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                 02/24/2018 09:00 PM  
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01/04/2006 01:52 PM ID: 52081 Permalink   

The Who's Pete Townshend Warns of Hearing Damage


Following the rising popularity of portable music players, The Who's guitarist, Pete Townshend, has warned of potential hearing problems caused by headphones. The warning appeared on Townshend's personal Web site.

Townshend wrote: "I have unwittingly helped to invent and refine a type of music that makes its principal proponents deaf. My intuition tells me there is terrible trouble ahead." He also blames stereo headphones for his hearing problems.

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  What!? Speak up!  
This is as funny as Richard Gere "speaking on behalf of all Americans" or Al Gore 'inventing the internet'.

Pete Townshend did not invent rock nor did he particularly refine it. He's an ignorant stupid pompous over-rated knucklehead at the end of his career so and so!
  by: theironboard     01/04/2006 03:38 PM     
  The Who  
regardless of your opinion of Pete Townshend, The Who, or Rock Music in general Mr. Townsend helped inspire generations of musicians. If you dont know that your a 'tard
  by: monstrddg   01/05/2006 04:11 AM     
The only knucklehead is you.

Le me see:

Townsend's influence includes:
1) The first to purposefully harness amplifier feedback instead of TURNING THE VOLUMN DOWN to get rid of it. There would NOT be hard rock or metal without harnessed feedback. AAMOF, equipment, from amps, effect devices, quitar pickups, and even instrument bodies, the lot, now designed to utilised it.

2) The first to use Power chords.(The name is also his.) Thus allowing other instruments to play melody...

3) The first to harness pinch harmonics with purposeful use in composition.

4) The first to write rock on a synth.

5) The fist to use the synth as a rhythm device.

6) The first to write rock songs that weren't "skiffle" based, but were instead actual compositions instead of redone blues and honky-tonk turnarounds.

7) The first to write intelligent lyrics.

8) The first to "Compose!" songs and instead of noodling a riff and then writing a 8-12 bar turnaround and then calling it a song!

I could write for an hour about Townshend's contributions to modern music. But why don't YOU do a little research on your own and then post what you found here? Seriously. Do it.

Let us see you support your absolutely idiotic statement. Care to take me up on this?

I mean you know it all right? So I guess bands like Rush, Metallica, Queensryche, Dream Theater, and many MANY more who state that Townshend and The Who were their major influence, are just plain wrong eh? Stupid crappy musicians eh?

You sir, have made most defintely the biggest "dumbarse faux paux," "foot-in-mouth," "let's prove I am a phucktard" statement I have ever read on SN.

Let go of your pecker, and grab your brain dude! ... Oh ya, they are one and the same ... obviously ....

  by: SmutleyQ   01/05/2006 05:40 AM     
  Spinal Tap?  
Huh? Whaddiya say? Who??
  by: Flashby     01/05/2006 10:26 AM     
  I don't know who you are....  
But Pete Townshend is an ass.
  by: theironboard     01/05/2006 11:36 AM     
  P.S. Oi!  
'Who's Next' is the dogs-bollocks as far as The Who is concerned. Anything else is not worth considering; that was 1974. He is merely one of a number of great guitarists, but he is no Hendrix.

Pete Townsend was only as great as his band mates and he was not 'The Who'. Keith Moon, Roger Daltry, John Entwhistle were there too.

Powerchords. Hmm. Bach, perhaps might know something about that.

Bluegrass and Jazz musicians directly influenced the true inventors of Rock and Roll. Townshend, Sir Pedophile (as he is now known), came along 30 years ago far after the rest of the inventors. Sure, he contributed and 'refined' rock- but he was more about style. The Who had more bombs than musical successes. Trashing hotel rooms does not make music.

Your list is really crap; here's why.

'The first to write intelligent lyrics'
discounts all other arguments because it is so incredibly inane that I invite other SN readers to consider this statement as a testament to your utter ignorance of music history; but I will continue shooting down your inflammatory feedback out of the sake of sheer delight in watching you suffer:

I suggest you look before 1970 and at The Who's contemporaries for a)better music and b)the actual progenitors of all the things you listed. You cheeky monkey.

Please consider: Hendrix, The Beatles,Kraftwerk-- hell, even DEVO was doing the things you listed. Lou Reed versus Townshend?

Even this rather shabby history of electronic music blows away your The first to write rock on a synth/ The fist to use the synth as a rhythm device argument.

Ha! All the bands you mentioned citing him as their major influence are also fairly insubstantial.

Now I'll turn you onto another musician that influenced modern music more than anyone realises:

You go on worshipping your pedophile aged rock star.
  by: theironboard     01/05/2006 12:57 PM     
I could not personally tell you the name of a single Who song. But I still think you are being a dick for attacking some famous band member for no reason. Certainly to whine because a rock star has an ego, please, that's kind of the whole point.

The guy has a reasonable point; noise is one of the quickest ways to screw up your hearing in a permanent and irreversible way. I see countless patients each month who have lost significant amounts of hearing as a result of noise exposure. Many worked in factories, hunted, or used guns or power tools without hearing protection. If I am still in this profession in a few years time I expect to see many patients whose hearing was damaged by music. So on the bright side; I’ll still be in work.

Ultimately this guy is trying to do a good thing here, to highlight some of the reasons why people develop a hearing loss. Even if he sounds arrogant in doing so his goal is a reasonable one.
  by: ZCT     01/05/2006 01:49 PM     
yeah man relax, yes he may not have created the type of music but he did write songs that did this to people. any retarded person could figure out thats what he was saying. anyone would also agree that after listening to this music (at a level higher than your mommy lets you listen at) that your ears actually ring. headphones and even speakers at a loud enough level will hurt your ears making you go deaf is another thing and comes along after a long while of use. heaphones at a reasonable level takes about 3-4 hours to damage your ears but not in a significant way. all the man was saying is that Pete invented a few things in his own way along with many other musicians hes not saying he is the almighty rock god. oh and power chords we not invented by bach, he invented a harder type of playing that involved softer melodic chords creating a lot of his darker music.
  by: thrasius   01/05/2006 03:04 PM     
  Do you guys like Gary Glitter?  
Aside from the over-rated music; Townshend is merely parroting what the press is reporting this month. It's a weak message in an age of weak messages. I don't care how good of a musician he is or isn't. He hasn't influenced me. Has he gotten you to stop using headphones? Do you think his publicity agent might have sent a press-release to BBC regarding this, in an effort to make people forget the child-porn investigations?

Ooooooh. Headphones are bad for hearing.
Thank you, Mr. Rockstar. Also creating a culture of power-rock concerts that filled arenas might have something to do with hearing loss in hundreds of thousands of fans.... you gotta hand it to the guy, at least he is sorry for something.

I won't bother to reply to anyone who is personally attacking me, not worth my time. The defense rests.

"Hey, is that Freedom Rock?"
"Turn it up!"
  by: theironboard     01/05/2006 04:04 PM     
  Up the Gary!  
Hey, I think Gary Glitter is great - not the person (filthy old man) but his music from the 70's. But then I'm one of the few that likes 70's rock, including Glam Rock. I'm a product of the 70's - unreliable, unfashionable and made in Britain!! :D
  by: Flashby     01/05/2006 04:59 PM     
“Do you guys like Gary Glitter?”

- I don’t think this is quite a fair comparison. Glitter has been accused of actually screwing children and collecting child porn. Townshend was cautioned for logging on to an American porn site that contained some child porn. There is quite a difference.

“Aside from the over-rated music; Townshend is merely parroting what the press is reporting this month. It's a weak message in an age of weak messages.”

- Well he is a celebrity and when they speak people report on it, doesn’t mean we need to needlessly attack this old man.

“I don't care how good of a musician he is or isn't. He hasn't influenced me.”

- It’s not all about you though is it? Although you personally don’t feel his contribution was that great it would certainly seem that many others disagree with you.

“Has he gotten you to stop using headphones?”

- I hope not, I’m looking forward to a wonderful retirement thanks to a glut of new patients.

“Do you think his publicity agent might have sent a press-release to BBC regarding this, in an effort to make people forget the child-porn investigations?”

- Well given that all that was over and done with two years ago, it seems unlikely.

”I won't bother to reply to anyone who is personally attacking me, not worth my time.”

- You seem to be the one on the offensive. Some old guy suggests that he went deaf thanks to noise exposure and you savage him for not being influential enough.

“The defense rests.”

- You are not on the defense you are on the offense, attacking some aging rock star because you have taken a dislike to him. I couldn’t give a crap either way, The Who were certainly no influence to me. Nevertheless I felt your points appeared to be rather an irrational attack on this guy for no apparent reason.
  by: ZCT     01/05/2006 05:36 PM     
Real quick response cause I gotta hit the road.

I was defensive because of the SmutleyQ/monsterdg comments-- not against anything else really. Calling me a 'tard'. telling me to repost after citing a list of ineffectual argument countering my stance on a topic only makes me retaliate with vitriol.

YES! YES! YES! I see that he is trying to do a good thing. However, the people that would actually sit up and listen to him are already deaf, thanks to him! ;P

Too little, too late. I remember the same arguments being played out when the Sony Walkman was just becoming popular.
  by: theironboard     01/06/2006 11:58 AM     
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