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                 08/23/2014 07:32 AM  
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08/22/2014 08:08 PM
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01/04/2006 04:48 AM ID: 52066 Permalink   

School Board Rescinds Intelligent Design Policy


The school board in Dover Pennsylvania at the center of the Intelligent Design debate has unanimously agreed to drop their idea of pushing I.D. into the biology classroom.

Two weeks ago a judge had ruled the idea of teaching the concept in a science class was unconstitutional.

On Tuesday night in a voice vote with no discussion prior the newly elected Dover Area School Board voted to rescind the policy.

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dude just leave it alone man...
  by: Emp3r0r     01/04/2006 05:30 AM     
Though i doubt this change of policy is due to rational thought on the behalf of the district admins, a victory is still a victory.
  by: Dedolito     01/04/2006 05:34 AM     
  right on  
it's good to see that special interest groups haven't totally hijacked american constitutional rights. I'm not anti christitan by any means at all but the constitution is there for a reason. to make sure that any one group dosen't run amok with rather harsh results, and nobody should get special priveledge christitan, hindu, muslim, jewish or *insert religin I missed here*
  by: samuraisamus   01/04/2006 06:16 AM     
Just where exactly does intelligent design come into biology.
  by: Thaeos   01/05/2006 12:53 AM     
Hey I am just a lowly reporter, all I can do is put the news up as I read it. I can't help it if I find this one so amusing :P
  by: ZCT     01/05/2006 01:27 AM     
"The entire world is laughing at us... should we change our policy?"
"Probably for the best..."
  by: koultunami     01/06/2006 10:19 AM     
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