 04:02 PM     
He won't ever be president because he lies to much. He has everything needed to win except he lies, and that's why bush got to run in 2000 not him.
  by: Matt Mitchellâ„¢   11/05/2005 05:35 PM     
Bush doesn't lie? ALL politicians are liars. They couldn't get elected if they didn't lie and make promises they have no intention of keeping. They are all corrupt--no matter what the political party. There hasn't been an honest politician since Jimmy Carter, and you saw what honesty got him. The American people can't handle honesty.
  by: lurker     11/05/2005 05:47 PM     
  Cheney and Bush tarnish our name  
The U.S. used to be the world leader in human rights and justice. Now we are at the same level as Sadam.
  by: ichi     11/05/2005 05:57 PM     
Yeah because America punishes regions by spraying them with toxic chemicals...
  by: Dook   11/05/2005 06:09 PM     
Come on, Vietnam was so long ago, forget about all the Agent Orange crap...

Or all those US ABC propogrations tests with their own men...

Oh wait? Were you trying to be scarcastic?
  by: Beryl   11/05/2005 06:21 PM     
  torture who? our allies? no our enemies.  
torture who? our allies? no our enemies.
the same enemies that caused the wtc's comming down. same enemies that bombed the london subway system.
  by: larditardio   11/05/2005 06:24 PM     
  Geez. Fix the misspelling of Cheney!  
Cheney must KNOW that he is about to get canned (or jailed... or shot... or lose his security-clearance) over the treasonous CIA leak. Now he demands torture exemption.

Go back to your fancy mansion, Cheney, and roll in your money. Leave the Free World alone.
  by: theironboard     11/05/2005 06:32 PM     
McCain is just kind of nuts sometimes. He appeals to a lot of people because he is "centrist" but I find that 50% of the time he'll support something without thinking about it or doing any research.
  by: Fratley   11/05/2005 06:42 PM     
Check out what weve been doing to Columbians if ya think we dont spray people with hazardous chemicals. Its called Plan Columbia, look it up.

" U.S.-led fumigation poisons drinking water, destroys arable farmland, and sickens innocent villagers. U.S. actions also continue to make famine an increasingly likely possibility for peasants whose legal crops are fumigated by accident due to their proximity to the cocoa farms."
  by: KnAdidas25   11/05/2005 08:10 PM     
I don't think they are just talking about Agent Orange. How long has the US been spraying chemicals over Columbia because of Coca plants?
  by: ericcode   11/05/2005 09:48 PM     
It is part of our "winning" battle against drugs dont you know.
  by: RoBBoB     11/06/2005 04:15 AM     
  ...The war on drugs...  
is failing on this end. I've been high every day for a while now.

Good job, Reagan.
  by: Dayron   11/06/2005 06:01 AM     
  wait...what did McCain lie about?  
because if my memory serves me right...around that time period in 2000 Bush's braintrust outmatched McCain by gettin Texas to support Bush (of course! and that's bigger than AZ) by downplaying everything McCain did during the war he was in and such, and by basically throwing a lot mroe money around (main thing)

plus...Bush had Rove!

I'm not even a Rep, but McCain got hosed by money and Rove.

McCain prez = no pointless war, lower gas prices, and cleaner sports.
  by: hotrock11     11/06/2005 06:30 AM     
  Doesn't need permission...  
So funny, they don't need permission as they have refused to allow the world court to proscecute US military personel, so I guess the exemption is for internal litigation and laws, he wants an exemption against all those people in the US who actually believe in the rule of law.

America is sinking into a fascist nightmare.
  by: robotarchie   11/06/2005 07:35 AM     
  we dont torture but...  
we want the right to do so if we so choose not that we are going to because we dont do that kind of thing...honest..

sure we dont ;p
  by: juleslady     11/06/2005 12:02 PM     
  And while we're at it  
why not have Pay-Per-View televise the tortures? Maybe in a brand new building built by Haliburton?

Oh! I know! Even all the better! Dick applying the torture personally!

The only problem left to resolve is who would apply the punishment to the bush administration, as they are terrorists who are responsible for the deaths of innocent unarmed Iraqi men, women, and children who had no ties to insurgents?
  by: drowninginjello   11/06/2005 12:50 PM     
  @ larditardio  
Yeah. You tell 'em, boyo!

Just ask that Jean Charles de Menezes character. Who says our nations profile based on hair typer and skin color?

Oops! Jean Charles de Menezes is dead. Yeah, him. A 27-year-old electrician from Brazil trying to make a living while living in London.

You might remember the facts that even came out after the bobbies lied about it. He WASN'T wearing a thick heavy coat. He DIDN'T jump the toll, and DID pay to pass the toll. He DID run to catch his train as he would have been late to a job if he hadn't run.

And then, of course, he WAS pinned down and his head WAS held down while six bullets were forced into his head and two others were sent into his dead body.

Hell, even witnesses saw Jean Charles de Menezes stop when requested by bobbies. Jean Charles de Menezes had every intention of cooperating. The bobbies in the operation weren't going to let Jean Charles de Menezes live long enough to cooperate.

Makes you wonder. How many of these incidents occur daily, weekly, or monthly that we aren't informed of?

I'm curious. Shouldn't you be?
  by: drowninginjello   11/06/2005 01:07 PM     
  @hotrock11: Obama Time  
You think so?

I think he's incredibly charismatic and could pull it off. I'd vote for him.

I think the only thing to worry about is Rove climbing in bed with the republikkkan candidate for 2012 and labeling Obama as too close to Osama, and that Obama has ties to Osama (godfather or some twisted and convoluted crap).

I know there are bad people in both parties, but I choose the lesser of both evils.

BushCo: Keeping the 'White' in White House since 2000.
  by: drowninginjello   11/06/2005 01:14 PM     
  Which planet are you from?  
Quote: The U.S. used to be the world leader in human rights and justice.

This is almost funny, except for the fact that there are some other people in this world who might agree with such a stupid comment.
  by:   11/06/2005 02:17 PM  
I think this is a big part of the problem with America today, now that I think about it. Children in the US ARE taught that from the moment they enter public school. The US is best at this, first in that, and no one else can compare to our unique, perfect goodness. World history is a far second to national history (which focuses largely of highpoints) before high-school, and by that time even if a more complete version of history is offered, you already learn to frame it as "Well, the US is great, but there were a couple of little bad times like..." I still find myself slipping into that old mindset, finding the nationalism deeply ingrained. This is, I think, the reason for the polarization of the nation today. We have more information than ever before, and it comes as something of a shock to find that the US is not #1 in many areas, and in fact comes in much further down the list when polls are taken on things like freedom of the press. Thusly, one either has to give up old beliefs, or cling to them desperately against new information. The talking heads of the Right have gotten very good at exploiting this, propagating ideas of a world frothing at the mouth to bring down the US and that this new information is all lies. "That nation is more free? Well, those freedoms are stupid, indulgent, or evil - simply unAmerican!"

Of course, only their candidate can save us and protect those dearly held beliefs from the realities of a more connected world. No wonder people are so polarized - the shaking of core beliefs is a scary thing, and it's only natural that we look for protectors as a result.
  by: MomentOfClarity     11/09/2005 10:29 PM     
  So what they're saying is  
they don't toture people now but would like to? I hate politics...
  by: Jaded Fox     11/11/2005 10:24 AM     
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