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                 02/23/2018 11:12 PM  
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11/16/2005 02:16 AM ID: 51261 Permalink   

Two Men Escape Maximum-Security Prison in Iowa


Two inmates being jailed for murder were able to do the impossible and escape from prison.
Martin S. Moon, 34, is serving a life sentence since 1995 for a murder he committed in Clark County.

Robert J. Legendre, 27,was convicted of murder and kidnapping in Nevada and was moved to the Iowa Prison last year.

Authorities in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa have been notified and law enforcement officials are searching the area.
The Prison holds repeat violent male offenders.

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I just dunno wtf to say. Prison escapes seem to be a popular thing, and to make it even better, these cons are finding ways to literally 'walk' right out of the prisons. How secure are our prisons when someone with the intelligence of a CON (a whole other discussion) are able to come up with a scheme to trick a few ppl and waltz on out to freedom. Last month, it was the guy that walked out after seeing an attorney, a DEATH-ROW INMATE!. With the amount of resources we are consuming to incarcerate criminals, one would be inclined to think it would be a little more difficult to get away. Whatever...
  by: citronym   11/16/2005 03:21 AM     
One of my favorite tv series is called Prison Break i am soooooooo Hooked on that show
I cant wait Till they Break out of prison already there are dragging that on and on and on
They got the hole dug to escape and hit the pipe which was there goal and they will probably make 5 more shows before they break out of prison :)
  by: NewsFlashoOo     11/16/2005 04:21 AM     
not all criminals are stupid
  by: 0xdante   11/16/2005 06:54 AM     
All too true.

And I also love that prison break show.
  by: citronym   11/16/2005 08:15 AM     
  thick guards is the problem  
from everything you read, hear and see on TV, the cons are the smart ones and its usually the guards and the warden that are a few spanners short of a full toolbox. Most guards i have met can barely string a full senence together outside of what they have been told to memorise..

  by: kungfucious   11/16/2005 10:48 AM     
I have some sad news for you. That is my favorite show to and I just found out there are only 2 episodes left to this season, my guess is they will get out, then we will have to wait till next fall to see what happens. Damn writers
  by: RoBBoB     11/16/2005 02:41 PM     
I love watching Prison Break i wish it was on for 2 hours instead of 1hour.
hopefully the ratings are so good that they they pick up the pace and continue making more
One thing i just remembered is that one guard knows that Scoffield had his wife sneek a credit card in prison and that card opens doors in the prison.
I hope next Monday is the escape they got some good actors in that and its got me hooked :)
  by: NewsFlashoOo     11/16/2005 05:14 PM     
Well the guard doesnt know what the card does, but it does open doors. They also almost finished the digging in the hole, and the brothers decided there are too many people to make it, and I think they are going to have to kill someone. I love it to,.. darn now I cant wait till monday.
  by: RoBBoB     11/16/2005 05:27 PM     
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