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                 01/21/2018 03:34 AM  
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01/05/2006 04:22 AM ID: 52086 Permalink   

Baptist Leader Solicits Male Prostitute


Reverend Lonnie Latham, the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention has been arrested in Oklahoma City for propositioning a plainclothes policeman posing as a male prostitute.

The Reverend, who is also pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church, has spoken out against homosexuality and gay marriage in the past.

Latham insists he was ministering to people in the area, and that he was "set up".

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  Sure he was "ministering"  
he was actually looking for a game of butt darts.
  by: Reporter ©     01/05/2006 04:30 AM     
  How could you be set up?  
For the charge to stick money has to change hands and the 'service' agreed on right? So he cant say he was just giving the man money to get a suit to get a real job etc... The cop has to make it clear that the money is for sex, issnt that how it works?
  by: ssxxxssssss   01/05/2006 04:44 AM     
  @ ssxxxssssss  
Not in Missouri. It can be based soley upon the offer being made by the suspect. The physical exchange of cash is incidental.
  by: Reporter ©     01/05/2006 05:02 AM     
  I should clarify..  
The offer has to be very specific. Stautes and ordinanaces in other states may vary.
  by: Reporter ©     01/05/2006 05:04 AM     
He is on the executive committee - he's not the leader of the SBC.
  by: Moojoo     01/05/2006 05:14 AM     
as i understand it, it's the agreement, not the actual exchange of money which would get you in trouble. this reverend probably asked the guy for some sexual service and is now claiming all he did was offer him money. i'm sure they probably have him on audio tape too.
  by: manilaryce     01/05/2006 05:20 AM     
I think this needs to stop. When a police officer (male or female) poses as a prostitute or drug dealer they are encouraging the very crime they are later arresting for.

The fake prostitute might have the exact look that a potential client is looking for; they may simply be in the right place at the right time with the right accent, price and conversation. When the innocent member of the public says that they might be interested they suddenly find themselves arrested and put through a humiliating legal process wasting yet more of our tax dollars.

The man in this news story has been arrested and his life destroyed because a police officer deliberately encouraged him to commit a crime. This is called entrapment. Even if this man is cleared of all charges he will certainly lose his job, his reputation, his career, possibly his family and friends too. A witch hunt has already started and this man has not even been convicted.

There are several things sick about this story. One is that the entire thing was a police set up encouraging a crime to take place that may never have taken place otherwise. Second is that we are proving that people are not in fact innocent until proven guilty, simply being arrested these days means that the media can proceed to destroy your life before you are ever tried or convicted.

It’s pretty damn disgusting if you ask me. All that said the fact that a homophobic asshole who used to enjoy preaching hate and intolerance gets involved in a scandal like this is always cause for amusement.
  by: ZCT     01/05/2006 02:28 PM     
Hey man wake up, thats how our 'wonderful' justice system works. you are guilty untill proven innocent, I was arrested for a minor posession charge and it was being broadcast on the loacal radio station, that ruins my job with a banking institute and my social life. Welcome to Amerikkka man thats how it works, thats why I'm dipping out to Canada.
  by: juggalotoka   01/05/2006 06:06 PM     
  I did a summer internship  
with this man in high school. I find it sad, albeit amusing, that he finally got caught practicing what he so vehemently opposed [at least in public]. I just hope that this time, he really was ministering and not just going after some tail...
  by: vanillaskye   01/05/2006 06:15 PM     
  Its called a sting  
The police will send an undercover officer in as a drug dealer or prostitute in an area where there is high drug or solicitation activity. They do this to round up users and whoremongers. They do not force the user or whoremonger to make a proposition. They simply act as bait. No one forces the accused to nibble. A sting similar to this nabbed a high profile minister in Charlotte, NC a year or two ago. He claimed that he was simply trying to demonstrate that the police were not doing enough to stop prostitution. Never did find out what happened in that case . . . hmmmmm.
  by: tomblik     01/05/2006 06:30 PM     
  I Fail To See How This Is Entrapment  
When a police officer is posing as a prostitute (in TX anyway) they can not solicit. The john must make the proposal and initiate the conversation for the charge to stick. Also, in my county these stings are almost always video taped w/ sound and played for a jury if the case goes to trail. I know the law is probably different in Oklahoma but I'm sure it's similar.
  by: creep   01/05/2006 08:35 PM     
  tomblik is right.  
ZCT, can you honestly say that "entrapment" is an acceptable term to use regarding illegal activity? If the police can prove with audio/video that the minister approached the undercover cop and either initiated a conversation involving exchange of money for sex, OR the minister agreed to any offer of money for sex by the undercover cop,
then I say too bad for the minister. Either way the minister was on board with the idea. He could've just walked away if the cop offered the sex first.

To say that a crime may never have been committed had the police not set up a sting is based on the assumption that he may not have found anyone else to pick up. True, but for how long? He'd still be out there looking for action until he finally found someone.

To me, this indicates a constructive use of a sting operation: punishing people who are out there trying to commit crime, in this case, prostitution.

  by: ezanto   01/05/2006 08:36 PM     
this is not entrapment. no one is forcing him to commit the crime. i also find the double standards here on shortnews to be very entertaining. if this guy were a catholic priest everyone would be calling for his head and making molestation jokes. however, when it's a baptist reverend everyone gives him the benefit of the doubt, and even blame the police.
  by: manilaryce     01/05/2006 08:42 PM     
  A Rose by Any Other Name Is Still a Rose  
Make your excuses - defend your champions. Put your spin on the crime. The man is a homosexual and a liar. Get used to the fact that all those supposed religious leaders you worship in the Republican family issues group are just politicians that lie - take your money and make you look like fools when they get caught.
  by: starmutt   01/05/2006 08:52 PM     
Entrapment: the state or condition of being entrapped; also : the affirmative defense of having been entrapped by a government agent (as an officer or informant)

NOTE: Entrapment is available as a defense only when an agent of the state or federal government has provided the encouragement or inducement. This defense is sometimes allowed in administrative proceedings (as for the revocation of a license to practice medicine) as well as criminal proceedings. In order to establish entrapment, the defendant has the burden of proving either that he or she would not have committed the crime but for the undue persuasion or fraud of the government agent, or that the encouragement was such that it created a risk that persons not inclined to commit the crime would commit it, depending on the jurisdiction. When entrapment is pleaded, evidence (as character evidence) regarding the defendant that might otherwise have been excluded is allowed to be admitted.
  by: StarShadow     01/05/2006 08:52 PM     
  lol this is hilarious  
my college just lost our affiliation with the southern babtist convention for having a club,like a chess club, only for gays. and now their leader is a queer. hahahaha. thats retarded now our tuition is gonna go up cause this [deleted] said "shut down the queer club or lose your affiliation and thus $4 mil". that f*ggot.
  by: duffman3030   01/05/2006 08:56 PM     
to say, I do not think the guy was the 'victim' of entrapment. He's a hypocrite and he's just plain pissed at being caught.
  by: StarShadow     01/05/2006 08:57 PM     
  Maybe He Had Car Trouble???  
I've heard those 2005 Mercedes' can be a problem. Maybe he was simply asking for a Truck and a Tow Job. (note: tongue in cheek is an under-statement here!)
  by: ptownplc   01/05/2006 10:35 PM     
First of all let me point out that I think this man is a despicable human being assuming the charges against him are valid. He was a closet homosexual living a lie both in his spiritual life/career and his family life. He decided to break the law and commit a pretty bad sin. He also had spoken out against gay rights, which makes him a nasty hypocrite.

All that said I still think it is despicable for cops to masquerade as prostitutes in order to catch potential criminals. Let’s imagine for a moment I want to sleep with a prostitute (I don’t BTW). So I go cruising to a red light district in my city and see the hookers who all look like nasty whores, the idea is suddenly no so appealing so I return home. However what if one of those hookers was an undercover cop. She may dress slutty but she is not going to have that haggard street walker look about her. So I approach her as she is clearly a good looking hooker and ask her how much she is charging. I then get arrested for soliciting and before even being convicted my name is splattered all over the media and I lose my job and many of my friends. The church I go to kicks me out for being undesirable. My whole life has been destroyed over one silly action. Yet if I went to a bar and bought a slutty looking girl a drink and then invited her back to my place, that is totally legal.

Sorry, but that seems a little harsh to me. If you think all that sounds okay, you have clearly been watching too much Faux News. It is not okay for police to ensnare people in this manner. This is not solving crime, this is creating new crime. It is entirely different from a sting operation used to catch thieves.

I’d like to see police solving actual crime that has been committed, not creating new crimes themselves and then claiming to solve them. This is lazy policing and not beneficial to society. All this kind of crap does is hurt a few people and does nothing at all to reduce crime.
  by: ZCT     01/06/2006 12:22 AM     
  make whores legal...  
Really, if two adults want to exchange good or services for sex, who cares. They are adults.
  by: tellgar     01/06/2006 12:33 AM     
  @Manillaryce, the issue  
" i also find the double standards here on shortnews to be very entertaining. if this guy were a catholic priest everyone would be calling for his head and making molestation jokes. however, when it's a baptist reverend everyone gives him the benefit of the doubt, and even blame the police."

Please, conservative priests of all denominations are looked down upon here. There is no "double-standard," as evidenced by the fact that many people ARE taking great glee in this self-loathing closet-case's downfall. Mixed reactions are merely due to the multitude of hot-button subjects involved. Criminalized sex, conservative religious figures, the police in general...all will get both support and criticism because there is so much to react to here. To make an example of ZCT's comments here, you cannot speak against sting operations like these unless you grant that the offender was a victim of bad laws. You can always fault him for his hypocrisy later, as ZCT has done.

That said, I dislike the criminalization of the world's oldest profession, but I am glad a person like this was outed so forcibly. It's more satisfying given that a person like this likely supported the very morality legislation that nabbed him.
  by: MomentOfClarity     01/06/2006 01:32 AM     
"Let’s imagine for a moment I want to sleep with a prostitute (I don’t BTW). So I go cruising to a red light district in my city"

I think that's the part that makes it not entrapment. Just because none of the real prostitutes there at that exact intersection and that exact time appeal to your tastes, it doesn't mean you weren't out looking for a prostitute and intending to ask. Obviously it is not against the law to think stuff, but if cops set up a fake bank with bad security and someone tried to rob it, is that entrapment? Not really.
  by: Fratley   01/06/2006 02:57 AM     
So to take your logic to the next stage, how about police set up their computers with MP3s and wait for people to download them, then show up at their house and arrest them. Seriously there is plenty of REAL crime going on that is unsolved, let's work on that not help generate real crime using underhand techniques.

Also as I mentioned before it would be nice if people were not outed by the media in this manner before being proven guilty.
  by: ZCT     01/06/2006 03:37 AM     
The reason police in America do these things is because, as they say, not just over the act of prostitution itself, but that prostitution areas attract drug dealers, and the drug dealers attract crime. This is mostly true in this country, but if prositution was legal and regulated like it is in a few European countries, it wouldn't be attracting these other problems at all in the first place.
  by: maverick7h     01/06/2006 06:33 AM     
I don't mean to sound arrogant when I say this, but I am really quite intelligent. I understand all these concepts quite well.

What I am saying is that what the police could do is go to such an area and arrest the drug dealers, the pimps and even some prostitutes if they want to. This would be arresting actual criminals who are actually committing a crime.

What they do instead is safer lazier police work. They create an artificial situation and catch a few Johns. Arrest, name and shame them (i.e. punishment with no trial), and then claim to have solved some crime. Do you really think that the prostitutes, pimps or drug dealers could give a flying crap that one or two Johns got arrested? Hell no. Plenty more where they came from.

Of course legalizing is the answer, but no politician wants to be seen suggesting that, it's too radical for the conservatives.
  by: ZCT     01/06/2006 02:17 PM     
The police realize that they cannot really end drug dealing and prostitution. Instead they choose to flank the dealers and prostitutes by attacking the illegal activity of being a drug user and whoremonger. There is also another positive effect of curtailing criminal activity in this manner. As someone else here noted, areas of activity like this often degenerate into violence. Beyond the simple corruption of drug dealing and the exploitation of vice, gang activity often begins to bloom in such areas. If the police begin to make it unattractive to users and whoremongers becuase they cannot tell the difference between the real dealers and whores and the undercover cops, the market begins to dictate the longevity of the marketplace. In other words, if there are fewer customers, there will be fewer drug dealers and whores. Once the marketplace begins to dissintegrate, there is no profit to be had for the gangbangers either.
  by: tomblik     01/06/2006 03:49 PM     
You nailed it. The vast majority of prostitutes are usually illicit drug users, so baiting their customers sends a strong message to the other pimps/prostitutes: Continue doing what you do and you WILL get in caught. You really do have to look at the bigger picture when it comes to these types of police actions. It's not so much trying to eradicate prostitution by trying to catch one john at a time, but rather making an impression on the area at large over time to show that you will not be able to successfully engage in criminal activity. It's hardly lazy cop work at all, it takes a lot of work to set up operations like these. It's extremely risky too. I absolutely love watching COPS and seeing them pose as dopes looking to score in drug infested areas. One time they busted in a drug house, apprehended them, and then continued to sell crack out their window as they were doing, busting one loser after another. Another good one was a cop posing as a truck driver would make it look like his rig broke down by opening the hood and walking away, then waiting for thieves in the area to bust open the back and grab the empty VCR boxes inside, only to be nabbed.

  by: ezanto   01/06/2006 07:56 PM     
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