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                 01/23/2018 11:07 PM  
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12/26/2005 09:02 PM ID: 51940 Permalink   

Discriminatory Russian Ads


Two rent ads in northwest Russia in the Republic of Karelia, advertized rental space for Russians only.

The ads used the word 'russkii' which refers to Russian ethnicity instead of 'rossiiskii' which refers to a Russian passport holder.

The Muslim Spiritual Directorate of the Republic of Karelia complained to local prosecutors and a group of Muslims in St. Petersburg is preparing a similar complaint.

Afigulla Ashirov, the supreme mufti of the Asian part of Russia was quoted: "I can’t image anyone in the United States, for example, placing an advertisement saying, ’flat to let — blacks need not apply.’ This would spark a big scandal.”

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  race vs religion  
I do not think the comparison between american blacks and russian muslims is valid. You can choose your religion but you can not choose your color.

I guess the country will have to implement laws about how much a land owner has the right to choose the type of tenants although I think cutting out a religion to be too general.
  by: kmazzawi     12/27/2005 01:39 AM     
  It would be nice if..  
property owners could rent to whomever they wanted based upon whatever criteria they choose.
  by: Reporter ©     12/27/2005 02:51 AM     
This is already done all over the place, but no one ever mentions it. I lived in NYC for many many years and I've heard realtors talk about 'keeping the neighborhood nice by keeping certain people out' over and over. Many property owners want to meet a tenant just to make sure they are 'the right color', as I quote one of my former landlords....
  by: cbuilding   12/27/2005 03:55 AM     
  Anyone not Russian living in Russia...  
if you are not 'true russian' then you asking to be regularly beaten... or worse than this.

Russian nationalistism is very strong there. as well as the vodka. these two things together are not good for any foreigners.

Black, asian, middle-eastern, and other non-russians are regularly attacked in Moscow. Very few blacks in Russia-- but many Chinese now. They have big problems.
  by: emc2   12/27/2005 10:43 AM     
  cynically short memory  
of moslems waging terror in Russia, capturing theaters, blowing up trains, killing school full of kids, and blowing up entire apartment buildings.

can you say...crocodile tears???
  by: kremens     12/27/2005 07:05 PM     
  Oh yes..  
especially since every moslem in the world was in on those terrorist acts...[/sarcasm]
  by: StarShadow     12/27/2005 07:15 PM     
  you a security guard?  
if your sentiment is the most righteous, then will you train or provide guards at entrance to every public venue?

You know why people sudddenly decide to put up fences - to keep out bad neighbors and dogs. They have the right to be safe and sound. The last time I checked, it was still an inalienable right.
  by: kremens     12/28/2005 10:12 AM     
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