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                 01/19/2018 10:50 AM  
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12/30/2005 03:04 AM ID: 51997 Permalink   

Man Kills Family on Lunch Break


Michael Richardson of Newport, KY apparently went on a shooting spree when he came home for lunch killing his wife Joyce, his daughter Sunshine, 18, her 17-year-old boyfriend Phillip Leslie, and the family dog.

Richardson was working at Coral Graphics, a printing company, at about 3 a.m., saying he was going to get some lunch. Richardson went home where neighbors said they heard gunshots around 5:45 a.m.

Richardson's supervisor at the graphics company said he had gotten in trouble for messing up a print machine. Richardson surrendered after about a 2 hour standoff with police.

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  I wish...  
I could get out of work for a "lunch break" at 3 am. LOL.
  by: tealblack   12/30/2005 03:46 AM     
  Hang him  
I say hang or give him lethal injection. Dude killed 3 people for no reason..and the dog.

No need for taxpayers to support this guy while he sets in jail.
  by: StealthKnight   12/30/2005 05:42 AM     
  probably printed newspapers  
Printing presses are always a stressful place- loud, repetitive dull work, lotsa weird chemicals all over the place. Too many graveyard-shifts for this guy, perhaps.
  by: theironboard     12/30/2005 08:27 AM     
  The first sign a guy isn't thinking straight  
Is when he leaves for lunch at 3am.
  by: RaabHimself   12/30/2005 09:09 AM     
Good Story and Nice sceen name
Anther Sad Story but keep it and keep on writing news i try to read it all
  by: NewsFlashoOo     12/30/2005 09:21 AM     
  hang on  
dont you mean 3pm instead of 3am cause noone has a lunch break at 3am inless he works in the early morning hours
  by: reeses1085   12/30/2005 02:22 PM     
I think he went home at 3AM found his 18 yr old daughter in bed w/ her 17 year old boyfriend and just got really really pissed off...
  by: whitewarrior627   12/30/2005 03:19 PM     
  Im actually glad.  
Poor girl stuck with such a ridiculous name. HE freed her, what's next, Phone-Line. Wait... I actually seen some one trying to name their kid Radiator.
  by: Calamité   12/30/2005 03:57 PM     
  If it was just the two teenagers messing around...  
He wouldn't have killed his wife, would he?

He probably caught his wife and daughter tag teaming the guy.
  by: tellgar     12/30/2005 06:37 PM     
  Wrong age  
The boyfriend is 16 according to the source.
  by: gotpika   12/30/2005 08:08 PM     
  I want his job  
3 hour lunches? Count me in
  by: RunsWithScissors   12/30/2005 10:40 PM     
  Please remove  
I know this is an old story but I wish it would be removed. Phil was my cousin and It made me sick to see the ignorance here.
  by: SLes   03/12/2010 10:51 PM     
perhaps you would like to clarify the "ignorance", so that everyone can be enlightened?
  by: m.i.a.elite     03/12/2010 11:38 PM     
The ignorance I spoke of was the comments on this article, not the article itself. Just so anyone who reads this knows the truth Phil and Sunny were on their way to work. They worked at McDonalds together and sunny had just picked Phil up from his home when she got a phone call from her father. He told her that her mom had an accident (at this point her mother was already dead) Her an Phil rushed to her home where they were shot as they entered the home. Michael Richardson was a sick, evil man.
  by: SLes   03/11/2011 07:47 PM     
I used to regularly eat lunch at around 3AM whilst working 3rd shift. The question for me is : what was the boyfriend doing over at 3am, being 17, and all that jazz :P

[ edited by NiftyPixel ]
  by: NiftyPixel   03/11/2011 09:10 PM     
Ahh, I shoulda read that first, thanks for clarifying!
  by: NiftyPixel   03/11/2011 09:14 PM     
I knew Sunny and Phillip. I actually grew up with Phil. I went to school with both of them. For you people to sit there and talk about how they were "fooling around" and her dad got pissed. No. He called them home, and effing killed them. And for the record, people do get 3am lunch breaks if they work a third shift job. Not everyone works first and second shift. So please, don´t be ignorant.
  by: bellachef89   07/01/2013 04:29 PM     
  Old story....2005  
Here is a detailed account. The original link is subscription:
  by: Lurker     07/01/2013 06:05 PM     
  It´s the  
story that just won´t die at ShortNews. Pretty tragic...I wonder why he did it.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/02/2013 01:55 PM     
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