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                 01/24/2018 04:55 AM  
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01/04/2006 02:50 AM ID: 52063 Permalink   

Catholics Angered by South Park Episode


The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights became enraged when Comedy Central aired it's season finale of the smash hit cartoon, "South Park" on December 7th. The unsavory portrayal of the Pope and the Virgin Mary apparently struck a nerve.

A re-broadcast was cancelled. In the episode, a statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be bleeding from it's nether regions. As Catholics arrive en masse to be healed by the blood of the statue, the Pope himself makes an appearance to investigate.

The Pope determines that the statue is merely having a menstrual cycle and that the blood is of no value. In the episode he states, "A chick bleeding out her vagina is no miracle," adding,"Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time."

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  I can only say..  
that I am deeply disheartened that I missed that particular episode. LimeWire, here I come!
  by: Reporter ©     01/04/2006 02:52 AM     
  that episode  
it was interesting, but in bad taste
  by: Syoware   01/04/2006 02:58 AM     
Classic episode, very funny and actually I thought it was typical southpark. Catholics should shut their mouths, it was only 2 or 3 weeks earlier that the Scientology episode came out, rofl.
  by: hello0004   01/04/2006 03:00 AM     
  @ Syoware  
Have you never watched South Park? They wrote the book on bad taste, which is why it's so damned funny.
  by: Reporter ©     01/04/2006 03:06 AM     
  And this is new...?  
South Park has been on TV for how long now? And they've busted on every religion and stereotype out there since day one, and they're going to get mad now?

Sounds like the CLRCR just wants some press time.
  by: elderban99     01/04/2006 03:09 AM     
  just goes to show  
They can laugh their tails off when the writers poke fun of other cultures and religions, but when it's their turn to be made fun of, they cry and create a fuss...
  by: theavenger8     01/04/2006 03:21 AM     
  As a Catholic...  
I LOVE South Park, and think its great! Mainly because of how politically incorrect it is, and I honestly think they do it deliberately just to poke fun of political correctness.

As for people not laughing when being poked at, I poke fun at myself, and laugh when people make fun of my race, etc. Damn Yanks..
  by: DesertRebel   01/04/2006 03:32 AM     
Everything in South Park is in bad taste just look at the Kenny as Terri Schiavo. Freaking classics man!
  by: Emp3r0r     01/04/2006 03:45 AM     
  As a partial catholic  
I must say that I laughed very hard at that episode.
  by: fballer23   01/04/2006 04:59 AM     
  Not funny since World Police  
I haven't found them to be funny since the World Police movie where they basicaly excused the whole Iraq war. Why don't Parker & Stone enlist if they think a war fought for lies can be excused? They're a pair of sell-outs.
  by: Emanruson   01/04/2006 07:24 AM     
  as another catholic...  
i'm not too offended, just disappointed. first, these american catholic groups that are speaking for catholicism need to shut up before they join the ranks of the fundamentalists in insanity. second, i think of all the things to make fun of south park picked something rather absurd. i could think of a dozen other things in the church which are more humorous. this just doesn't sound too funny. maybe the actual episode was more entertaining than the story. anyone here seen it?
  by: manilaryce     01/04/2006 07:46 AM     
  Havnt seen it  
I watch SP occasionally if Im home and am not pre-occupied.
Ill take a wild guess here, and say they were poking fun at the fact so many catholics will go running to any religious icon or statue that someone says is bleeding or weeping.
I dont see what this catholic group is whinging about now.
Its aimed at an adult audience, hence its rating. If they cant sit and watch this, without getting their nickers in a twist, what the hell are they doing watching TV in the first place?
  by: Whipd+Kreem     01/04/2006 09:13 AM     
  wait a sec  
they have issues with this eppisode, but not the one where all the catholic priests are child molesters? go figure. and they are a bit old to enlist.... as eine said in one of his songs, "i'm 28 now, they will want you before they want me" or something very close to that
  by: ganjaman22     01/04/2006 12:13 PM     
With the shortfalls in enlistment numbers I'm sure they would give those two a serious look. Plus as far as I know they don't have any kids and are not doctors or someone else essential to the community. If they truly believed the propaganda they are spouting they should be at the head of the queue to join up.
  by: emanruson   01/04/2006 12:46 PM     
I didn't see propaganda just dolls humping.
  by: Emp3r0r     01/04/2006 01:51 PM     
I think you missed the point of that movie. They are making fun of America for trying to be "World Police". They come and blow up your country to try to get one bad guy and expect you to thank them, like in the Paris scene, or the Egypt scene for instance.

It always suprises me how far some people will reach for a little bush-bashing.

  by: gnathon   01/04/2006 01:55 PM     
But there is a lot to bash the bastard for. I just don't see how a movie that made fun of everything is right or left wing. To me it’s just oral sex and dolls.
  by: Emp3r0r     01/04/2006 02:04 PM     
  I've learned something today.....  
The movie has the same line that they use in every TV episode, "I've learned something today...." and what they claimed to learn was that a war for the wrong reasons was A-OK if it got rid of a dictator who hated the USA. I didn't have to "reach" for something to bash I simply watched past the silly sex scene to the boring conclusion.
  by: emanruson   01/04/2006 02:14 PM     
I'm guessing you can also correctly interpret the constitution and the bible too. yeah...
  by: Emp3r0r     01/04/2006 02:19 PM     
Who is interpreting? As I said in the previous post Stone & Parker explicitly state that a war for the wrong reasons that fortuitously removes a dictator is something to be encouraged, it is in the script, it is in the scene towards the end of the movie where they attack Kim Il Jong at the world leaders & celebrities peace conference. If I could post video here I would dig up a copy of the scene and post it.
  by: emanruson   01/04/2006 03:10 PM     
  It's become passe to become angry at SP  
*yawn* another major organization angry at them. *yawn* more celebrities mouth-off about it.

Isn't there something else for people to watch on television?
  by: theironboard     01/04/2006 03:24 PM     
  May South Park continue for many more years  
The show really points out all of the absurdity in the world and keeps me laughing. It's absolutely ingenious, and others are jealous they didn't think of it first.
  by: chrisem   01/04/2006 03:38 PM     
  dumb dumb dumb dumb dub dumb dumb dumb  
smart smart smart smart

Nake the religeon they were busting on with those lines.
  by: RoBBoB     01/04/2006 04:52 PM     
They are not americans.
  by: Calamité   01/04/2006 04:57 PM     
  South Park  
now im not "religius" but the only way i can watch a episode of south park is if im high, its soo stupid its funny but if you think about it then it has a truth to it
  by: shujin   01/04/2006 05:51 PM     
not sure if i spelled that right but south park has picked on everything. Its just what they do, you all need to stop crying about it and start watching somthing else. Find the + button on your remote and hit it.
  by: CjoshP   01/04/2006 07:02 PM     
  Learn to read..  
I don't see anyone in this thread 'crying' about the episode. I do see some argement over the movie "World Police" though, can someone tell me what the connection is?
  by: StarShadow     01/04/2006 08:34 PM     
  The connection  
is the creators. Matt Parker and Trey Stone. All Hail ORGAZMO!!!!!
  by: tomblik     01/04/2006 08:45 PM     
  waaa waaa  
I can see why you were upset by "Team America"-to
an extent. I was also slightly upset-at first, because
I expected Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make the
kind of social commentary as South Park, basically
for me to completely agree with their point, for the
movie to bash Bush.(not that South Park bashes
Bush, I just love the points SP makes) What they
succeeded in doing was bashing everyone. How
could you not think they were making fun of the
Republicans and this unjust war when the whole
movie was centered on a ridiculous team of people
that destroy everything while taking out terrorists,
while "policing the world." (Egypt, Paris). They took
shots at everyone in that movie, I think you took
the wrong idea from it. Would you have preferred
that Kim Jong Il killed them in the end? Come on, it
was a movie. with that said,

Who cares if the catholics are upset? Ive never
heard the jews, mormons, scientologists, mentally
disabled, etc., etc....come out and say anything.

Also, I would like to remind everyone the point of
that whole episode, and this might start a new
argument in here......they were making fun of
Alcoholics Anonymous!

I have friends in AA, and it works well for
them,(good for them) but i've always thought it was
stupid. I had to attend a couple meetings myself.

"surrender to a higher power." Stan's dad goes to
AA after getting a DUI and is told he is powerless
and has a disease. That why he has to visit the
bleeding mary statue.

My favorite line from the episode was stan's "moral"
at the end when he said "Quiting all together, that
doesn't take will power, being able to have a few
drinks and control yourself, thats something to be
proud of." (or it was something along those lines.)

if you want to read more about the episode visit:

good day!
  by: mingr   01/04/2006 09:08 PM     
don't forget Baseketball!
  by: Emp3r0r     01/04/2006 09:08 PM     
i meant to say "how could you think they were NOT
making fun of republicans or this unjust war"
  by: mingr   01/04/2006 09:10 PM     
Oh I see, thanks.
  by: StarShadow     01/04/2006 09:13 PM     
  what a smart religion...  
everyone knows you don't protest outloud when it
comes to TV shows....

thats like saying "we WANT you to watch this,
anyway that you can"

I forgot all about south park, but after reading
about this on SN I decided to download the one in
question. So...great movement catholics...

Next time, do the smart thing and just go to the
heads (I believe CBS now owns CC) and protest,
behind closed doors. That way it's never re-aired
  by: hotrock11     01/04/2006 09:41 PM     
That's one of the best episodes I've ever seen in my life
  by: ToofDogger     01/04/2006 10:26 PM     
You forgot about the movie...
"Blame Canada!"
"It's not even a real country anyway..."
I honestly didn't laugh through the whole song, and was actually rather pissed... but w.e

From the Catholic's viewpoint though, it's probably more of the fact that it's demoralizing and corrupting the youth. They'll take any chance they get to bash this show. I remember even as a yout I'd stay up till the morning to watch it. The funny thing is, even as a kid I knew it was humor, and not to be taken seriously, which these catholics are yet to see.
  by: Syphon   01/05/2006 12:46 AM     
I wish I'd have seen it! lol
  by: cbuilding   01/05/2006 01:06 AM     
  Found a link!

You'll need a bittorrent client to dl it

  by: Whiskers   01/05/2006 01:50 AM     
God who cares! If you want to see something taking the piss out of the pope then go watch 'Popetown'.
  by: Thaeos   01/05/2006 10:35 AM     
  Its not hard to piss off a hardcore Catholics  
All you need to say is I believe in evolution or why do your preists keep raping alter boys.
  by: HighTeckRedNeck   01/05/2006 03:17 PM     
  There was a funny commercial for south park  
They listed a whole bunch of groups: gays, blacks, asians, christians, Jews ect... and then had a line appologizing if they left anyone out.

South Park is a good show because it pokes fun at everyone.

Now I am off to find this episode.
  by: jaded fox     01/06/2006 01:23 AM     
"All you need to say is I believe in evolution..."

actually, catholics believe in evolution and are against ID. catholics and fundamentalists are actually opposite in the way they interpret the christian faith.
  by: manilaryce     01/06/2006 01:39 AM     
  Catholics Complain?  
That good ole' Catholic Church, steeped in mysticism, witchcraft, cannibalism, icon worship, murder, torture, rape, theft, child abuse and the vilest of perversions throughout it's history IS COMPLAINING? Well of course, HYPOCRISY is wayyyy up there on their "sins" list...laughter
  by: owlafaye   11/28/2006 05:16 PM     
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