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                 01/17/2018 09:05 PM  
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01/04/2006 10:42 AM ID: 52075 Permalink   

Mass Phishing Attacks Target eBay Users


According to figures released by security firm Fortinet, some 96 per cent of phishing attacks in the UK in December targetted eBay users. It seems that Phishers are hoping to take advantage of the Christmas rush.

The team leader of Fortinet's Threat Response unit, Guillaume Lovet, said: "One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money on the internet is setting up an auction on eBay for a [bogus] item, cashing the money, then disappearing."

Also, the company found that one in 20 MMS mobile phone messages were infected with the Commwarrior virus, which is worrisome as it indicates the virus is more prominent than believed. The most effective virus for December was the Sober worm.

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  They've been phishing ebay for months  
Paypal, ebay, and online banking all. If you think you're account is going to be closed, email that entity by their webpage not some bogus email. After all how much "OEM" baits, pharmaceutical baits, and I have X million dollars to transfer to you baits do you already get in your inbox. If you don't know the person who is emailing you, then *you don't know who is emailing you.*
  by: Moojoo     01/04/2006 03:14 PM     
I got a real interesting scam in my inbox the other day. Some guy claiming to work at a bank in South Africa said some guy and his entire family died on 9/11 and left $20 million in the bank, and he said if I registered with the bank and claimed to be next of kin, he would give me 30% of the $20 million, lol.
  by: theavenger8     01/05/2006 09:56 AM     
  phising / 419 scams is the funniest site i saw for a long time. now if only we could get one for phishing :D
  by: koultunami     01/06/2006 02:04 PM     
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