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                 01/20/2018 09:28 PM  
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01/04/2006 01:00 PM ID: 52080 Permalink   

Relatives Devastated as Purported US Coal Mine Miracle Turns to Tragedy - Only 1 Survived


For grief-stricken relatives hope turned into tragedy as earlier reports of a West Virginia coal mine miracle with purportedly 12 survived miners came out to be not true. Only one of 13 men was found alive after an explosion had occured on Monday.

Cheers erupted Tuesday evening as word came from the rescue command center, that rescue workers had found 12 survivors. Bells of the local church were ringing, as waiting relatives celebrated the good news inside.

A couple of hours later their hopes were shattered, when the CEO of mine owner ICG had to admit that "miscommunication" between rescue crews and the command center had caused false reports about the miners´ fate.

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  Watching CNN last night...  
was an absolute riot. For some time they broadcast across the screen, "Twelve Miners Found Alive". Some time later the banner read, "12 Miners Dead - 1 in Critcal Condition". Of course, this was soon followed by, "Report - Fighting in Church". It reminded me of the time that the space shuttle came crashing down to earth in a ball of flame and CNN reported, "Space Shuttle was Traveling at 16 Times the Speed of Light".
...What morons.
  by: Reporter ©     01/04/2006 02:26 PM     
  I was watching FOX  
and was thinking "Wow! They're alive?!?" when one reporter let it slip that Geraldo Rivera had 'just reported the miners were alive'. While I won't blame Geraldo for the actual miscommunication, I did immediately become doubtful of their survival just at the mention of his name in connection with these reports.

I was actually more shocked to learn anyone would still hire Geraldo than I was to hear all the miners were dead except for Randall McCloy.
  by: morgora     01/04/2006 03:55 PM     
  not nice  
that is not nice that a reporter said 12 miners out of the 13 were alive when they were really died. if i was a family member of one of those miners who was died i would be pissed off cause first they said the miners were alive when 12 of them were really died so those families are probably really upset
  by: reeses1085   01/04/2006 04:19 PM     
Well of course you would be upset family would have died. and mistakes happen, if the news wasnt incorrect its not like the people may have gone on living, no matter what they are dead. dead dead dead
  by: RoBBoB     01/04/2006 04:45 PM     
  My heart goes out to the families but..  
some of them are now talking about suing. thats just idiotic and selfish on their part. It was an accident, it shouldn't be turned into an opportunity to get money.
  by: johnjohnjohn   01/04/2006 09:41 PM     
i think they're talking about suing the mine, not the reporters. the mine has been cited for tons of safety violations before this event occured. the families have every right to seek legal action against the company that knowlingly put their loved ones in danger.
  by: manilaryce     01/04/2006 09:51 PM     
that mine was a deathtrap, I hope all the families sue.
  by: StarShadow     01/04/2006 10:05 PM     
  I bet..  
the miscummincation came at the control room's end of things.

Rescue workers probably reported that they had found the miners. Someone in the control room thought that this meant that the miners had been found alive. Then the media got a hold of it...
  by: Dedolito     01/04/2006 10:17 PM     
If it sounds too good to be true...
  by: StarShadow     01/04/2006 10:31 PM     
  chinese mines  
What about the coal mines in china that blow up every 2 months? Where is your bleeding heart for them? And yes I do think the media has a legal responsibility,what they report becomes factual so they are changing history. This was a slow news week so of course all the networks were gonna jump on this, natalee halloway got hold and iraq has gotten to routine for them so they have something to spew their doom and gloom, and does anyone know if any network apologized, on air? I remember back in the gore bush election all the net works did the same they all jumped the gun and said gore won without getting all the votes counted cause florida is in two times zones.

What happen to journal ethics? So was the first report about every one dead, considered an accusation? There was only alleged proof of their survival yet they all just talked out loud, and yeah why is geraldo still around? I remember he nearly fell of the face of the earth when he did that opening of al capones safe and it was empty aww man did that have to suck or any one's career.
  by: DREKK   01/04/2006 10:59 PM     
  Their is..  
a difference between 'bleeding heart' and sympathy.

Bleeding Heart: A person who is considered excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be underprivileged or exploited.

Sympathy: A feeling or an expression of pity or sorrow for the distress of another; compassion or commiseration. Often used in the plural.
  by: StarShadow     01/05/2006 03:21 AM     
"the miscummincation came at the control room's end of things.

Rescue workers probably reported that they had found the miners. Someone in the control room thought that this meant that the miners had been found alive. Then the media got a hold of it..."

No, then Geraldo got a hold of it, lol...that guy is always a disaster waiting to happen (whereas most reporters are just guys waiting for disasters to happen, lol)
  by: theavenger8     01/05/2006 09:40 AM     
The first body the rescue team came across was the man whose job it was to make sure it was 'safe' for the rest of the team to enter the mine. Shouldn't the families sue his estate since he didn't do his job very well?

If the families want to sue over a miscommunication, wouldn't they have to prove it was deliberate and/or malicious?

If they want to sue over safety violations, shouldn't they actually sue the MSHA (mine safety people) for not closing the mine?

Better yet, sue God. In the words of one of the family members "we prayed for a miracle and we didn't get one!" (Don't know what she considers the guy who lived if not somewhat 'miraculous')

I think God, in the form of the Catholic Church, is actually the deepest pocket here.

  by: morgora     01/05/2006 03:59 PM     
Accidents happen, it's just life. People could say they shouldn't have started working in the mines, so in theory it is there fault, or is it? It's noone's fault, noone to blame, life goes on.
  by: Peterstie   01/05/2006 04:24 PM     
So if I accidently hit you with my car you would say accidents happen oh well.
  by: RoBBoB     01/05/2006 04:33 PM     
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