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                 01/16/2018 10:30 PM  
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11/07/2005 04:53 PM ID: 51124 Permalink   

Bush: "We Don't Torture"


Speaking in Panama City today, President Bush defended interrogation practices in The War Against Terror while lobbying against a congressional initiative to outlaw torture by US agencies.

"We do not torture" quipped Bush, adding that any interrogation activity that US agents did was within the law.

The Republican controlled congress is trying to change US law so that it expressly forbids torture. The White house opposes the changing of the law, and Bush has now stated unequivocally that "We do not torture".

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  No, we don't torture...  
...Relax, everything's within the law.

Now don't go changing the law to outlaw torture, because then we won't be able to say that everything we do is within the law...
  by: Mister crank     11/07/2005 05:05 PM     
  "We do not torture"  
No Dubya, you get someone else to do it for you don't you!

"any interrogation activity that US agents did was within the law."

And so was the torture handed out by the Chinese, Nicuragua, Pol Pot, Tom Tom Makout and the Gestapo et al

Law is as law does. That does not make it MORAL or ETHICAL, sorry Dubya, did I use words you dont understand??

  by: kuryakin   11/07/2005 06:43 PM     
  We no likey do the torture.  
But we likey barbeque, Texas-style!

He and Cheney are on the way out the back door on this one, folks. They can pretty much say anything they want and run away laughing to their secret-bunkers.
  by: theironboard     11/07/2005 07:00 PM     
kidding, right? He's either naive, a compulsive liar, or both. He also believes that Rodney King wasn't being beaten on that video.
  by: lurker     11/07/2005 07:21 PM     
So let's see:
"We don't torture", but at the same time, don't even try to pass a law that would make it illegal?

That makes sense...
(But since the GW is involved, why should it make any sense whatsoever)
  by: zpravodajec     11/07/2005 07:25 PM     
well the religious nuts that they torture probably were torcherers.. aslong as it's kept inconspicuous then so be it
  by: tenarc   11/07/2005 07:28 PM     
with him as president he is torturing me
  by: groomsy     11/07/2005 07:39 PM     
  outsourced and privitized only...not us no no  
that Abu Ghraib thing was individuals, oh yeah and guantanamo too.
  by: MmmMan     11/07/2005 08:00 PM     
  "we don't torture  
... but we do lie."
  by: manilaryce     11/07/2005 09:28 PM     
  We don't torture  
We let other people do it for us. heh heh heh. (With Jon Stewart impersonating Bush voice)
  by: Kaleid   11/07/2005 09:56 PM     
  Do you hear that GWB?  
It's the entire world (including most of your countrymen) laughing at you...
  by: Mister crank     11/07/2005 10:41 PM     
  "It's all within the loophold..., the law, we meant the law. Psst, Karl, you gotta fix this earpiece!"
  by: MomentOfClarity     11/08/2005 12:01 AM     
  We don't torture...  
I remember a someone that was running for President once that promised to restore honor and dignity to the White House and said that he would not do what the lawyers say he can do, but do what is legal.

And strangely enough, in another article a few days ago, Cheney was asking that the CIA be excluded from the anti-torture law.

According to Bush, we don't toture, but according to Cheney, we want to.

Does Bush really think Americans are THAT blind?
  by: elderban99     11/08/2005 02:40 AM     
  Yes he does.  
nothing to see here. Move on.
  by: Jaded Fox     11/08/2005 03:10 AM     
If a law is passed that that outlaws torture, it will explicitly define torture. How it's defined in law could make an apparent liar out of anyone who has denied 'torture' if it includes practices that one might not, under some definition, consider torture.

As it is, they can say 'we don't torture', but that is based on whatever arbitrary definition is given to the word.
  by: chillinaustin   11/08/2005 06:00 AM     
  And for the record  
Bush tortures me every time he talks.

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." Aug. 5, 2004
  by: chillinaustin   11/08/2005 06:04 AM     
  And for the record  
Bush tortures me every time he talks.

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." Aug. 5, 2004
  by: chillinaustin   11/08/2005 06:17 AM     
  Well, I'm just glad the US doesn't torture  
Load off my mind.

Still, was he refering to torture in the legal sense, or in the colloquial sense ('Inflicting severe physical pain as a means coercion')?
In other words, will he be impeached if it turns out the US /does willingly inflict severe physical pain as a means coercion?
  by: Ec5618   11/08/2005 09:12 AM     
  I really dont understand the US position on this..  
So is it safe to visit the USA or what? The last thing I want happening is to lose my passport or something, get accused of being a terrorist and (not?) tortured and interrogated for as long as they are allowed to hold illegal enemy combatatants.
  by: CrisW   11/08/2005 02:11 PM     
  Bush to Cheney  
"...So if they never find out it never really happened...right?"
Cheney to Bush
"Find out about what" wink wink nudge nudge know what i mean know what I mean
  by: fats3287   11/08/2005 06:59 PM     
  Sad part is there are people that believe him  
Yes there are many Americans that still believe the crap this guy spews.. I dont think the US has ever been in remotely a bad position as it is now in history. Voted him in twice eh?
  by: Vswift   11/08/2005 08:55 PM     
  Not voted him in twice,only once  
He rigged the election the second time that's different. And don't tell me that a voting machine that produce no paper trace is reliable,anyone with a little tech knowledge know that they could have been corrupt to the point of in the code or hardwired they could have put when you vote for other than bush,put one vote on bush. And since there is no paper trace who's gonna know? :)
  by: Korzen   11/08/2005 10:13 PM     
  Well then he wasnt voted in at ALL  
You forget the whole Florida situation then first time around.. if those votes had been counted woudlnt he have lost?

LOL imagine if he had never become President. Just imagine the difference. OMG the air itself seems purer in my dream :P

Truthfully though the most hated US president to date was Nixon for being rather psychotic simply. I am convinced now that we have a new king, boy will he be remembered well.

Most people I talk to about this tell me something to the effect of 'think he cares? He'll be sitting on his millions with his cowboy hat on riding into the sunset leaving all the bullcrap he created far behind him. As for his reputation.. hah, Dubbyah cares about that does he :)'.
  by: Vswift   11/08/2005 10:26 PM     
  Election fraud  
I recommend the documentary called "The best democracy money can buy" by Greg Palast.
  by: Kaleid   11/08/2005 10:51 PM     
  LOL political bias gaaaaaalllooorrrrre  
Tell ya what, you go be in charge of detainees that want to slice your head off or know information about people that want to kill you in the name of Allah.

Those are the people you don't want to torture in an effort to foil attacks on the TRULY innocent women, men, and children?

Yeah, we'd certainly be better off with a Clinton, Gore, or Kerry administration ... lmffffaaaoo
  by: intermix   11/09/2005 05:05 AM     
  Hey intermix  
With a mindset like yours, the terrorists have already won. At least someone can laugh at that...
  by: momentofclarity     11/09/2005 05:29 AM     
So it is political bias to point out hypocracy of a political leaders comments and actions?

I didn't realise this was a highschool football match and we all have to cheer for our team.
  by: jendres     11/09/2005 05:44 AM     
  George.W.Bush: "It's not torture......"  
"Its actually a new system i developed while i've been doin this job, with some help from my friends. mainly me though. I call it "The Art of Intelligence without Intelligence" ....heheh it's like a twist on the old Bruce Lee system, but this one is all mine. We use it all the time, mainly in our military descisions, but also the decisions of this great country we call America."
"Now watch this drive."
  by: ScORCHo   11/09/2005 07:04 AM     
  We don't torture  
We get our troops to do that for us instead.
  by: sparky_fox   11/09/2005 02:08 PM     
  "We don't Torture"  
Riiight, and you didn't lie to us to get us into war either!!! *GASP* Quick, use the defibulator on me, im having a heart attack!
  by: Jediman3     11/09/2005 06:28 PM     
Where the hell are you? They are picking on your master douchbag here. COME TO THE RESCUE.
  by: kinko     11/09/2005 07:39 PM     
Lauriesman doesn't like bush. Why woud he defend him?
  by: Jaded Fox     11/11/2005 10:23 AM     
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