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                 10/31/2014 11:08 PM  
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01/04/2006 10:24 AM ID: 52072 Permalink   

Nintendo Sells 10 Million DS Units


Nintendo has announced it has reached the 10 million unit mark for global sales of its mobile handheld systems, the Nintendo DS. 4 million units have been sold in North America since the system's release and over 5 million were sold in Japan.

1.2 million units were also sold in North America in 2004. In comparison, Sony's rival system, the PlayStation Portable, sold 3.2 million units in North American between its launch in March last year and mid-December.

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And the DS still rox my People can argue a lifetime about which system is better... but there is no real answer to that... They are both good for their purpose. I personally prefer the DS, as it fits my budget quite nicely (both the system, and the games, which average about $15USD cheaper than typical console and PSP games)
  by: theavenger8     01/05/2006 09:52 AM     
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