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                 01/20/2018 06:19 AM  
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12/10/2005 05:57 AM ID: 51683 Permalink   

The Santa Was Hung From the Neighbor's Tree With Care...


Miami Beach residents are unhappy with their neighbor, Ron Stroia, for putting up a Santa display in his yard. This particular display features a blindfolded Santa hanging from a noose with his hands and legs bound by wire.

"Now the kids are sad with that, you know, because they say it's not fair with Santa," neighbor Tanira Giacian said. "Santa should be around bringing their gifts, looking for the gifts, and not hanging on a tree. They're just kind of scared of that."

Since the display has been up neighbors have been calling the police to get it removed. However, there is nothing the police can do since Mr. Stroia is protected under the First Ammendment.

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  here's an idea  
how about u tell ur kids santa isn't real? i'm glad to hear police didn't do anything because of the first amendment.
  by: johnjohnjohn   12/10/2005 06:35 AM     
  I'd consider it  
highly inappropriate, and probably arrange to have it destroyed by vigillantes.
  by: lauriesman     12/10/2005 07:26 AM     
  Either that  
Or they make an effigy of him, and hang it from a tree in the same way.

With a sign saying this is not a death threat of course.
  by: lauriesman     12/10/2005 07:28 AM     
"highly inappropriate, and probably arrange to have it destroyed by vigillantes."

The santa or the first amendment?
  by: kmazzawi     12/10/2005 12:13 PM     
hahaha, good one.

to lauriesman, the death of a fictional character is more disturbing than the violation of someones rights. i'd think any true christian would hate the idea of santa stealing christmas away from jesus.
  by: manilaryce     12/10/2005 12:36 PM     
  .... or Christians stealing Christmas from pagans.  
  by: theironboard     12/10/2005 12:43 PM     
  This is just wrong  
Now for a truly wonderful Christmas story you can tell your children on Christmas Eve.

Once upon a time, in post World War II Japan, the people were hungry. Their country was in ruins, the infrastructure was demolished the country was occupied by victorious US troops. There were no jobs and no food. The people were desperate for a way out of this predicament. The only persons around with money were the occupying soldiers so the citizens focused their creative talents on them. “What could we sell to the GI’s?” they thought.

The Christmas season was soon approaching and the snow was falling. The people of Japan were Shinto’s and Buddhists, they knew nothing of the Christian holiday we call Christmas. So they began to ask the Joe’s what this "Christmas" holiday was all about and how Americans celebrated it.

The starving Japanese were told wonderful stories about the birth and death of Jesus Christ. They heard about the Nativity scenes. They learned about Santa Claus and his reindeer. They heard tales of the family gatherings and the exchanging of gifts. So what could the enterprising Japanese do to appease the oppressors and make a buck?

In classic innovative Japanese style they put two and two together and came up with seven. The starving people of Japan created something the GI’s would not be able to resist. They build little crucifixes. And there on the cross, all hung with care, was jolly old Saint Nick, with a confused blank stare. Yes, they crucified Santa Claus on little crosses and sold them to the perplexed and amused GI’s.

Now go to bed my children and remember, on Christmas 1945, Santa gave his life to atone for nuking Japan.

And to all a Merry Christmas, a Blessed Yule and a Happy Hanukah, good night.
  by: valkyrie123     12/10/2005 01:30 PM     
I seriously would not want my 5 yr old asking why santa was murdered and hanging from a tree.

It's got nothing to do with freedom of speech, or christianity, or anything else - its an utterly disturbing and traumatising image for a child.
  by: lauriesman     12/10/2005 03:24 PM     
  Well I think Its a Fun Idea.  
And I'm off to construct a hanging santa of my own.
  by: creep   12/10/2005 05:41 PM     
  How very festive!!  
I wonder how people would react to a baby Jesus hanging from a tree... ;o

  by: Spiffy   12/10/2005 06:49 PM     
i think its more taumatizing for a child to be lied to by his own parents for 10 years about a fictional being and why? to follow tradition? maybe this guy just recently found out santa wasn't real and this is his way of taking out his least its not his parents hanging
  by: maddhatter   12/10/2005 06:52 PM     
  We are all being told to be...  
tolerant/accepting of other cultures, religions, traditions and beliefs.

Santa is not a religious figure but it is a widely accepted tradition.

The purpose of hanging Santa is not to celebrate in his tradition or belief. It is to cause unrest and hate. The whole purpose was to antagonize others during their time of joy. The worst part is that he is attacking children more than adults.

Whether he is just plain miserable or he believes Christmas is too commercialized, he can choose not to celebrate or celebrate in a non-commercial way if he chooses.

Remember when Sinead O'Connor ripped up the picture of the pope on SNL? Well, years after, she realized the mistake of her ways. I forgot her exact words, but it was along the lines that people tend not to listen when you scream and she understands that the picture-ripping on SNL had a reverse effect. She lost her voice. She was seen as an extremist and a lunatic and focused on her act instead of the reasons for her act.

  by: steiny_33     12/10/2005 07:11 PM     
I guess you are one of those who were tramatized?!?!?! You were probably a bad little girl or boy and Santa skipped your house.

I will continue the Santa tradition with my family. Why, you ask? Just because of tradition? No. The mysterious and exciting tradition was some of my best memories of childhood. I'm not raising my children to be little adults. That's the best part of childhood. We made forts out of blankets and played other make-believe games and used our imaginations.

  by: steiny_33     12/10/2005 07:26 PM     
  "Why is Santa hanging from the tree?"  
Because, son, that's not the real santa, it's just a mannequin, and a crazy man thought it would be funny.

Problem solved. No need to phone the police. I think kids can tell the difference between actual people and effigies at a very early age. Middle America: take a chill pill.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     12/10/2005 07:39 PM     
  Happy Holidays  
Only extremists deal with absolutes. LOL....some of you make me laugh while others I pity. This is Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, the big fat jolly elf in the red suit. All this talk of ammendments, freedom of speach, lying to your children politics, religion ....makes me wonder if you die-hard critics ever understood or considered the gift of giving ? While we are at it, lets crucify a few other mystical creatures from our childhood that brought us joy, togetherness, family bonding and most importantly created a reason to dream and develope beyond the meager barriers of own backyards. Lets see, lets hang them all in stereo .... the Easter bunny, (lets stone him with his own eggs), Cupid, (we could impale him with a few of his own arrows), Auld Lang Syne, (lets kick that old dude down the stairs so he breaks a hip and maybe the New Years Baby will die of SIDS), then there is always Veterans Day, (maybe we should stick them with poppies till they bleed).....
This Santa Hangin juggernaut is nothing more than an attention grabbing sickwad. He probably lived a tortured childhood feels it necessary to revenge his parents shortcommings on the neighbors.
Anyone reading this news article knows in their very being that this is morally incorrect. Does he have the right to do this, perhaps the laws of this country allow it ....for now.....
Tolerence is soon coming to a breaking point. I dont make the rules or try to force feed you my beliefs, but I will tell you this.... while you are censoring your family and taking lessons off of C-SPAN for how to be politically correct, I will be with my loved ones, regailing in chorus, sharing in spirits and praying and giving hope to a sorry world that deems to dearly need it !

Happy Holidays Mr Stoia !
  by: BobFrapples   12/10/2005 09:12 PM     
The japs did not know about xmas because 90% of the jap catholics lived in Nagazaki and by then were too busy picking shiny pebbles from their breakfast.
  by: kmazzawi     12/10/2005 09:16 PM     
Well said, Bob, well said.
  by: lauriesman     12/10/2005 09:22 PM     
i argee with you wouldnt be good for kids what the hell would they be thinking.
sure someone will take it down for him and maybe give him a nice friendly christmas stomping to go with it.
  by: stonedwookie   12/10/2005 10:58 PM     
  Something like this...  
happen with a neighbour. But it was an accident because they set up a few christmas decorations before leaving on a holiday. And one of these decorations was a large plastic santa standing on thier balcony, and it was tied in place with rope around the neck and feet so it looked like it was standing happily infront of the railing. Wind blew it down and made it look like it was hung while smiling and waving
  by: tiggyfiggy   12/11/2005 04:50 AM     
you people don’t have a sense of humor. everyone is so worried about the poor children. trust me, children can handle it. it's the adults that can't. and don't start with the "an image of someone hanging is traumatic" argument, because kids see it all the time on halloween. kids love violence. all they're worried about is the possibility that they won't get their toys if santa is dead. say what you want. people act worse during the holiday season, not better. christmas isn't about anything you people have argued it to be. it's about spending as much as you can once a year, and using jesus and santa as an excuse to do so.
  by: manilaryce     12/11/2005 05:26 AM     
  if i had kids...  
i wouldn't let them believe in santa, easter bunny,
tooth fairy, etc...

if they didn't believe in santa, they wouldn't feel like
fools or be heartbroken years later.

i remember when how i found out there was no
santa - lotus 123 on the computer. when i found
out how much those presents really where, it gave
me a whole different feeling. Didn't want any more
expensive stuff from "santa", instead I rather get
something from "grandma" and know that it really
meant something.

because the santa myth is built up where kids think
santa got an unlimited budget. Thats a myth for
rich kids..
  by: hotrock11     12/11/2005 05:35 AM     
  by: Fox Dome   12/11/2005 06:32 AM     
  Totally Offensive  
The problem is not that it is santa, the problem is that there is a mannequin hanging from a noose in somebody's front yard. A lot of people have lost someone they know that way and the last thing is to have someone reminding them of it in a very insensitive way, particularly at christmas time. It's about as appropriate as waving nazi flags at a veterans march.
  by: ixuzus     12/11/2005 06:44 AM     
in 5 minutes the kid forgets santa was even hanging from the tree
  by: mentally ill   12/11/2005 08:31 AM     
that's bullsh!t. as i said, nobody cares on holloween if you have hanging bodies decorating your house. nobody calls the police for similar holloween decorations. the controversy is about the doll being santa. let's not pretend it's something else.
  by: manilaryce     12/11/2005 12:30 PM     
  most kids...  
are scared to death of santa sure its a relief to most...and for whoever made the nonsense crack about continuing this tradition with their kids..thats your business you may do as you please with your kids infact i may be forced to do so as well and thats fine...i just find it funny how this little act gets the adults as someone said stirred up and i totally agree with the halloween thing..if you people are all about the tradition of christmas im 99.9% sure the bible says nothing about a fat jolly man that lives forever sneaking into houses at night.
  by: maddhatter   12/11/2005 02:00 PM     
  sad old attention whore, get over yourself.  
"lolz i hungz santa!!1!1one"

That's what it amounts too, sticking it to the "man" and the "system" by exercising his "right" to hang a plastic effigy of Santa, wow that's too pathetic for words.

So congratulations Ron Stroia of Miami, your elite super cool attention whoring have got you into the national news, <golf clap>
  by: koultunami     12/12/2005 11:36 AM     
  all i can say is...  
screw the 1st ammendment in this case! there are little children who believe in santa clause and they should have the right to believe instead of having some creep do something obscene like this! i mean come may not still believe but hundreds of little kids do and if you ruin that belief your kind of ruining thier innocence!
  by: rmpoppel   12/15/2005 07:59 PM     
  comments, and @Kmazzawi  
Obviously this is a matter of the man's free speech, I have nothing more to say on that. What do parents tell their kids? Just what McMahon said, or that this man doesn't like Santa or Christmas, which would be the truth. I plan to make my own little Santa statement next year. I'm going to buy either a plastic light-up Santa or a Santa suit cheaply out of season, then cover it with logos much like the suit of a NASCAR driver. Sitting in my yard or Christmas-clubbing, I expect to get a few laughs, and it's a bit more meaningful a statement.

"[Lauriesman said] 'highly inappropriate, and probably arrange to have it destroyed by vigillantes.'

The santa or the first amendment?"

Very well played, I'm still laughing!
  by: MomentOfClarity     12/16/2005 12:51 AM     
"The santa or the first amendment?""

I should list that one in the 'favorite quites' fourm thread, definately one of the best replies I've ever seen on SN.
  by: StarShadow     12/16/2005 01:04 AM     
  So hey...  
Let's just get Yogi Bear having anal sex with Madeline as well - I mean, kids don't need innocence or make believe, and they aren't affected by what they say so it shouldn't matter right?

It's not like kids ever form emotional attachments to their favorite characters, after all.

And I mean, suicide or murder is just so easy for a kid to understand, and they would never be tempted to try it themselves of course.

Let's all just do whatever the **** we like, and screw whoever it affects, after all, as the great Anton La Vey said - there is no higher authority than the self. Why don't we just do away with this mock love and compassion that we all choose to act out once a year in the spirit of a tradition that none really gives a **** about anymore.

I mean really, it's plain to see that caring about others should always take second place to j****** o** to our own egos.
  by: lauriesman     12/16/2005 08:12 AM     
what i don't understand is why you don't focus on your own celebration of christmas and leave other people to do things the way they see fit?
  by: manilaryce     12/16/2005 09:39 AM     
  What to tell children? I'll tell you.  
I've been housesitting for my boss all this week, and I went home last night to pick up a few things. I saw something I'd forgotten - my housemate lynched a 4 foot-tall Santa doll last week from our porch roof in the backyard. Now, one of my other housemates has two children, both of whom are of the general age in question. I'll ask her what she thinks about it and tells her kids, then I'll let you all know. It's been up for at least a week, and I'm sure they've seen it by now.
  by: MomentOfClarity     12/16/2005 06:33 PM     
  It does not end here...

""I was absolutely furious," says Farnsworth, 65. "Everybody was upset."

A little girl in the neighborhood thought Santa had morphed into Satan and was going to get her, Farnsworth says."

Either this woman is exaggerating or the little girl has some bigger issues. How Santa hung from a tree could be thought to have turned into Satan makes no sense at all. Sounds more like a witty turn of phrase from a "furious" neighbor.

"'Why not put up a beautiful manger scene? He could have put up a sign on it that said, 'This is the reason for the season of Christmas,' ' she says. 'Instead, he just lynched Santa Claus.'"

Seems that this woman definitely has less than a firm grasp of the situation. So, if he thinks it overly commercialized, he must be protesting the lack of religiosity? Ok, lady...
  by: MomentOfClarity     12/16/2005 09:41 PM     
  Reminds me of..  
an incident where a local frat house took Xmas lights and spelled out "F**K YOU" on their roof facing a rather busy street. Moronic residents called police and were promptly told it was a freedom of speech issue and they would not respond.
  by: Reporter ©     12/29/2005 09:14 PM     
  I would tel my little cousins this  
It's not a real person. Just a doll so no worries. Why did that man hang Santa? He dislikes Christmas more than I do and this is how he decided to show it.

Were any of you really traumatized when you learned there was no Santa? I wasn't. My parents and grandparents gave me most of my presents and santa gave a few amusing trinkets. I was practical about the situation. I believed in Santa as long as I get a stucking full of cheap candy and dime store amusements.
  by: jaded fox     12/30/2005 03:57 AM     
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