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                 01/17/2018 12:01 AM  
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11/14/2005 02:30 AM ID: 51220 Permalink   

Utah Man Choses to Die Rather Than Hear Profanity


Tyler Poulson, a 21-year-old man, was riding with his brothers in South Jordan, Utah when he became offended by one of them using profanity.

Tyler had just returned from an LDS (Latter-day Saints) mission, and threatened that he would exit the moving vehicle if the profanity continued. One of the men told Poulson to, not thinking he would.

The truck was going about 35 mph when Tyler just opened the door and jumped out. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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  There's probably more to this  
but just from the summary I have to say this. Thank goodess there is one less easily offended person in the world.
  by: jaded fox     11/14/2005 02:37 AM     
Latter Day Saints, in case anyone was wondering.

Rather a drastic response.
  by: lauriesman     11/14/2005 02:46 AM     
If he was a religious person, he should have known that committing suicide is one of the most, if not the most offensive sin, where it's believed they won't go to heaven.
  by: BeyondtheTech     11/14/2005 02:52 AM     
except perhaps he felt that he would survive the incident...that perhaps "god" would protect him...
  by: TheAvenger8     11/14/2005 03:30 AM     
  You mean to tell me  
That if the LDS missionaries come knocking on my door, all I have to do is swear at them and they will commit suicide? WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME THIS SOONER!?!
  by: valkyrie123     11/14/2005 03:33 AM     
  by: vant   11/14/2005 04:38 AM     
thats just selective... survival. jk
  by: emp3r0r     11/14/2005 05:08 AM     
yeah, i would've thought that suicide would be a bigger sin than cursing, but what do i know?

this just in...
the mans last words before hitting the pavement were "oh, shit!"
  by: manilaryce     11/14/2005 05:53 AM     
  As was said before  
he probably did not expect to die, I mean after all on television people jump from cars and never even so much as walk funny afterwards. Personally I think there was probably more going on in that car than just a little swearing to make the guy jump, or be thrown out.
  by: ssxxxssssss   11/14/2005 06:20 AM     
  not murder  
if someone was planning on throwing him out to kill him they would be going 65
  by: tenarc   11/14/2005 06:25 AM     
  Oh so sensible...  
You see... this is what makes Europeans worried about American troops in other countries.
  by: know_your_rights   11/14/2005 12:43 PM     
  Speed killz  
I would of sped up! LDS AFU
  by: fozzy24   11/14/2005 02:44 PM     
  Not all Christians believe  
that committing suicide sends you to hell. That is mostly the catholics. They wont even give you a funeral if you top yourself.

Good that there is 1 less religious nutter in the world though.
  by: Eidron   11/14/2005 03:41 PM     
You always make my day. LOL
  by: lurker     11/14/2005 04:54 PM     
wahoo!! you and me both .. damn, I h@te morons, uh, mormons .. what's the difference .. heh
  by: SeventhGene   11/14/2005 05:47 PM     
"If he was a religious person, he should have known that committing suicide is one of the most, if not the most offensive sin, where it's believed they won't go to heaven."

Actually mormons think that suicide gets you to the lowest level of heaven. Nobody goes to hell.
  by: tellgar     11/14/2005 06:43 PM     
  Not the First  
I honestly don't blame him. People should be more sensitive about the language they choose to use, especially when specifically asked to tone it down. Mormons believe profane language drives away the Spirit of God, which is easily and rightly offended by obscene thoughts, words, and deeds. A recently returned missionary would be especially sensitive to this, as he had to live by the Spirit or he couldn't have done his job.

Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith was jailed and released about 33 timed during his lifetime on false charges. One time, the prison guards swore, used the Lord's name in vain, and talked about raping the Mormon women and blowing the brains out of their men. Joseph had enough, and with power and authority stood on his feet, in chains, and said, "SILENCE, ye fiends of the infernal pit. In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you, and command you to be still; I will not live another minute and hear such language. Cease such talk, or you or I die THIS INSTANT!" The guards went silent. You can read the full account at:

This happened in 1838, when the Mormons were mostly in Far West, Missouri.

Whatever you take from this true story, sensitivity is something we should take more seriously, even as men. It is the foundation of civility and the underpinning of humanity.

On a personal note, I jumped out of a moving bus once in the Middle East when two inebbriated soldiers were trying to get the bus driver to drink alcohol and he missed my stop. I learned my lesson. The bus was only going about 25 MPH (accelerating) and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Stupid? No...the World Series was on. Okay, maybe... The things we do for sports. :)
  by: jmm36   11/14/2005 07:44 PM     
  Complete Link  
for sports AND religion.

Apparently cut off my web link. Here it is broken up into lines SN may not recognize?

and ending with dot asp.
  by: jmm36   11/14/2005 08:15 PM     
"I honestly don't blame him"

Well you should I'm sorry if people get offended but you don't think its a bit much to commit suicide or murder?

whats worse killing some or some lamer swearing?
  by: emp3r0r     11/14/2005 08:48 PM     
  Maybe he didn't jump  
(Please excuse my twisted mind I haven't had and caffine)

Maybe he wouldn't shut up about his missionary work and kept telling the others in the car how they were damned unless they saw the light. Maybe they politely asked him to knock it off because he was annoying them. They he got all offended and started trying harder to convert them. Then in a fit of insanity (without intent to kill) someone couldn't take it anymore and tossed him out the door.
  by: jaded fox     11/14/2005 09:00 PM     
that's some interesting sh*t. thanks.

i always thought it was speaking towards someone in a hateful manner that was the sin of profanity, not the actual profanity itself. you can speak to someone in a sinful way without using any profanity. likewise, you can use profanity without it being sinful.
  by: manilaryce     11/14/2005 09:55 PM     
  This is a Darwin Award.  
Without a doubt. People keep saying "suicide," but that was very likely not the intent. The man was likely full of religious fervor after getting back from a missionary trip and felt pumped up enough from this to act on his faith, perhaps even show his brothers the power of his faith, when the rubber met the road.
  by: MomentOfClarity     11/14/2005 10:42 PM     
  if he was so religious  
he should've been familiar with Deuteronomy 6:16
"Do not put the Lord your God to the test..."

i don't think the intent was suicide. nonetheless, that's what happened. his own actions caused his death. darwin award indeed.
  by: manilaryce     11/14/2005 10:58 PM     
  to jmm36  
The information you provided was slated towards a Mormon point of view. Joseph Smith was arrested and jailed 33 times… and you feel all of these were false charges?!! Do some research, you’ll find out he was a scam artist who was jailed for glass looking, and seeking power through religion. He was smart to do so, there is nothing more powerful then a mob of people ready to do anything asked believing they are doing the work of god. Anyone who watches the news should know this, the terrorists hold the same type of close minded “we’re right and you’re all wrong” beliefs Mormons do.

The bottom line is, he jumped out of a moving car and died. This is his fault. I would suspect foul play had I not lived in Utah for 19 years, there are some very devoted Mormons (crazy ass mofo’s) out there.
  by: FuriouS76   11/14/2005 11:18 PM     
  Too bad  
It wasn't suicide.

At 35 it is reasonable to believe you will survive.

He probably regrets the leap, as do his brothers.

At least he died standing up for himself, in an act of character building.
  by: jmm36   11/15/2005 12:47 AM     
When does the part come in where Joseph starts shooting everybody in town from a jail cell? I didn't see that on the website.
  by: fr3kazoid   11/15/2005 01:26 AM     
character building? his character was never in danger until he jumped out of the truck.

people with strong character are tolerant of other people and their choice to use language. also, i would think a primary effort in building character would be to preserve that character. he was putting his character in danger by stubbornly sacrificing it. words are words, jumping out of a truck is jumping out of a truck.
  by: manilaryce     11/15/2005 01:59 AM     
I don't see a need to defend Joseph for things he didn't do.

It is true he had to defend himself, and probably should have done so harder, given that he was murdered in cold blood by the mob he was defending himself agsinst. He leapt from the window into gunfire in order to protect his friends. Considering he was a Presidential Candidate and five-star General at the time, you would think the State of Illinois would have done more to protect him.

You can think what you want of him. As for me, I think there is more to the man than you give credit.
  by: jmm36   11/15/2005 02:01 AM     
self sacrifice is noble his action was not noble it was just plane insane. No sane person commits suicide for such a reason.
  by: emp3r0r     11/15/2005 02:19 AM     
Character building? Since when was insanity considered character building? Even if it was apparently all that character replaced his intellect.
  by: jaded fox     11/15/2005 03:30 AM     
  I think the Mormon Church is a bloody cult  
And this guy is an even bigger idiot than the cult itself.

For those of you about to call me ignorant and a moron, pardon me for having a hard time believing that Jesus Christ came to the U.S. and that God gave Joseph Smith the stone tablets and had him create the Mormon Church.

Sure, the man was great, but so was Hitler. Hitler went insane, and this guy was probably smoking marijuana when he came up with this church thing, and he just happened to get lucky.

(And yes, I am fully aware I just gave the atheists of the world ammunition)
  by: DesertRebel   11/15/2005 04:11 AM     
  calm down everyone  
i didn't post this story so we could go mormon bashing (no matter how fun it is). everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. i bet every one of us believes something most people would find absurd. lets not dismiss an entire group of people with generalizations.
  by: manilaryce     11/15/2005 05:26 AM     
'this just in...
the mans last words before hitting the pavement were "oh, shit!"'

' an act of character building.'

These two are gems. Thanks for the laughs, intended or otherwise.
  by: moloko_plus   11/15/2005 06:31 AM     
  Another stupid moron Mormon  
These people are nut jobs! This is a classic example of their holier than thou attitude.
  by: slave_boy_imp   11/17/2005 02:13 AM     
  lol, my 2 cents  
f*ck him... lets see how he handle
  by: HAVOC666     11/17/2005 02:24 AM     
  lol @ moloko_plus  
good one...
  by: intermix   11/17/2005 04:08 AM     
  @ Valkerie  
Yeh, Wish I had Known all I had to do was to tell them to go ***k themselves.
(didn't want a mass suicide over the F word on my hands)
I've met them at the door in just my shorts.
Invited them in.
That made them leave.
  by: ichi     11/19/2005 03:25 AM     
  Crude and Ignorant  
You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Taking a brief statement from a news station and then condemning the man and his religion for it.

As a friend of the family, I do know the facts, and they are that this man was a good person; it was a terrible tragedy, but no one pushed him, nor did he jump. He was a caring, honest man who loved his family and his church, and your spiteful, ignorant words won't change the fact of his death or bring him back.
  by: Pipin   04/11/2007 07:46 AM     
This article is over a year old. Let it go.
  by: lauriesman     04/11/2007 08:18 AM     
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