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                 01/21/2018 10:00 AM  
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01/13/2006 12:25 PM ID: 52240 Permalink   

New Dr. Who Snapped Up by America's Sci Fi Channel


BBC Worldwide Americas and the United States channel, the Sci Fi Channel, have announced yesterday that the first season of cult series Dr. Who has been sold to the Sci Fi Channel for airing in the US.

The remake of the successful series, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, will air in March in the United States. The Sci Fi Channel also has the option of buying the second season, starring David Tennant as the Doctor.

Sci Fi Channel spokesperson, Thomas P Vitale, said: "With its rich history of imaginative storytelling, Doctor Who is a true sci-fi classic. We're excited to add the show to our line up."

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Dr Who rocks \m/
  by: Peterstie   01/13/2006 12:33 PM     
  The Who Rocks...  
  by: Reporter ©     01/13/2006 12:36 PM     
  awesome news for the Americans  
Hope you guys enjoy this show. It rocks (series 1 does anyway).
  by: Vistrix   01/13/2006 01:48 PM     
  Can't wait  
I can't wait, but I will have to, it doesn't start till March
  by: </o/\/e99   01/13/2006 05:00 PM     
  It aired on NBC...  
I believe it aired on thursdays on NBC as it aired in the UK.
  by: luc1dDr3am     01/13/2006 06:15 PM     
  British Sci-fi retakes its place  
as some of the best in the world, its been a long time in coming.
Perhaps some of the blinkered British TV exec's will now start investing in new exciting shows for the future. Preferably one's without shakey sets and dodgey CGI.
  by: kuryakin   01/13/2006 06:58 PM     
Sweet but I've all ready seen season one. To give you guys a hint... The difference between the Old Who and the New Who is the like the Difference between OST and ST:TNG.. FX wise.. But it still rocks.. And Billie...
  by: CaveHermit   01/14/2006 01:21 AM     
  by: zortona   01/14/2006 05:00 AM     
  Sword Duels And Mind Control Through Blood  
It has the storyline and production values of a kid show. It's foremost an exercise in camp.
  by: Malefice   01/14/2006 10:11 AM     
Oops my dark side is showing..f*ck you! You are not a Dr. Who fan so stfu! :-D
Dr.Who OWNS!
  by: jediman4   01/15/2006 01:51 AM     
  Dr. Who rules  
I am happy that we are finally getting the new series. I grew up on the Tom Baker series on PBS. My favorite villains are Daleks, Cybermen, and the creatures from "Nightmare on Eden".

John Pertwee was good, too. I wish that they would sell the DVDs in Seasons, instead of individual story lines.
  by: slave_boy_imp   01/16/2006 12:01 AM     
  it was ok  
but nothing special or ground breaking, and all very childish
  by: Urlock_Gaur   01/16/2006 09:06 AM     
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