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                 01/17/2018 06:19 AM  
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01/17/2006 07:37 PM ID: 52319 Permalink   

Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Euthanasia Law


Voting 6-3, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Bush administration overstepped its authority trying to block an Oregon law allowing euthanasia. The U.S. Controlled Substances act was used to prevent doctors from prescribing lethal doses of drugs.

With the majority in Gonzales v. Oregon, 04-623, were Justices Stephen Breyer, Sandra Day O'Connor, David Souter, John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Dissenting were Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Chief Justice John G. Roberts.

A mentally-competent Oregon resident likely to die of an incurable disease within six months, with a second doctor confirming the diagnosis, may request euthanasia under the Death with Dignity Act. Oregon voters approved the measure in 1994 and 1997.

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I was distinctly unsurprised by the votes cast, both in terms of who voted where, and the so-called "conservatives" once again joining against personal freedoms and in favor of the government telling people what is best for them. I know the dissenting opinion fragment said it was about the role of the medical establishment, but last I knew, the role of the court was to interpret what parties involved may LEGALLY do, not to tell them their function. More big-government nonsense, that.
  by: MomentOfClarity     01/17/2006 10:50 PM     
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