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                 02/24/2018 12:48 PM  
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11/17/2005 05:40 AM ID: 51293 Permalink   

Snoop Dogg to Protest Execution at San Quentin


Snoop will be attending a rally this Saturday outside San Quentin State Prison to support a former gang leader to be executed Dec 13th. The gang leader, Stanley Tookie Williams, was sentenced to death in 1981 for killing 4 people in two LA robberies.

Williams was co-founder of the Crips. While on death row, Williams has earned recognition for his children's books urging children to stay out of gangs. Other peaceful prison teachings have earned Williams several Nobel Prize nominations.

An award winning movie about Williams life, "Redemption" starring Jamie Foxx has drawn attention to his case. Over a dozen other rallies are to take place around CA. There will also be a constant vigil at the prison from Dec. 4th until the execution.

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  How uncomfertable  
Would the state feel if he got a nobel prize and they executed him?
Besides that he did the crime knowing that he would be killed if he did it. He was convicted. You may disagree with the death penalty, of which my opinion is not either way, you have to admit he knew what he was getting himself into. It was his choice to take others life, knowing that if he was cought he would be killed to. Curiously though he has been on death row for 24 years? Thats nuts and very sadistic, if your goign to kill a person dont drag it out for 24 years, imagin waking up every day knowing your goign to be killed, living that for 24 years? Talk about a head f**k.
  by: ssxxxssssss   11/17/2005 05:45 AM     
  all for death row if...  
it's an open and shut case (DNA evidence too large or crystal clear video know, those cases where it's WAY beyond a resonable doubt if they person did the would have to be a dumbass to see it differently)

BUT, if you put a man/woman on death row...I feel they should be exucuted within a year. I mean, why waste monies and time dragging out someone's death. Just take them out of society and move on. The longer they're on death row, the longer it becomes pointless..

I also support just renting a lion and let it have a good meal or a couple of shots...
  by: hotrock11     11/17/2005 06:02 AM     
  So unfair  
to the lions! I vote we send them to abu ghraib or guantanamo. Let the forces that be beat up and torture to death some people who have actually been convicted of something.
  by: ixuzus     11/17/2005 12:25 PM     
  He killed 4 people during robbies  
killing innocent people? Partly responsible for the birth of the Crips gang who have no doubt been involved in countless murders under "Tookie"s rule? Then writing some children’s books? Colour me unimpressed... murdering scum.
  by: koultunami     11/17/2005 12:37 PM     
  @24 Years  
Do some research, it has only dragged on because of the countless appeals he has applied for.
  by: RoBBoB     11/17/2005 02:20 PM     
  Ever wonder  
why most of the people on death row in the states are functionally illiterate and from poor backgrounds? Who are you to judge some one who grew up with a crack addicted mother and barely attended school, under the same circumstances most people in their situation would do the same thing. Instead of bulding more prisons and hiring more cops wouldn't it be smarter spending that money on social plans and welfare for the unemployed? Don't even get me started on the barbarism of capital punishment, it spits in the face of justice.
  by: lachs     11/17/2005 02:48 PM     
What’s your point? Are you saying this poor misguided soul should be released because he has education and mommy issues?
  by: koultunami     11/17/2005 03:13 PM     
  Bye bye Tookie  
Do the kids of the world a favor and tell them THIS is what will happen to YOU when you pull the trigger and KILL innocent people. If they have a fascination with guns and want to be in a war zone, join the Army. We have had 3 murders in 3 weeks where I live and there are only 847 people left in this town. There have been 8 murders this year. I would say it is the murder capitol of the world. Most of the trigger men were between the ages of 16-25. We are failing our children. Teach them discipline and respect for other and themselves. Not all children are like Tookie but far too many are. Things need to change.
  by: Valkyrie123     11/17/2005 03:32 PM     
@lachs, no that would benifit people, its of my opinion that its in the goverment interest to keep the masses ignorant.

and yes capital punishment it rather barbaric, i mean if your going to have state sponsererd execution you might as well do it the way china does it... of with their head... of course that makes a bit of a mess... always nice to know they're are trying to kill "humanely"

the problem i have with capital punishment and jail is they simply don't work... never have and never will... the mask the symptoms instead of fixing the problems... poor education, unemployment and a failing welfare system are some of the main reasons for crime... yet they get swept under the rug because the real problem take actually time and effort to deal with and its easier to jail 1-2% of your population...

the fact that american school have metal detectors, are built like jails and have more security then then the jail downtown in my city shows time and time again the poor state of affairs in american society.

@hotrock, i'm pretty sure that would fall under cruel and unusual punishment, besides its more traditional to throw religious people to the lions... pat robertson would be a good start... he wouldn't be missed would he?
  by: HAVOC666     11/17/2005 04:31 PM     
What’s your point? Are you saying this poor misguided soul should be released because he has education and mommy issues? "

actually i think his point is much of what i outlined in my last post.
  by: HAVOC666     11/17/2005 04:36 PM     
Holy Jeebus, at 847 people you prolly can tell which brand of gun just fired, if your good you could tell which are getting cocked.
  by: kmazzawi     11/17/2005 07:00 PM     
  In general  
isn't the idea behind the penal system to reform individuals so they function in society?

On the other hand someone who caused this much grief should be put down. I disagree with the normal death penalty itself. It doesn't do anything useful. If we are going to condem people to die it should be done in a manner that will paritally pay society back for the drain the individual has been. I'm thinking about mandatory organ donation from the healthy prisoners and perhaps a stint in medicall research for those who have life threatening illness. For those who fall into neither category (nothing incurable but still unfit for donation) I say that they should labor hard and long in prison indutries for no pay Just at least so we can break even at their upkeep cost.

some sarcasm some truth and too much Swift. I await your flames.
  by: jaded fox     11/18/2005 12:20 AM     
My point was that society (i think this is just america we're talking about) sweeps its problems under the rug. When you increase poverty (thanks dubya) you increase crime and the solution for this at the moment is building more jails and hiring more cops. Did i say tookie should be released? no, i just think people from his socio-economic background aren't totally accountable for their crimes, ther're an inevitablity when you allow urban ghettos to exist.
  by: lachs     11/18/2005 02:01 AM     
  Protest Execution at San Quentin  
If you do the crime you should do the time anyone that don't like it should move to another country where you can speak your bad, I can't think of one!
  by: Fox Dome   11/18/2005 04:31 AM     
" Protest Execution at San Quentin
If you do the crime you should do the time anyone that don't like it should move to another country where you can speak your bad, I can't think of one!"

canada doesn't have state sponsored excution.
  by: HAVOC666     11/18/2005 04:41 AM     
People can always rise above and be more than the sum of their parts. Lots of underprivileged people do so, it's the lazy that don't.
  by: vgslag   11/18/2005 10:47 AM     
  Even if he is sorry, and changed  
That would be of little comfort to me if it were one of my family members was a victim of his. He has reformed himself on some level, but IMO this doesn’t really matter. 4 people dead in crimes of greed, he robbed and killed people. Maybe if it had been a one time crime of passion, or could have been an accident, all of these have been ruled out.

He deservers nothing better then execution, if he is really changed in his heart, he can talk to god about it.
  by: FuriouS76   11/18/2005 08:39 PM     
"Lots of underprivileged people do so, it's the lazy that don't."

are you serious? you're putting blame on poor people for being poor. what about the factors of race and religion being different than those of higher classes? capitalism depends on large numbers of the poor in order for the rich to exist. obviously not everyone can overcome the situation they're born into no matter how hard they try. it's the fault of the system for creating poverty, not the fault of the people for being born into it.
  by: manilaryce     11/18/2005 08:45 PM     
  I think  
this is the story I saw on TV a few weeks ago. They had some woman related to one of the victims on and they were asking her why she would want to see him dead if he is doing so much good now. She said with almost an arrogant tone "it's called closure". Weird culture.
  by: Fratley   11/19/2005 12:18 AM     
  All i Can say is  
Snoop Dog Protesting that is Very Dumb
He Must Smoking that shit or somthing
  by: NewsFlashoOo     11/19/2005 06:41 AM     
While some of what you say is true I do believe that people, no matter what their color or background can acheive anything.

I do think it's total BS about it beign the "system". Maybe if they aren't told how it's not their fault they're poor, it's the "system" keepign them down then maybe they'll try and do something about it.
  by: vgslag   11/19/2005 06:31 PM     
I have a hard time with letting someone that kills somone drag me down to thier level by killing them.
I do not give the state sanction to comit murder in my name.
  by: ichi     11/19/2005 08:09 PM     
  i think  
we need to execute this guy and get it over and done with. I dont personally believe in the death sentence but if he was sentenced to death 24 years ago why is he still alive?

If we now say well he has reformed and writes kids books and we must change his sentence to life then are we going to give all death row prisoners 24 years in which, if they turn their lives around, they can have it transmuted to a life sentence? NO, and by doing so we are setting a precedent.

It doesnt matter what this guy has done in the last 24 years, to quote Boondocks: "just cos a blackman gets put into prison it doesnt make him Nelson Mandela" and I am assuming this guy is black, so if i am wrong go ahead and tell me, since I dont think someone like snoop dogg would be out there 'witnessing' for a white guy...
  by: juleslady     11/19/2005 09:34 PM     
gonna have to disagree with you here jules. your statement is contradictory. you say you're not for the death penalty, yet you're calling for this guy to be executed. you're either for capital punishment or against it. you can't make exceptions for certain people either way or the law isn't a law.

personally, i'm against capital punishment. to me it is the epitomy of group mentality. it's wrong for someone to kill, yet it's okay for a group to kill. we are not any better than this murderer if we decide to murder him. this is more about our integrity as a "civilized" society, rather than williams integrity as a nobel nominee.

and you are right in assuming this is a black man, but wrong in assuming snoops motives. he is not "witnessing" for williams because he is black. rather, snoop is a crip and is protesting the execution of the the groups co-founder. not that it is a better excuse, but that's what the source says the tie is.
  by: manilaryce     11/19/2005 11:34 PM     
  My .2, and @ Lachs  
@ Lachs: Even if you try to eliminate poverty, some people simply do not want to grow up. You could give them a million dollars, and instead of investing in their kids, they'll spend it on themselves and not invest in anything like a house etc. And just because you're poorly educated and a crack addict doesnt mean squat. If you truely want out of a system, you'll do it. And plz don't give me this "I'm in no position" to judge etc. crap, I was raised by a mother who lived in bad conditions most of her life, and made a lot of poor decisions and rose above it and got a masters degree in education.

As for this moron, great, he's reformed. Although I do not disagree with the death penalty, I also believe in justice, and therfore his appeals obviously failed so let justice be served. He knew the consequences of his crime when he committed it, and here they are before him. Personally, I don't want to see this guy die because I think he should rot in prison.

As for Snoop Dog, since his heros about to be killed, why not we let Snoop Dog go with him. His music is just as bad as his character!
  by: DesertRebel   11/20/2005 01:59 AM     
I dont believe inthe death sentence but as so many people round here are so quick to point out on other occasions the law is the law... and this guy shot 4 people...
Are we going to let scott peterson sit around for 24 years writing children books and claiming he is reformed? no

if as you say, Snoop is in the 'crips' it just proves you dont have to shoot people just because you are in a gang... and also since Williams founded the crips then I think thats a little suspect..

I dont believe in the death penalty because far too often you see cases where 'new evidence' leads to people being let out of jail for serving long sentences for crimes they didnt commit.

I do believe if you are going to have a system where the penalty for killing people is death then you either need to do that or change the system since the main reason for the death penalty is for it to be a great deterrant. It's not much of a deterrant when you write books, get movie deals etc etc...

I would be all for changing the system.
  by: juleslady     11/20/2005 05:03 AM     
  I feel what Tookie did  
creating the Crips gang is tatamount to creating AIDS. I moved out of Denver because of the gang bangers. While it doesn’t bother me to see a blood or crip kill each other, good riddance, what does bother me is they are very poor shots and keep killing innocent bystanders. They shoot innocents just because of the color of their sweater as they walk to school. This is unacceptable. While Tookie may have only killed 4 people, his legacy of gang warfare lives on and the killing goes on unabated. Thanks a lot Tookie, you are a cancer, a pariah on humanity. To the creator of this modern day plague I say good riddance. You get no sympathy.
  by: Valkyrie123     12/02/2005 08:04 PM     
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