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              01/23/2018 11:04 AM  
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01/04/2006 07:24 AM ID: 52069 Permalink   

Onstar Used to Save 1-Year-Old in Stolen Car


Columbus,Ohio --A father was at a gas station filling the car up when a friend asked for a ride and it soon turned into a car jacking.

The father was pushed out the driver's side of the car while the baby was in the back seat, and the guy was off with the car. Lucky for this couple, this car had Onstar and police activated it to locate the car just a few blocks away.

Amanda Sales, the mother of the infant, was very scared when she got word of what happened. Soon, police recovered the car with the child in the back seat and everything was fine. Police have made no arrests in this case.

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it is a good thing to have onstar in your car incase something bad happens to you when you are on the road
  by: reeses1085   01/04/2006 03:14 PM     
  GPS and maps  
are cheaper...
  by: Syphon   01/05/2006 12:49 AM     
  Onstar ROCKS  
Hey I am a car salesman, and Onstar is really nice man, and its cheap too. It will soon be standard on all GM vehicles, soon to be standard on all vehicles on the US market, Never be alone again, It has many neat features which add to its appeal, and ull get a descent insurance break for having it on.
  by: Swordfizh   01/05/2006 04:17 AM     
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