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                 02/22/2018 02:08 AM  
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01/18/2006 10:34 AM ID: 52332 Permalink   

Two Thai Fishermem Sentenced to Death


The two Thai fishermen who admitted to the killing of the British student Katherine Horton were sentenced to death earlier today.

The pair (Bualoi Posit, 23 and Wichai Somkhaoyai, 24) are to be put to death by lethal injection for the rape and murder of the 21-year-old student on New Year's day.

Katherine's mother, Mrs. Horton, has said she does not want to see her daughter's killers face the death penalty, instead she wants them to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

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  Far more  
information was in the source that could've been used in summary.
  by: Reporter ©     01/18/2006 10:39 AM     
  it's a good enough summary....  
Jeez, Reporter. You never sleep, do you?

Those fishermen sure are ugly, eh? BBC barely had anything to report on this story, also. The summary is good enough for the topic. I think.
  by: theironboard     01/18/2006 10:47 AM     
  Police Work  
From the source:
"But he said that people visiting "the beautiful island" were welcome and the authorities tried to protect them as best they could. He said the fact that police had solved the case and the killers had been dealt with was a good example."

Just like in LA, they Always catch someone. Always. They got the murderers to confess and the DNA even match. DNA of course taken off the sticks that were used to beat the crap out of them.
  by: kmazzawi     01/18/2006 11:04 AM     
  @ kmazzawi  
More likely than not, they are guilty.
  by: Reporter ©     01/18/2006 11:05 AM     
  Some police work!  
The guys confessed, didn't they?
  by: theironboard     01/18/2006 11:08 AM     
This is ShortNews...
News have to be very summarized. If you want large news, go to the CNN website.
This summary is very well built. Thanks Peterstie.
  by: LeTonduZ   01/18/2006 11:32 AM     
I disagree. I found the summary very well done. It had all the important information without too much pointless crap. Something I find hard to do in my summaries.

Back on topic. I think they should get a pardon or whatever you call it when the death sentence is changed to life in prison. They confessed to the murder so they should be given some reward per se. Maybe death sentence is the reward, life in a Thai prison would be hell...
  by: jendres     01/18/2006 12:27 PM     
From what I've heard about Thai prisons and interrogation techniques, I'd have probably confessed too!

There has to be some trust though, that the police have done a good job and actually aquired the evidence nessecary to convit these men. A confession in most legal systems usually isn't enough to convict someone.

And I think I have to agree with the victims parents. Life in prison is more preferable to the death penalty. At least you know where they are, and you know they are suffering. Jail in Thailand is probably less humane than the death penalty though, so I'm not sure where I stand on this one.
  by: CrisW   01/18/2006 02:41 PM     
  A serious and extremely important response.  
Last week I contacted the government of Thailand personally with a letter which I sent by electronic facsimile transmission. This letter I shall reproduce publicly here. It is very important.

I sent this letter first to the Prime Minister and Judiciary I recall two weeks ago. And then I sent a copy of this letter to the Prime Minister and the Thai Judiciary and also to the King of Thailand some days afterwards by an electronic mail message.

No response has been received as I post this comment and make public the very letter, an impersonal letter, which I sent to the chosen governors of the people of Thailand.

I have communicated with the addressees of the subject of my letter in times before this year.

I have not been in contact with the Prime Minister Thaksin Shiniwatra for some time before the contact I made recently.

I believe the time has not come as yet for further contact to be made between myself and the Government of Thailand though this should be soon. I am aware that Prime Minister Shinawatra is very aware and cautious and I believe very, very competent.

It is my belief that the Prime Minister and government of Thailand with His Royal Majesty The King of Thailand have been allowing due process to continue in the face of what I have suggested to them in the past and they have taken very, very seriously, with respect to this so, so unfortunate and tragic and so, so sad situation, for a number of reasons. I am aware that The Prime Minister has been going with the process of law only up to a point in an extremely confusing and humanly demanding situation where there may be no clear way forward and where taking decisions where other possibilities may be left unknown may be harmful now and in the future. It is true also that no certainties but the respect for the people and the law of the people and the source of this may exist with regard to the current situation.

It is my belief that Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's position in interfering in the process of the trial was made purposely to stall proceedings should perhaps proceedings be wished by any persons or bodies to be taken quickly or perhaps without respect of the due process of law.

The very sad and unfortunate death of Ms. Horton at the hands of the two men of Thailand, whom have been convicted of unlawful killing following full trial in a court, is an emotive and difficult issue in legal terms as has already been demonstrated in Thailand.

I was acquainted with Ms. Horton personally for a few periods in my life and I felt and feel that I knew her most beautiful spirit and soul very well.

She was here a most beautiful person and I feel wherever her most beautiful sprit and soul have gone to, she is happy and loved.

I sympathise greatly with her bereaved family, whom I have not been able to contact yet. I hope to very soon.

I was not able to respond sooner to the news which I heard, only personally being able to contact the Thai head of state just after the trial was finished and the two Thai men who have been held trial for an unlawful killing of the late Ms. Horton of Wales, United Kingdom.

In my letter I state that Ms. Horton was English. This is a mistake.

I have written a fully serious and genuine public comment. My letter to the Thai government including His Royal Majesty The King is fully serious and genuine. Please believe reading this that what I write is very serious and true.

As I have stated and communicated in my letter, I believe that the killing of Ms. Horton is more than very likely to have been induced by persons other than those whom are reported to have admitted the physical act of ending Ms. Horton’s life. I believe that the acts of the two convicted men are more than very likely to have occurred in such a manner which renders little or, as I suspect, no human accountability whatsoever upon the two men of Thailand whom have been tried and convicted of killing by unlawful and fully humanly accountable means.

I reproduce that letter here.

G.M. Connolly.
(electronic mail contact:

Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 13:25:14 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Gavan Connolly" <private email address>
Subject: VERY URGENT AND OF GREAT IMPORTANCE: For The Attention of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The King of Thailand and Public and Foreign Relations executive officer and also For the Attention of Prime Minister Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra and also For The Attention of the relevant section of the Judiciary of Thailand concerning the recent court trial hearing and conviction of two Thai men for the killing of Katherine Horton and concerning this unfortunate act.

From: Gavan M. Connolly.
Of: c/o private address
Telephone contact: private
Electronic Mail contact: private

20 January 2006.

A letter to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The
King of Thailand and Public and Foreign Relations
executive officer Prime Minister Pol.
  by: G.M.C.   02/04/2006 02:07 AM     
  Cont.: A serious and extremely important response.  
[a public letter copy is continued from last post]

Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra and also For The Attention of the relevant section of the Judiciary of Thailand concerning the recent court trial hearing and conviction of two Thai men for the killing of Katherine Horton and concerning this unfortunate act.

From: Gavan M. Connolly.
Of: c/o private address
Telephone contact: private
Electronic Mail contact: private

20 January 2006.

A letter to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The
King of Thailand and Public and Foreign Relations
executive officer Prime Minister Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin
Shinawatra of Thailand and also to the relevant
section of the Judiciary of the country of Thailand.

Dear Majesterial Sir / Sirs / Madams

I write due to an involvement personally with the
actions of the young men who have been accused and now
convicted of killing Katherine Horton who was a young
English girl, in Thailand. I am from the United

Some years ago, some British persons whom I recognised
and also one or more whom I had been acquainted with,
or had been around while growing up, in Thailand
informed me that they were going to hypnotise the
young Thai men who have within days been tried in
Thailand, and these people claimed they would make the
Thai men torture and kill Katherine Horton. They said
that they were going to do it to this girl, and not
just any girl. I had been acquainted with Katherine
Horton when I was younger in my home country, the
United Kingdom, and these people I mention, all
British, had met her a few times or been introduced to
her or saw her and attempted to talk to her through my
own acquaintance with her.

These were mostly very mentally unstable and, some,
psycothpathic mentally affected people, and perhaps
all the latter. At one time when Ms. Horton visited
me, these people began and involved themselves in a
serious and deviant campaign which they called “Get
Katherine Horton”. This occurred my own country and
involved quite some years ago and a good number of
years before the events I first described in Thailand
a little bit of light and in their words, “unprovable”
physical assault, and also continuous provocation of
fear and invasion of privacy, which could be masked as
something else to any inquiring police or social
workers. They said they were going to get her later as
well, later in her life, especially if she “relaxed”,
or “got away”. I was told that these British people
"win", and that "I lose" and that "Katharine Horton
loses", and that some other people would "lose" as
well, and "get hurt", and that eventually, probably
not on this earth or anything resembling the earth as
it was over a decade ago, the malevolent people I
mention would "lose also in a different way." The
person most obviously malevolently against Ms. Horton
told me also that "governments will lose" and said
that he meant as in losing your pen or losing your
way, and that "governments can't lose", as in losing a

A number of years ago in Thailand, I witnessed the
British people concerned approach and, apparently,
hypnotise the two people who have been accused and
convicted of the death of Ms. Horton.

The British people concerned told me over a longish
period of time on one day that they would like to have
the two Thai men seriously torture Ms. Horton, but
that they were only going to make sure that they
killed her, they said, “in case she gets away when
they are doing things to her.”

I have experienced such malevolent hypnotism and
hypnotism throughout my life from these people and
others. I have witnessed them hypnotising other
people. In nearly every case if help is not provided,
the people have succeeded in having other people,
including myself, carry out their wishes. Sometimes I
have experienced that even if help is provided, it
needs to be provided again for example should the
hypnotised person come into contact with the
hypnotiser, the hypnotic influence and also latent
actions may become once again active or dormant to
become active in the future.

It became necessary to have these people hypnotised
regularly themselves in order to quell their
behaviour, but they had unmentioned and unknown
contacts who were able to set them free from their own
enforced calmness and they were at times able to do
things which enabled them without help to be able to
effect malevolent wishes by hypnotism.

These two men of your country are not the first
persons nor I believe the last whom have been killed
or tortured by acts induced in a post-hypnotic fit
after and as a direct result of the willed hypnotic
messages of the people I list.

I strongly believe that the Thai men are not guilty of
intentional murder.

It is my further conviction that the acts of these men
are not possible to be described in Thai law by any
offence, which equates in British law to any form of
  by: G.M.C.   02/04/2006 02:14 AM     
  Cont.: A serious and extremely important response.  
[a public letter copy is continued from the last post]

[ any form of]
manslaughter, that is criminal killing under
empathetic circumstances or criminal guilt with
recognized diminished responsibility.

I vehemently believe that these men can not in truth
in this life be accountable for their actions which I
do suppose given the courts decisions amounts to the
physical acts which directly, and violently, caused
Ms. Horton’s death.

I vehemently believe that these men were acting under
post-hypnotic suggestion and were unable to control
their actions and were likely to have been humanly
aware of what they were doing in the physical acts
which without any personal stimulus of human nature of
their own selves at all caused Ms. Horton’s death.

I mean that I believe vehemently that these people
were acting in a sense where they had no mind element
at all, and not in any way of normal mindless or part
mindless behaviourist acts which stem from the self. I
have experience of acting as this myself by the effect
of post hypnotic suggestion. In one particular
occurrence in my own life of this type of normal
acting which I describe, one does not even feel that
actions are be taken in any way, not earthly actions
and nothing even physical. The impression was fully of
a part of a dream during sleep, and of fully and
safely being involved in dreaming as if after being
heavily and safely asleep for five hours and where
there is no question at all as to whether or not one
is dreaming. In my experience I describe, there was
not even the possibility of this being, nor the remote
reason to believe this experience was anything other
than, of safe and deep dreamtime awareness in one's
sleep and in an assumed supine position with no
physical action of any kind.

In any case, the actions seemed to happen anyway, and
as if in a dream where one cannot control actions of
anyone including one's self, they could only be
experienced. In this dream experience I mention one is
watching events it only seems, including acts carried
out by a character whom is thought to be identified to
be the self, this watching being the only mental
understanding though there is an awareness partly as
if one has carried out the acts afterwards, and there
is no sense at all of personal real life physical
motion or of moving one’s limbs except in the senses
of assumed after acting awareness and of being told or
shown by another person that you have acted. In this
individual personal experience I describe in which I
was acting under post-hypnotic suggestion one is aware
as if watching a film or cartoon and only after,
though there is a further sense of involvement in an
after sense as I have just described.

I describe an occurrence in which I personally was
acting by post hypnotic suggestion induced by
hypnotism carried out by one or more of those persons
whom I describe hypnotised the two Thai men who have
been convicted of killing Katherine Horton.

In addition to this, there can be apparent mental
elements of a person, which stem not from the person,
these attatched to the person’s actual recollection of
an event as well as, or instead only, the expression
of the recollection of an event which do not originate
from one’s person or self, but which have been
suggested in ways or in a way by the hypnotic message.

I must ask you to consider the information which I
give here very, very carefully.

I state what I state here as of experiences of fact
some years ago in physical proximity to the two men
whom have been convicted. I witnessed them being
hypnotised. And I heard some of the messages given to
them during hypnosis, which was about the killing of
Catherine Horton. Her name was mentioned and she was
pointed out to them in real life. These British people
said she was in Thailand at the time and pointed to
girl they said was her as she got off a coach and in
this way 'showed' this girl to the two men, saying
that she was Catherine Horton.

Photographs of Ms. Horton were also shown at this time
to the men, and I believe after this occurrence by the
person hypnotising them. They were told amongst the
hypnotic message, “It will be alright.”, and “You have
to do.” And “It will just happen.” Also, they were
told, “Not your fault, it’s not your fault although
you will think that it is and was. It’s really not.
You couldn’t help it. Your fault. Tell them. You know.
Do it. Couldn’t help it. Nothing to do. That’s it. Had
to be done. Or just know what you’ve done. Whyever.”
Also they were told, “Tell them you felt like it. Or
just did. It happened. You wanted to.”

I spoke to both men just after the time of the
hypnosis (though I believe that some more occurred
after this itself and after I was threatened to be put
further into sleep and to then harm myself with
something sharp if I didn’t go away and only get help
later.) The sick person hypnotisin
  by: G.M.C.   02/04/2006 02:20 AM     
  Cont: A serious and extremely important response.  
[a public letter copy is continued from the last post]

[... The sick person]
hypnotising them, whom I was
unable to stop, I being put into a state of rest which
prevented me from acting, began to say to the other
British people around and both in and out of earshot
of the Thai men that they wanted to harm Ms. Horton in
fact, and then repeated this claim a number of times.

I went to speak to the two men to discern if this
claim the hypnotiser was making was true. I asked a
few questions and received some answers. I was very
satisfied and very careful in my understanding and
approach and I believed from what the two men said
that they thought that Ms. Horton was lovely and
wonderful possibly, then it was expressed she was
probably a wonderful and beautiful human being and
they guessed from seeing her someone whom has a
wonderful and beautiful soul or is of wonderful and
beautiful soul and she looked lovely and beautiful.
The men said that they loved British people, and loved
British people coming to their country, to see them or
for whatever reason, for them and for tourism and
visiting Thailand, for whatever reason that is good.

They expressed that they didn’t want at all to harm
Ms. Horton or any female and that such acting or
character attributes were not like them. They
expressed that Ms. Horton was beautiful and deserved
much beautiful care, and also that this was
commensurate with that she was beautiful. They said
that many beautiful women and also nearly all women
deserved care and care as of beauty and tenderness.
They expressed that people, both men and women, and
boys and girls who were able and allowed to take care
of themselves, and objectively and reasonably who
should be allowed to take care of themselves should be
allowed to do what they wanted and visit foreign
countries and Thailand and to live in a foreign
country and foreign countries if they liked. People
who wished to harm people should be prevented from
doing that and should not be allowed to do such bad
things, harming people and bad things like this
against people which were against the law.

Both persons whom I read were tried, and whom admitted
in court killing Ms. Horton and whom have been
convicted with the natural allowance of appeal
expressed the belief in the freedom of the human
spirit and of the human being always, and belief in
the prevention of harm against living things which is
thought by the people to be illegal.

Yours Sincerely

Gavan M. Connolly.

P.S. I have a few days ago sent this letter via
electronic mail transmission to the electronic mail
destination of The Spokesman of the Thai Government.
Today I address the letter also to His Royal Majesty
of Thailand.

Today, further, I ask naturally, according to your
normal process within Government and Royal Offices and
public offices as would be normally expected that the
full content of this letter be communicated to the
legal counsel representatives of the two men of
Thailand whom have been convicted of the killing of
Katherine Horton this month in Thailand and also to
the two men themselves personally. I would appreciate
these acts very much and it would reassure me greatly.
  by: G.M.C.   02/04/2006 02:25 AM     
I must correct a mistake in the comment I gave here first here for prior to the reproduction of my letter.

I first sent the letter by electronic mail.

The second copy I sent to The King of Thailand as well as the original addressees, the named addresse of P.M. Shinawatra of Thailand as well as the unnamed addressee or addressees of the Judiciary.

This is the first public comment which I have made of this subject, the present time of finishing these comments presently being 1:30 am in my country, the U.K. in the early morning of Saturday 4 February.

I apologise for spelling mistakes which have occurred. I'm afraid I am not so well.
  by: G.M.C.   02/04/2006 02:34 AM     
  Correction continued.  
I am sorry, my correction was not clear.

The second copy of the letter was sent electronically from a fax machine.
  by: G.M.C.   02/04/2006 02:35 AM     
I apologise eminently for, in my haste and with a terrible migraine at the time (please excuse me), mis-spelling the name of Katharine Horton in what I have published on this page.
  by: G.M.C.   03/21/2006 06:30 AM     
what on earth?
  by: koultunami     03/21/2006 09:59 AM     
  More most important news. Concerning Z. Moussaoui  
This is further most important news.

12 April 2006. United Kingdom. From Gavan M. Connolly.

I would like to write firstly, here, as I feel I should, I did not witness an event of the killing of Ms. Katharine Horton. I am in no way a real witness to any recent attack or killing of any person.

This ought perhaps to be clear in any case from what is known, as it is reported that there were no human witnesses at all to such an incident which has been reported or any similar incident, an event still yet reasonably fully of human conjecture.

This I express must be the case considering that, regardless of my reports of central truths to this reported incident, the two men accused of killing Katharine Horton, with an appeal trial waiting and since their quickfire death sentence trial are reported to have communicated that they do not, at least in part, agree with the account which the police and prosecution relied on in prosecuting them in the first instance.

I have been aware than I may be seen as some form of ambassador of the truth of a real situation which I have not only not witnessed in any part, but have further of this, in truth, not heard directly from any person at all. Nor even have I personally heard in any way concerning any such event of early New Year’s Day of this year since this date and of course before this.

Concerning More News.

This news is however concerning Mr. Zacarias Moussaoui whom is the subject of the case in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A, which has the description 'The United States vs. Zacarias Moussaoui'.

Mr. Moussaoui is as yet a man presumed innocent though whom is reported to be on trial in a court of the people of the U.S., an international court, it seems by normal procedure of justice.

The jury I have read within the last day have agreed that Mr. Moussaoui is considered by virtue of the considered known facts of his actions beyond reasonable doubt, eligible to be tried now where a sentence of death is considered appropriate, he yet presumed innocent.

It has been reported throughout the world that at some reasonably recent point in the trial of Mr. Moussaoui the presiding judge expressed that never within her whole career had so many irregularities, points of conduct of the prosecuting team of persons, been known, of professional lawyers of the people of the country. These were, are, specifically irregularities which are beyond the bounds of acceptability of procedure in law. Beyond the law, I suppose. We may say, illegal, I suppose. I don’t know.

One does not know if this, any or all of it, is normal procedure or not. Or allowable procedure beyond the current concerns of the human being in control, the court judge.

I suppose naturally, this will be clear to anyone reading this news.

I am writing this public communication at 01:19 hours local time, which is Greenwich Meantime, early on the 12th April.

This morning I attempted to send a letter which I have copied below to the American World Wide Web network news agency, CNS News.

My computer is affected by viruses or hacking attempts which I believe are purposive and specific and which have caused problems.

I have tried to send electronic mail messages from five or six different providers yesterday morning (the morning of the day before this night.)

They have been disabled somehow. I have had an urgent message lifted from my machine in recent weeks when attempting to send a letter to a fax machine from this computer. I attempted, with my slow web network connection, to become a member of two new email providing companies in order to send an urgent letter to CSN News. This was further unsuccessful.

I attempted then to contact a web service providing company which I have service agreements with, Webspawner, to ask them to forward a communication. I am unsure if this has been successful. The message I received told me that no case was opened. Perhaps my message was sent. I am not aware.

Regarding this news. More news of the most importance.

Persons reading this on computers, and in other reports on any medium after publication are not likely to think there is any connection between the reported killing of Ms. Katharine Horton on an island of the country of Thailand, and the reported trial of Zacarias Moussaoui in Alexandria in the state of Virginia of the country of the United States of America.

There is a direct and most important connection. This is the link which is that the same persons, mostly, conspired to organise both events, and many, many others over years.

These persons I refer to, any unnamed as yet in this communication, are the only persons with purposive intention and will whom brought about human tragedies and earthly disasters. They are as yet unknown.

Should I name some persons in this communication within a number of response posts this will not at all be the full list of names of this group of persons whom have b
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 03:52 AM     
  More most important news. Continued.  

Should I name some persons in this communication within a number of response posts this will not at all be the full list of names of this group of persons whom have brought very, very much destruction, deaths, injury, torture and damage, probably far from it.

Other persons whom these persons of intent "set up", including Zacarias Moussaoui and the two fishermen of Koh Samui, Thailand are now apparently taking blame, as the persons whom brought about these affairs had planned and have now, it seems, successfully instigated to some degree.

I was told by the hypnotists that often the intention was not only to harm, kill and destroy by employing other persons to act against their will so to procure such effects, but was also to set upon these persons, at the time, and afterwards when they would be “unwitting stooges” for the hypnotists, persons framed whom could not help themselves.

These persons were hypnotised by the group of hypnotists to take the blame, whether they wished to or not. I believe these persons including Mr. Moussaoui are likely to have no control in this way.

This is an utterly critical time.

I communicate only the truth.

I check what I communicate at all times in case I may be communicating anything confusing or possibly mistaken in as far as what I know is right and what may be perceived from what I communicate. I hope that I have not communicated anything of these natures. And I search within the truth of my experience and other persons experiences, of my life, of our lives, and I believe have communicated nothing which is mistaken or of which I may be incorrect with regard to.

As far as most persons are aware I assume, the persons whom are reported in the worldwide press to be in part at least to blame for an apparently perceived murder in Thailand and part of mass destruction on September the Eleventh, 2001, would be blamed unless the truth is made known successfully, and in time to prevent reasonless deaths.

I refer to hypothetical future legal killings by the elected officials, rulers, of two countries of the world.

Where even a person is in support of or not opposed to such hypothetically considered human deaths, in truth such actions would yet be fully wrong. This is so as the persons whom are being tried with this possibility, of a serious sentence of death, are not, I know, and others know, humanly responsible for any relevant destructive actions.

Considering only Zacarias Moussaoui presently, it is enough to say certainly that this man would not be considerable for a death sentence trial by virtue of the very fact, the truth in reality, that he was kidnapped many times, and threatened that if he did not act in certain ways and perform certain actions he and others would be harmed.

Many, perhaps most persons, perhaps the vast majority of persons and perhaps nearly all, even probably, would say that this man hence should not be considered for any guilt whatsoever. It could be hardly likely at all I suppose that there could be any human guilt in such a scenario. I don't know, however.

I am supposing only, indeed as we all would be doing, I suppose.

But this fact which I communicate here is only a part of the truth anyway.

The further crucial part of the truth of earthly lives, here, of this earthly life of this earthly and I suppose godly being Mr. Zacarias Moussaoui, is that he was put under deep, deep trances, many, on many ocassions, and instructed to do anything ordered by the group of hypnotists whom I have mentioned.

I hope that other persons will speak out.

The letter I wrote to CSN News yesterday is copied I reproduce publicly after a few paragraphs. As I write I am not sure if this news agency received this letter.

It is a letter to the editor. It is both written as addressed to the Editorial staff of that publication company, and all staff. And also it is written as a public letter for direct publication, addressed formally to the Editor though also for members of the public whom should read this within that publication.

I was aware that the letter will very likely be reproduced for other persons outwith the presentation within that publication, should it be published.

I attempted to contact The Northern Virginia Journal, the Fairfax Journal, the Falls Church News-Press, and a Washington news publication.

It seems that the first two publications which I mentioned are now part of The Examiner of Washington, District of Columbia.

Even this, as far as I remember, is connected with the activities of the hypnotists whom I mention. This may seem outlandish and frightening. Perhaps I should say, at this time, the time for being most frightened may have passed though in dealing publicly with the reality of situations of terror in order now I believe in more safety to resolve these many of us will yet be frightened by the facts of lives which have occurred already which will come out.

It is good t
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:00 AM     
  More Most Important News. Continued.  
It is good to know that the worst is over. I believe this strongly. What now should happen is that our humanness will be borne out in resolving terribly issues with love, sympathy and understanding wherever possible, with the ambition the vision of enlightened awareness and living. At times, perhaps in periods frequently, this may be hard.

In any case I was not able to find any fax number which I might possibly have been able to send a communication to from where I am.

The Examiner news web site, also a print publication, for Washington is at:

Here I reproduce the letter, which I believe will be the first public broadcast. (The letter has been published on two randomn pages of the W.W.W. since yesterday for security and conceivably may have been seen.)
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:05 AM     
  More Important News Continued. A public letter.  
From Gavan M. Connolly, currently of Belfast, County Antrim, United Kingdom.

Dear Sir

This is a very, very, very important communication. Could I ask your great help please?

I have not been very well recently.

I have been unable to check the progress of a trial in Virginia which I had been occasionally following, "U.S. vs. Zacarias Moussaoui".

I have news about this case, of absolutely central relevance to this case, and to the events of the destruction, killings and human harm caused in New York and related destruction elsewhere which is referred to as the September Eleventh disasters, that of the day of Eleventh day of September Two Thousand and One.

I had met Mr. Zacarias quite a number of times in my life. I was never his friend nor anything of a close acquaintance., I don't believe I knew him.

I believe my meetings with this lovely man were against my will. I was brought under compulsion, either by use of force, threat of force against me and or as well as people I knew, and also, usually and perhaps always with these, udner hypnotic control which entailed I was not able to control myself in some respects.

Mr. Moussaoui was hypnotised also. I watched this on many occasions. Also I was told by the persons who brought me to Mr. Moussaoui, and others, that Mr. Moussaoui had been very deeply hypnotised before my meeting or seeing him, usually after. During the tim I met or saw him or was in proximity to he, the persons who held me and I suppose he, separately captive, told me it was safe , he wasn't hypnotised, and alleged that this occurence when it happened was beyond their control. They said that sometimes it was for the good. I never understood though I often nodded or replied affirmatively.

These were insane persons, I thought, though equally as much if not more I just wasn't able to try to understand what was going on. I was hypnotised often and deeply to this effect, but I was seldom aware of it, as was part of the hypnotic commanding I underwent against my will.

A good number of times, the persons who held me captive for periods would have to hold me and hold my arms strongly to prevent me from blocking their hypnotic commanding. On ocassions they used microphones and extremely loud loudspeakers so that I would hear them and that their hypntoic power, as far as I was aware, could be increased. At times they told me just this.

I was always hypnotised to forget after they had finished hypntoising me or beating me or bringing me to places or to meet or see persons.

What is crucial at the moment is that I am aware fully that Mr. Moussaoui was also hypnotised very regularly and deeply, mostly by the same persons whom hypnotised myself.

I witnessed this on scores of ocassions.

On ocassions I witness Mr. Moussaoui, like me, try to block his ears to the hypnotic commanding. Most of the time I believe he was not aware though.

He was, I remember, hypnotised to speak the truth from within himself, except for some necessary, as the hypntoists said, "guides" they would give him. Apparently these "guides" included commands to obey the hypntoists at all times whatever they commanded, and to realise that doing this was for the best. They also hypntoised Mr. Moussaoui to obey me when and only when I was under the command of the hypnotists.

Then they hypnotised me to say things to Mr. Moussaoui fully against my will and control. I was unable to help doing this, unabel fully to prevent myself. Many occasions were different in this regard, sometimes I was unaware of what was happening and of myself though aware of acting in a kind of dreamlike automatism where nothing could be done, as if God were controlling me as in dreams of deep sleep in which I would be seeming to act but utterly as of my real existence, passively.

Sometimes the hypnotists said, "It is God controlling you, through us. It is natural. Fully natural. And so we should see, nnow or afterwards, it is necessary. There is nothing you can do. Don't try. Don't try anything at this strange time, with us where you have to be. It is perhaps unfortunate, but all beings, good humans and angels have tasks. It is necessary. We will help you. We will tell you what to do. God tells us. You must relax. It may be you may only see what God wants of you through us. Don't try. It may be dangerous for you to act on your own when we are in rapture with the saints, and with God, and all the angels. We are blessed and we will bless you. Its not your doing but perhaps you are here now to help. You are here now? Then perhaps it is for a reason. Just relax, This is where you find yourself and you don't understand why, just like us. We are agents of God, you are too. We don't know. We will know when vision comes and we will tell you. Try to do what we say."

Sometimes I was told that I had to prove to parts of the deity that I was a being of God, and although they, the hypnotists didn't understand this them
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:10 AM     
  More Most Important News. A letter is continued.  
Sometimes I was told that I had to prove to parts of the deity that I was a being of God, and although they, the hypnotists didn't understand this themselves, they trusted the deity, as I should, they recommended, although it was fine not to know, they said. They said it was alright and to do as they said, that would help. They said if I couldn't control what I was doing, as might happen with divine bodies in an earthly space, to do as they said and I would be alright.They said that in any case, if I was confused and frightened, to trust them as they were in control. They often then said things which were meant to prove that they were responsible and beautiful. I was hypnotised to believe them that what they were saying, and acting, was true.

I did in ways which were sudden and of a conciousness and belief which I describe as "super", I remember, something I believed at the time could not be questioned ever by any being. It was clearly an expression of the truth to me in that partly comatose state of being of a deep trance brought about by these persons.

I was asked to say things to Mr. Moussaoui, like "Bring down", "Stop", and "Tall Building.","You.", and then "Save the world. So important. Save the world and your family.You yes, you, Saving the world. All would die in any other event. For God. Can you imagine? For ever. For all those now too and after on God's beautiful earth. It's what he wants. Believe it. I do or I will. Its god's plan. Understand. I don't understand."

This happened on scores of ocassions, perhaps one hundred, perhaps two hundred when I was there. Sometimes I had to watch only the hypnotists hypnotising Mr. Moussoui. Sometimes I had to watch as they brought other persons to say things for them against their wills in my prescence.

Perhaps Mr. Moussaoui was hypnotised further, I believe strongly he was, other victims of thes hypntoists including my friend and my family, my parents, told me the same or similar actions were forced upon them against their wills and control fully when I wasn't present. I believe I was also present at times during these occasions, but was hypnotised to forget. Extremely brief memories occur very occasionally and do not linger beyond a few seconds after their occurences of less than a second usually.

Many people were made to hypnotise Mr Moussaoui. It was extremely cruel. The hypnotists have murdered and tortured people themselves with their own limbs. They have also ordered others to do so, to murer and to torture being extremely, extremely cruel to both persons carrying out their orders, and the victims of physical torture.

There is a reasonably large number of persons involved in what may be described as a "hypnotist ring". Perhaps there are hundreds whom were in some ways instrumental. Perhaps many of these were involved against their will, though were involved very often and in a commanding way, hypnotising others such that it seemed. It is hard to discern anything much, often, of human intention and purpose and attitude identity. However there are a central number, perhaps of less than or around ten persons, perhaps of twenty persons, whom
to me can clearly be discerned to have been instrumental, leading, demonically inspired perhaps, it seemed as this, it is well beyond the mindset of pscychopathic persons whom have been known to be multiple murderers. Perhaps unseeably more warped and concerted than this.

The erasion of the New York World Trade Centre had been planned since I was a very young boy by persons who interfered with me where I was in the United Kingdom, in Northern Ireland, and “the bringing down of one of if not the one tallest building of the world”, as was often repeated to me as a baby, was projected by these same hypnotists since I was still a baby of less than one year old and also when I was one year old. They managed it. And so much more, the average person may take, I suppose, months or years to believe it if ever it is fully and properly grasped.

I hate them forever. They have also ruined my life in large part thus far, and perhaps until I die, and what I would never be able to forgive them for is that they have ruined my best friends’ life thus far. They set out to ruin the “youths” of persons amongst a huge, huge hoard of projects. Also the restful years after working of some persons, my parents included. I still can’t grasp what those persons have done to my parents. All of this is something which I feel could never be grasped, understood or recovered from properly within earthly years, even many earthly lives. Perhaps I am wrong. I don’t care. I wasn’t here for most of my parents lives. I can’t believe what thesse persons did to them.

I can’t believe what they did to my friend. I can’t believe it. I can’t live.

I feel I have never or hardly ever known my parents here on earth. And because of how these persons whom plotted to destroy the world by nuclear warfare hypnotised me, I am unable
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:21 AM     
  More Most Important News. A letter is continued.  
I feel I have never or hardly ever known my parents here on earth. And because of how these persons whom plotted to destroy the world by nuclear warfare hypnotised me, I am unable to grasp at all often that they have so destroyed my parents lives and earthly existences by commanding them to undergo the most unbelievable mental illness in their own minds.

Zacarias Moussaoui had no control over what he was doing if he was involved in actual fact in any way in the September the Eleventh disasters.

I was at the JFK New York airport, first beaten and then kidnapped by these hypnotists along with my friend. I watched them hypnotise the security staff at the airport. I watched them hypnotise a collection of Asians. I watched and the hypnotists instructed me to look inside these persons’ cases at guns and ammunition, not very well hidden amongst clothes. I was instructed to talk the Asian persons, whom were described as the hypnotists “hostages also”, “like me” and my friend. The hypnotists delivered electric shock treatment to these persons. Not so much at the time, more afterwards I recognised these persons as persons I had met in Asia during my childhood, and had often talked too simply, for ages. Some were my occasional good friends, I thought, when a boy.

I watched them now being hypnotised to destroy The World Trade Centre buildings by hijacking two planes and having them crash into each of the Twin Towers. They were threatened under hypnotism that I would be killed first, then their families, then my parents, then my friend and his family including his brother, then some beautiful girls, “now beautiful women” whom had been “friends of Gavan”, the hypnotists said, “you know, wise and precious.” They said that was only the beginning if the Asian persons did not do as commanded by the hypnotists. It was said that there would be nuclear warfare and “most persons would be wiped out, and many left would be very sick, in terrible states.” They said they believed they could do this, that they were nearly sure, and that hoever, they were sure that the majority of persons or close to the majority of at least one good sized to large country of the world would be killed through nuclear warfare, if the Asian persons did not do what was commanded of them.

Mr. Moussaoui was also given these commands, by telephone from the airport, and then in person. Mr. Moussaoui was given the further command “if you are able.” The hypnotists said to me as if mocking cartoon characters:

“He may not be able. I don’t know. He may not get here in time. … Do you remember? The play? Is a cartoon? I hit you Now its not you. It’s so many others. So many. There’s always it. I don’t know what we are doing. Have to. Have to, though. Is that what you think. [To my “No.”:] Then maybe we are wrong. These are your words. Its too late though. It will be too late. Gavan you don’t even know. Don’t write. People are dying. Look you shouldn’t write. You’re a player. Do as I say. Always. Then we’ll get in. Truly. To heaven. I know. I’m just saying this. Tell them. Tell all the people also.”

Zacarias Moussaoui was not one of these groups of Asians, crying persons, persons whom told me they so genuinely did not want to do what they were being commanded to do. One, a very, very beautiful man, whom I used to call royal, whom used to call me royal, told me to get help whenever I could, especially for the people whom were hypnotising, whom were bringing about the undesirable situations. The hypnotists had said just before that the Asian persons could say to me anything they liked, including to ask for help for the hypnotists, the persons speaking this, but for help for themselves, nor for I or my friend at that time, or some time afterwards.

The others with him chimed these words also. These were the yet mostly unknown hostages whom were to make actions which made hostages of the persons on two planes which did then fly into two of the worlds tallest ever buildings. I was crying, for a while, before I stopped, dumbly and sorely. My hypnotic commanding had included that I should not cry except for a moment. Aidan Burke, of Edinburgh, one of these persons, said to me, “Then you will know it is true. Not now, but after, probably a long time afterwards, many years, when you remember.” Bruce Hamilton, an old Harrovian in schooling, of Buckinghamshire, another of these hypnotists, repeated this to me.

Others there took turn to repeat these words, to say the words of others. One said as if mockingly to me “… to show we are in a group.” He tried then to make me say these words, “Begin Gavan. Then you will know it is true… … Do you remember?” I had no idea what he was talking about. This was Torben Rankine of Portugal, another old Harrovian of schooling and someone whom I had been acquainted with in some way and sometimes I though close to since I was a little boy.

I tried to send a letter of around eight or more pages a number of weeks ago
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:27 AM     
  News. A letter is continued.  

I tried to send a letter of around eight or more pages a number of weeks ago from my portable computer by the web provision to send a fax of The Phone Company of America. This was a letter to many offices of the United States government, including the presidents’ office. However after I copied this document to The Phone Company’s web page for sending a message to a fax machine, the document became erased on both my word-processor file and then I have lost it.

After that I went into further despondency, unable to write anything for a long while, or to contact persons with regard to Zacarias Moussaoui. This is because I was hypnotised most recently last year by some of the hypnotists not to be able to contact any official person with my news concerning Zacarias Moussaoui should he come to trial, if I was prevented somehow from contacting an official person or body and no one saw me being prevented.

A few weeks ago, I managed spontaneously to contact a journalist I used to be acquainted with of one web news agency of the west coast of America. I asked him by sending an online message to contact the offices of the state by forwarding a message which I had managed to successfully send to him. He replied he was unable to. I remembered then that I watched him being hypnotised by the same persons at the same time and address when I was hypnotised last year. He, like I, had been hypnotised regarding this state of affairs anyway, many times before last year.

I went into deeper despondency following his reply though I was unable to do anything. My contacting him followed my reading around a fortnight before that, and a week or so after my long letter was remotely lifted from my machine or destroyed in a ‘U.S.A. Today’ newspaper edition which I bought at the local newsagent in Belfast, that the case ‘against’ Mr Moussaoui had been postponed as there had been too many irregularities.

This gave me great cause to relax, and I assumed it would be this way for weeks if not months, by which time I could communicate in better optimism and self possession what I had to say, at least communicate AT ALL, I was confident now. However, I believe, late the next week, I learned from browsing parts of the World Wide Web computer information and communication network that there seemed to have been no such delay in the trial, or that it lasted only for a day or two, if indeed in happened at all. I am only thinking now as I write, if indeed there was or is such a trial. I don’t understand.

Recently, over a week ago, after I was told my fathers’ sister died suddenly, and I was crying but was still somehow strangely unable to cry, being dumbly prevented as if by a part of my brain that was strange to me, perhaps knowing something of higher wisdom, or of heavenly knowledge that my normal, natural, perhaps basely inclined self did not know. I was then, though, able, suddenly a few days afterwards, my parents being much out of their house where I have been staying, to telephone in Alexandria the State Prosecution Office. I quickly phoned British international directory enquiries, taking that number from another operator beforehand, and asked for the regional State Attorneys’ Office for Alexandria, Virginia. Strangely I was told the number I asked for was not found, but it was said they have found one other contact. I asked for this, and it was exactly the description I wanted, The U.S. State Attorneys’ for East Virginia in Alexandria. I had had the details on the document which was lost, taken those weeks ago from the state web pages.

I said over the course of a few minutes, simply, that I was evidence personally by virtue of what I witnessed on numerous occasions, that Zacarias Moussaoui, whether or not he involved physically or in ordering others, in the September Eleventh, was over a very long period of time, ordered under deep hypnotic trances to act in any way, putting aside his own will and control always, as instructed by a gang of malevolent hypnotists. I said that these hypnotically induced instructions included the destruction of the World Trade Centre. What I just remember now and what I omitted thus on that telephone message was that his instructions also included then, some time afterwards, aiding with the destruction of The Empire State Building in New York, the Sears Tower in Chicago, and the tallest building in Toronto.

Zacarias Moussaoui was instructed, “Whatever happens, if we’re still able to get to you, even any one of us, ever, there will be trouble. It’s like that, to show, it’s absolutely necessary. You know to trust us, our godly visions, our vision. If it were the bad world, you would need guards for the rest of your earthly life, if you live, for your safety and perhaps others, though that’s a different matter. We’re at you. We’re saving your soul, even though it’s impossible for you to see that. We make it that way. You can’t understand. No-one would understand. It’s so importa
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:34 AM     
  News. A public letter reproduced is continued.  

Zacarias Moussaoui was instructed, “Whatever happens, if we’re still able to get to you, even any one of us, ever, there will be trouble. It’s like that, to show, it’s absolutely necessary. You know to trust us, our godly visions, our vision. If it were the bad world, you would need guards for the rest of your earthly life, if you live, for your safety and perhaps others, though that’s a different matter. We’re at you. We’re saving your soul, even though it’s impossible for you to see that. We make it that way. You can’t understand. No-one would understand. It’s so important. But this is something different, for the good. After those tall buildings, it will be nuclear warfare. Remember, certainly the tall buildings, in more than one country, and then nuclear warfare. Either that or the low roofs, in Europe and the East. Or the low roofs will be a smokescreen. We’re preparing. Then you’re free, and you will receive the most reward of anyone ever, believe me, whether you are dead or alive. God will love you. Beings will love you. It is all right then, in the future. We will all be free. You will be free and your friends too and those you love and those who love you. There are many beings whom love you. You’re safe with god and us and the new future. It will all be fine after this, all those earthly troubles and woes will go away. So many. There are still so many. For some time yet. Everyone wants our new future, they just don’t all know how to express it yet. You know don’t you? You’re from the east.” This hypnotist on the occasion described was Paul Campbell of Belfast.

These persons have brought about, I believe, most news internationally reported events of recent years, even of over ten years.

Please see these two World Wide Web pages for an introduction.

Please also see the web page of Shortnews ( which can be visited by first visiting the two pages above.

Please, please, at least do not dismiss what I write in this letter.

It is very, very, very important. Everyone reading will realise how greatly important what I write of would be if fully true, even so if partly true.

What I write is fully and completely true.

Please, if it is difficult to believe now, simply do not, as is normal, dismiss it.

I realise this is terribly disturbing information for everyone, for anyone, of any described type, whether particularly sensitive or not. We are all sensitive beings, I believe, at least in some ways, perhaps pertaining to very similar ways mostly also.

I trust now that a good outcome will occur. The depth of damage caused by the persons whom I refer to in this letter as the hypnotists is very big indeed.

It includes heads of state. The head of my own country, Mr. Tony Blair, and the head of the country of this publication, whose editor and journalists and other staff and also whose readers I am writing to. I am also writing now to anyone else reading this. I expect, I hope that this letter will be published elsewhere, or at least that I should be able, in a kind of despondently frail state much of the time at least, to copy and past parts of this letter elsewhere. This is very, very important.

Please, please could the editor of this newspaper publish this letter to the public.

Please, please could the newspaper editorial staff also forward this letter to relevant offices of the United States Government.

Please, I would appreciate it so much, as I believe so many others, most persons to all persons who are to come aware of this letter would appreciate, could a number of persons contact the newspaper to ask if this has been done.

This may now sound, after everything claimed, I guess, ludicrous, I don’t know. I believe that members of staff of this online publication (and publication of other means, I am not sure currently) were also hypnotised by the persons I have described as hypnotists last year at the same time as I and the other journalist of and many other persons were hypnotised.

Please believe this.

I believe that members of the companies of The New York Times, The Independent of the United Kingdom and also of my country, The Guardian, The Scotsman, Independent Television News, and British Broadcasting Company News were hypnotised at this time also. I don’t know to what effect or if ‘successfully’ in terms of sick desires of this group of dangerous hypnotists.

I am not one of this group and never have been. I am not dangerous, I am a person of love and consideration and wherever I can be of kindness, truly. I am a person of the truth. A person who appreciates the naturalness of life, as is I believe is a well ‘norm’ of all we living beings whom are not ill, or persons of good faith anyway whom do not resent earthly existence.

Please, beyond the perhaps apparently outlandish situation described, do not dism
  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:43 AM     
  News. A reproduced letter is continued.  
Please, beyond the perhaps apparently outlandish situation described, do not dismiss what I am communicating, with no intention to harm or upset at all.

Please help if you can. I can’t suggest how help can be given.

Please, then if it is not apparent how help can be given, relax, I suppose, and be patient. I don’t know what to advise. Perhaps I should advise nothing. I don’t know.

Faithfully, In truth,

Gavan M. Connolly.

  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 04:54 AM     
  For the person reading, for each person.  
Firstly, the news company in Alexandria whom the letter was written to and for publication to is CNS News, to be clear, and their front web page

Please excuse my errors. I apologise.

I have thought as I finished copying the letter after also what I began to write a few hours ago about persons reading this. Perhaps especially the first persons reading, and though any person at any time reading, visiting this page, or referred, reading of relevant situations anywhere I suppose.

If any person, any persons wish to make a comment and to read other comments that other persons may have read, may I suggest some communication pages of the World Wide Web network where to do this.

One which sprung to mind when I saw the link on this page of Shortnews is the Forums of this site of web pages.

I registered with Shortnews as a member and had not accessed the forum since this, so unfortunately I do not know if you to register to post or read messages in the forums.

It took me a few minutes to register a few months ago. There are no requirements other than having electronic mail access.

It would only take a few minutes to register as a member, with an electronic mail address, or probably at the most around ten minutes. Shortnews does not ask for many details.

I will establish two forum threads here.

Persons may naturally create for similar purposes and related purposes to what I have described here fresh forums departments.

Should I find that the Shortnews Forum does not require visitors to register, I will post this clearly on this page after this comment (unless someone else adequately does this).

Secondly, there is a well functional forum site which does not require any registration. will have been found close to the top of the results lists of a number of popular search engines for the terms, the name 'Katharine Horton'.

The sheer number of forums here is perhaps enough to calm and inspire and perhaps in part renew at such times of frightening and depressing world events.

I have considered these times may perhaps seem more distressing before the familiar and trusted faces and voices of news readers are heard on televisions and radios and computers and trusted writers are read or writers on trusted, comforting contexts of news presentation.

If persons are to post messages in response to what I write on these parts of, I will write a referral note where I have posted messages in the Thailand Forum of and in other places on this web network.

My connection is slow and there are many 'topix' forums. For now I only suggest the Shortnews Forums and will come back to suggesting one or more forum subjects of topix, or perhaps someone could suggest.

I should also elsewhere refer persons to the Shortnews forums if it is appropriate.

Where appropriate it should be good for persons aware of these information, response and discussion forums to enable others to be aware.

Please allow yourself to feel that you should not worry much about this news. I feel genuinely this is so perhaps, probably, whether you were involved or not but surely if you have not been involved at all in anything written. By human means now I believe, however slowly, situations which have needed to be taken care of for some time often can now be taken care of.

I believe that persons whom have been involved in this news are expecting this
publication and on this page though I have not seen any but my friend and my family in most recent times.

I was just thinking that in time, hopefully soon, perhaps a print publication for discussion is a good idea.

I don't wish properly to excite a new context or anything of an entertainment format. It is unneccesary for me to state this I guess. I just wished to make a proper suiting descriptive comment. I hope this will be taken normally as a part of our lives which ought to be appreciated in good terms as serious.

Finally I have only noticed properly now that the head news article declares that Katharine Horton of Cardiff was 21 years old at which she was reported killed. This is a mistake. Ms. Horton whom I was acquainted with had not been of only 21 years at any time last year or at a time this year.

  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 07:26 AM     
Ok, I am not sure what you're trying to say... can you sum all that up to about 1-3 paragraphs. Sorry, that last post is just too long to read.
  by: tellgar     04/12/2006 08:13 AM     
  A summary is a good idea. Soon.  
I wrote the following before a not very short in Shortnews terms summary of five points of the two related incidents of news, information of earthly life of my own experience.

I have decided I can't publish the short summary as yet by virtue of its content. I find it too disturbing personally such that I can't publish it for others currently.

It will be published though.

I wrote at first in response to the comment above, the following.

That is a good idea. Thank you.

Please do take care if you are sensitive. I really, really mean this.

Many will have already read through hat is above or wish to approach it. It is a better idea.

What I am going to publish would without doubt be widely published some time in any event if not now.

I can't think that it would be worse for persons interested specifically in the news and seeking it to hear.

Do please prepare yourselves.

None of this should ever touch you, I hope and believe.

(After the original text:)

I believe the best idea is to pick through what I have written in the long news comments. Perhaps read sections, or take parts, read all if you wish.

It isn't easy. Perhaps the longer sentences may make it more readily of normal life, and more distant than the very proximate effect of Shortnews articles as I find often. (I am a big fan of Shortnews though.) But I can't bring myself to publish the summary I had written. It disturbs me an awful lot. I declare though that will be published, perhaps here.

This my long commenting, is, aside from that it is reading, and reading news information, the opposite of practices typical for Shortnews, of course I realise.

Shortnews happened to be the site with comment facilities for members of the public. I couldn't find any others which aside from a few which seemed to me would only be read by five or ten persons.

I don't know what else to communicate but this.

With love and some consideration in my current discernment.

  by: G.M.C.   04/12/2006 09:42 AM     
  More news before a summary of previous news.  
Before I publish the summary after a lapse of some time, I wish to publish some more news. I feel that publishing this is necessary, more than something which I only ought to do, and I also ought to do this. This follows directly.

Firstly may I say before any further publication of news information, PLEASE READ the COMMENT I have made DIRECTLY ABOVE this, before reading further. This is presently a most serious and disturbing news comment, as are the publications I have made up to this time. This information I give fully true despite that it may seem unfathomable to many. It is extremely unexpected for most persons, I suppose. I am aware that if persons see this for the genuine communication which it is, as with other publications I have made similarly, it may be very disturbing, confusing, frightening or at least unsettling. The information which I publish is not fictional nor imagined in any part whatsoever. And I am only a person acting of my own impulse fully I believe, and certainly not as a member of an organisation or any group or common endeavour. I am not a journalist by profession and neither am I a resting trained journalist.

More very important news.

I have remembered beyond hypnotic commands given to me to forget events which I have been a witness to that the terrorist hypnotists threatened more destruction in recent years. They have threatened more destruction since they “successfully” brought down The World Trade Centre Twin Towers, killing and injuring many persons and blaming this on a group whom have been called ‘Al Queada’ (I believe that this name was given initially by this group of European hypnotist terrorists and distributed, employing myself on occasion under hypnotism against my will and control). And to my knowledge they have yet not been reprimanded officially, imprisoned or given secure medical attention. They communicated further success within the last year at not having being caught nor being sought by officials anywhere in the world, and communicated that normal members of society and further their normal “victims”, of which I was told I was one of the prime members, “would pay for this further ... would pay for utter stupidity again.”

As recently as last summer I remember, that which I had forgotten until recent days, threats were given by these brainwashing terrorists themselves that if these persons were not “caught” and if other conditions compelled them to, which came down to if they “felt like it” and “basically, wanted attention” this year they would begin more terrorist campaigns by bringing down the Burj al Arab building.

They said then they would continue with the campaigns to bring down the buildings I have mentioned above, then saying actually it wouldn’t be guessed which location and what specific terrorist endeavour would be turned to first. But they outlined firmly their main warning was to topple the, especially since at the time, they said, I expressed a great liking of it.

The hypnotist terrorists also mentioned a desire to bring down The Chrysler Building in New York, the Burj al Arab Hotel and Emirates Two buildings of Dubai and other locations all around the world and in the Middle East and The Orient, as far as I was aware of communications made to me I believe.

They said “other buildings, in the East particularly, and by the time you are communicating many small buildings, killing a good number of persons… that is what we have planned.” I asked how they knew when and what I might communicate when I had no idea at the time what they were talking about. I asked were they going to send me letters and use me to communicate that way to the public and officials. They said yes, but then that, no I was going to be hypnotised to remember what they had told me on specific dates and to communicate only from certain dates when I remembered. I was asked if I believed them. I replied negatively initially, that I didn’t believe them, and then became I confused and frightened and blanked out.

The terrorists also said to remember what they said at this time, particularly with regard to the buildings, saying further that if they were not captured, and moreover if they were captured and ever released, it was very likely, “even should it be fifty years from now, even eighty years”, that they would topple these buildings by whatever means, “unless the world is healed and they were healed.” They said further, if they were captured and held securely, they ought not perhaps to be allowed to speak to any other humans if there was the remotest possibility that they were still sick or would become sick. They then said, it was more than fully likely that they would, all, be sick in some small way at least for the rest of their lives. They said they were demons, and that they should never ever be trusted, especially when as at that very time, seeming to be genuine and helpful and “for the good”.

These terrorists whom have brought about in some way p
  by: G.M.C.   04/17/2006 08:22 PM     
  More news & Summary of two main previous elements.  

These terrorists whom have brought about in some way probably in the most fundamental means of causation usually, I believe I could not be wrong in stating, at least 50 percent of the news of this country in recent years and other world news, usually negative news of harm, death and unhappiness expressed a wish to communicate “using me”. I may be correct in stating that the actual amount of news which they have brought about directly is closer to one hundred percent than fifty percent. I am unsure of this projection fully however. They wished me to state what I am stating in this message, including some of what I am to write in the summary of news information before this comment at the end of this comment.

I do not know why there is no official publication about what matters I have published concerning, considering especially that it is known amongst Thai and British officials (for a beginning) or indeed why I have not been contacted despite my contact. I suppose that persons in positions of official responsibility are doing all that they can.

I have remembered that our Prime Minister Mr. Anthony Blair is aware of what I state. Mr. Blair was present at a location in England and at a time last summer at which many persons were hypnotised including myself. Mr. Blair was hypnotised on that occasion.

The politician Mr. David Cameron was present at that place and date as was Mr. Simon Hughes and Sir Menzies Campbell, politicians amongst other persons. All of these persons were hypnotised. Mr. Blair's personal secretary was hypnotised. When I state 'hypnotised' I believe I do not mean at all for the benefit of these persons, but that these persons were interfered with by some of the persons whom have conducted terrorism by means of hypnotism, including death, destruction, injury and torture and interference. I believe I remember than Lady Margaret Thatcher was present and was hypnotised. I believe that there were members of the Royal Family present.

The place in England which I am referring to is the country lea called Burrows Lea near Shere in Surrey, which has been for some time home to Harry Edwards’ Spiritual Healing Centre, a free provision by this company for any person, whether very sick or not in any way crippled in life, wishing healing genuinely.

I can’t remember mostly what specific persons were ordered under hypnotic suggestion and commanding. I was utterly brainwashed for a long period of time at this time, at this location, and was very ill, though able to discern some things of what was going on, often as if a gullible child however. I hope my memories of this come back to me.

A summary of news information before the latest news (17 April 06) of this comment.

1. Mr. Posit and Mr. Somkhaoyai of Koh Samui, Thailand were hypnotised many times under deep trances to kill Katharine Horton. It is extremely likely that any acts which these two men taken which brought about the death of Ms. Horton were taken against their own wills fully, and without any control of their own persons.

2. As someone whom has been many times hypnotised by, I think, all of the persons whom hypnotised these two men of Koh Samui, I am aware that one is not able to control oneself at all most often after being a recipient of commands under deep trances given by these malevolent, non-professional hypnotists. One may seem to be totally in a dream, as if even watching a figure of oneself while one's mind seems elsewhere and rested, it having seemed one's body is lying down often to me.

3. These persons are not trained as professional hypnotists. I am talking about a number of terrorists whom have acquired the ability to hypnotise persons and have indulged obscenely in this practice, inducing death and torture on many occasions.

4. These extremely harmful hypnotists described themselves as terrorists.

They said to me on many occasions that what they were involved in, their "pursuit", and "pursuits", "many, many, many projects", is "terrorism".

They said that they were "the most extreme and obscene terrorists in the world and perhaps ever." They also said that that description was their goal and that which they wished to attain if it were not true at any time.

They also said that even when it was true, saying, "and you and the people of the world can believe it is and will be true", that they "would always strive to be worse, to create more harm, pain and suffering and denial and punishment and torture or people, of beings, of animals and of God, forever and ever, beyond anyones' and even everyones' imagination."

"We are the devil." They frequently said. "We are the most extreme evil ever, anywhere, in any realm. For ever. No-one would or could believe this, how evil we are. It is impossible here.”

5. Mr. Zacarias Moussaoui, like the two men of Koh Samui was hypnotised very many times to play a part or to just be "a stool pigeon", and "a nutty stoogee", "which
  by: G.M.C.   04/17/2006 08:28 PM     
  Summary of two main elements of previous news cont  

5. Mr. Zacarias Moussaoui, like the two men of Koh Samui was hypnotised very many times to play a part or to just be "a stool pigeon", and "a nutty stoogee", "whichever is to occur", they said, in the planned destruction of The Twin Towers which were New York's World Trade Centre.

If he was indeed instrumental in any way he would have been acting fully against his will and his control.

I was often hypnotised by these same persons to say things to Mr. Moussasoui against my own will and control, to speak what I did not understand mostly. What I had to say was afterwards made a part of Mr. Moussaoui’s hypnotic induction or commanding by the hypnotists or had already been.
  by: G.M.C.   04/17/2006 08:33 PM     
  Further news.  
I was present at and witnessed on a number of occasions the hypnotism of Mr. Blair, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I was hypnotised myself on each occasion. At times my parents were involved fully against their wills, by these persons who often broke into our home and hypnotised us such that we would act and speak in a trance, not aware of any meaning. The same happened to my friend and to others.

This mostly happened years ago, before Mr. Blair became Prime Minister, though also whilst Mr. Blair has been Prime Minister.

Mr. Blair was hypnotised by one of the few leaders of the terrorist hypnotists in what this latter person described as "the very most deep trance possible so that he is utterly subservient to my will and what I say."

This terrorist hypnotist, Mr. Paul Campbell of Belfast said on more than one occasion to Mr. Blair, when I was present, "I will hypnotise you to do good, largely, even very good. As comparable to what I normally do, I the world's worst terrorist ever through history, it is immeasurably excellent. Though it might feel like hell to you but there is and will be nothing you can do about that, however it feels, whatever effects it will have.

"It will ruin your life, also. That is what we do, ruin people's lives, as many as possible, this the least we do most often, as our torture is often well beyond mere ruination. Gavan will vouch for that. We have made his life hell.

"In any case, you, Mr. Blair won't be able to help it, whatever and however you feel. You will do for me. ... I am the king. You will do for me always. Maybe not always. I am the king of hell and the king of the world for some time. I am Lucifer. Paul Campbell Lucifer is my name. Believe it. I am not all of Lucifer but at times the largest part, at times others are the largest part.

"Though you probably can't see my evil even nearly fully here, even in small part in can't properly be seen in normal earthly life.

"You will however do good and govern reasonably well, sometimes very well, as we tell you to, as you are our shield and our security. Hypnotising you, ordering you enables us to continue, to be more evil, to do more evil, and eventually to be well known and perhaps eventually prevented. Or saved. Or perhaps we will never be stopped.

"Mostly you will be good. But we are hypnotising you to carry out, to instigate, together with the American head man who will be called President Bush, that's his name, two ridiculous wars. That's what I foresee. That's what I want. They are pointless. Pointless wars. Don't do it, I would say, but I can't help myself. It won't be like that. You will bring war on Afghanistan and on Iraq when no-one should. We have a few persons whom the world will call terrorists, they're harmless really. Certainly compared to me and my fellow terrorists they are harmless.

One is called Bin Laden. remember the name. We, I and a number of others, make them act. You shouldn't go to war on a few countries because of people like him, and because of Saddam Hussein whom we hypnotised when we were very young. A good job I say. For destruction. We want destruction.

Pointless waste of life, suffering and annhiliation is what I, we, want, and what we do, what we excel at. That's why you, Mr. Blair, make me so happy, and will do for decades to come."

I remember all of this said, amongst other statements and communications, a number of times, in memory recovered very recently, around fifteen years ago. I believe these and further statements along with the deep hypnotism inductions and commands were repeated many times after this to Mr. Blair, I think much of it was, in years before this time.

I watched Mr. Campbell put Mr. Blair, and separately also his wife, many times. There was nothing I could do. I was hypnotised to will that the police came to help, and then they would come, in good time.

Then afterwards, Mr. Campbell, I remember now as I write, hypnotised me to forget what had occurred. Mr. Campbell also often hypnotised Mr. Blair to "put Gavan in hell. Punish him for doing this to you. He should be someone you can trust. You know that. When you see the Twin Towers coming down, you will remember and know that you can trust Gavan and that he can help save you and the world. You may be mistaken, but this is what you will be aware of. I instruct it. It is of the truth. Gavan is whom we hate the most. And his best friend. They are like angels. They were angels. Sometimes or often we warp them so they seem to be hurting each other and they seem much more like waspish annoying humans, Gavan especially. We have tortured them for eternities. We hate their good. Some say it's jealousy but we don't know, we can't stand it. I hate simplicity. I wish I didn’t."
  by: G.M.C.   04/20/2006 08:20 PM     
  Prosecutors acknowledged Moussaoui trial illegal.  
The sheer widespread concern and direct influence of the ambit of interference of the terrorist hypnotists is pretty impossible for me to state at this stage of broadcasting this news. This is yet at a time when I still remain after a couple of months the only one person communicating anything at all of this information in a public sphere.

There are many persons whom are aware at least of some of this, many journalists, many politicians. Quite a number of these persons I believe have been hypnotised not to communicate anything of what they believe they are aware of or of some of their own experiences.

I know of nothing new of the terrorist hypnotists' acts since late last summer, although I have seen a number in proximity to where I have been staying, threatening prescences. I don't know how they may be controlling journalists and others lately. The hypnotists also hypnotised the prosecutors involved in the Zacarias Mouassoui trial and Mr. Moussauoi himself, so that the trial should be acted out as if genuine with fully genuine seeming news broadcasts (I have recently remembered), whether or not it was to be genuine at any time.

I know as do the prosecutors that the trial could not be genuine without a full consideration of Mr. Moussaoui's acts and his state of being, this certainly having to include his states of hypnosis. The prosecutors acknowledged this to me last year as an absolute truth in the circumstances.

Not knowing what is going on now, I only hope that the prosecutors are acting out how they have been hypnotised to act. Perhaps this is what they are doing. Perhaps they are very hypnotised and unable to act differently. I write that I hope that this is the case, as if it should be the case that the prosecutors are taking the trial seriously, it is more than very worrying.

Whatever is the truth, I am sure that the trial "U.S. vs. Z. Moussaoui" is fully against international law and U.S. laws.

My own hypnotic orders which I am under presently, instructed months ago I believe, are partly that I am unable to communicate directly with persons whom I wish to and need to, nearly with any person at all.
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 12:12 AM     
  Some of the extent of terrorists' sick activities.  
An example of the influence of these persons is the following article which members of the terrorists hypnotised journalists to be published, and which for a long time, they tried to involve myself in writing and having published. Readers may have seen this headline of an article in quite prominent positions in the popular search engines within search results for the name "Katharine Horton".

[From The Daily Telegraph web edition.]

"Backpackers' paradise pays for its popularity
By Sally Pook
(Filed: 03/01/2006)

Twenty years ago, the island where the British student Katharine Horton was yesterday found dead was an unspoilt paradise visited by only a handful of intrepid travellers who stayed in cheap beach huts."

I was told, the point of this article was to "really claw at their skins and where they can't 'get' ... the article" it was said, 'they' being "the public, the readers", in making a journalist publish this article. One of the terrorists said "obviously the suggestion is that this, and probably any, it is delinquent in the utter extreme and yet published as if this is both mainstream thinking."

This terrorist went on by saying, "This is what we do. It is one of the most disturbing and sickening practices with the most disturbing and sickening effects for many people I, we, can think of. We are evil, so evil. This will really make people so sick. They will leave their lives mostly when they see this. It is beyond rational, the effect of this article, and our intention. It is beyond earthly. It is terrible. ... It would be wholly different if it were to be a mistake only, or if the article ... were to be written with innocent and genuine intent. But that latter description is the furthest description from the actual truth of real life and lives that I can think of. It is despicably evil. And the fact that I know this, I the promoter, the persuader, partly I the writer, will frighten people beyond holding, beyond belief in fact."

These words were spoken my Ms. Sarah Bruce, originally of King's Lynn, Norfolk, a prominent member of the hypnotists.

To be clear, as I was told, the intent in changing the slant of a genuine article and publishing it at this time was to suggest that normality, love, beauty, peace and happiness and healthiness in life, of persons' lives, are and should be assumed only to be subject to eradication, shortlived if these facets of living do occur. "We will stamp them out.", said one of the hypnotist terrorists, adding "Forever if we can. Even if all the evil seems over." Others of the group of terrorists repeated these words, some adding, "You better believe it, forever."
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 01:14 AM     
  Very sad interference in the life of a journalist.  
I believe that Ms. Pook’s intention in researching and writing the article was fully genuine, though she was forced to put, in the words of Orla Cole and Sarah Bruce, “a different slant” on the article, “to really confuse and mess up people which we’re good at, Ms. Cole’s words. I witnessed Ms. Pook being hypnotised to finish the article in the manner in which Ms. Cole and Ms. Bruce described, whether she like it or not, and “whether or not she felt she could help it”. I also watched and listened, I hypnotised not to be able to speak or move at the time though to be aware, Ms.Pook being commanded a post hypnotic suggestion that she would not realise what she had been hypnotised to do nor that she had ever been hypnotised. And then Ms. Orla cole instructed Ms. Pook under deep trance that if she were brought to become aware of this by someone helping her, “as could happen” Ms. Cole said, she would not be able to communicate this to anyone. Ms. Cole then told Ms. Pook, “There are a hoarde of other journalists we are going to do things with, we are going to hinder in their lives, their enjoyment, their profession, their chosen activity. They are yours, these journalists.”

The hypnotists told me that this was a perfect very short and really, really tiny examply, comparatively, of one instance of the harm that they cause and have caused.

We have really messed up someone's life [referring to Ms. Pook]. Her life is so messed up. Malevolent and abusive hypnotism screws up lives abominably, ...even in the short term, even in small doses. ... Very often also in the long term. No one benefits. Not us. Many get so, so, so sick. And we get sicker. We have to be stopped. Soon. but don't trust us. Ever. Perhaps. ... Ms. Pook did not die. We are not torturing her physically ... Though what we are doing to her is torture. Many died and were tortured."

They said, "Even if we are locked up tonight, which won't happen, the harm would go on for ages, perhaps forever if no one stops it. Perhaps it would go on forever anyway. Perhaps it will go on forever, the harm. Even if we are locked up. We have set so much up. If we are not found and caught and interviewed, there will be hell on earth. Perhaps the end."
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 01:25 AM     
  More comment of the article, and at this time.  
The paragraph before the final paragraph in the comment publication above is all reported direct speech and should be in closed inverted commas. These words were first spoken on this occasion by Sarah Bruce.

This terrorist continued to describe the practice of , in her words, “hijacking a journalist’s professional activity” in order to cause “serious mental distress” amongst very many persons. “Hijacking a single journalist’s professional activity? We hijacked a whole national radio station. For months and months. Said we were Rubinstein. Didn’t we, Gavan? We made you, too. What’s your name, also, Elizabeth Faust the violinist. We pretended you, Gavan, were Rubinstein, too. You didn’t even know. We f**ed up your life too. That was the point, the main point, one of them. There were so many others to f**k up. And not a complaint. And that’s only the beginning. We posed as the world’s professional orchestras and leading soloists of all ages and sexes. We played it all ourselves on our own instruments.”

Ms. Bruce was referring to taking control of B.B.C. Radio Three over a long time in many ways. This unfortunate state of affairs is sadly often still the case at B.B.C. Radio Three regarding the broadcast of music recordings they retain. I don’t know what is going on. I was unaware mostly, and am left, someone whom used to enjoying playing music, rarely able to play at all. I had no idea that what were mostly practice and fun recording sessions would be broadcast for years under the names of some of the most famous musicians of the world. It makes me cry.

Referring to the article by Ms. Pook again, Ms. Bruce explained, "This is what we do. As Damien will say, it’s a good example, a tiny, tiny, example, not at all an example in its smallness however. Nevertheless, as I have described, it is one of the most disturbing and sickening practices with the most disturbing and sickening effects for many people I, we, can think of. We are evil, so evil. This will really make people so sick. They will leave their lives mostly when they see this. It is beyond rational, the effect of this article, and our intention. It is beyond earthly. It is terrible. ... It would be wholly different if it were to be a mistake only, or if the article ... were to be written with innocent and genuine intent. But that latter description is the furthest description from the actual truth of real life and lives that I can think of. It is despicably evil. And the fact that I know this, I the promoter, the persuader, partly I the writer, will frighten and hurt people and damage their lives beyond persons’ holding, beyond belief in fact."
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 01:47 AM     
  More said after talking of the article mentioned.  
Ms. Sarah Bruce, of King's Lynn, Norfolk, was and is a prominent member of the hypnotists, and she was aided in this pursuit she found herself engaged in by others, at times forced, though I do not know.

I am aware that Ms. Bruce said beforehand "I'm going to make them force me. I'm going to try to make you [meaning me, I believe] make them force me also You want to help? You can’t. Believe me. They started it. No, I started it. Help.”

“You will get help won't you? If you can? Don't ever believe me. Don't ever believe any of us. Even now. Particularly now, when I'm good or seem good. We're all the same. That's when we claw back unnoticeably to do more evil in the future. Never, ever, ever, believe us. As long as we live. Lock us up. But you'll never be able to. We've seen the future. Just try."

Ms. Bruce also said that in particular Mr. Damien Kennedy of Belfast (of Belfast and Wicklow, R. of Ireland) wanted the article published for the reasons which she spoke, he having expressed this as his own belief, though he not the only person. I asked Ms. Bruce did what she spoke which I have reported here express her own beliefs and she replied, "It does. It doesn't. You do what they want you to do. I am one of them, the evil people. I was one of them, the evil people. Don't believe that I was good before someone hypnotised me. I was incredibly evil. But I didn't want to do more. Who knows what would have happened, if I would have been evil, though less evil, if I hadn't come in contact with them again, hadn't been hypnotised. Sometimes I was hypnotised to do what they wanted when I saw them, sometimes to act in other ways when I saw them, in evil ways. But I was evil before. It just wouldn't have been so bad. It's so bad. I want to be healed. But don't believe me. Ever. Don't ever trust me even for a second. Not for an instant. For the rest of my life, for the rest of existence. I will get better. With doctors. Only don't trust me, whatever age I am. This is true for all of us, 'terrorist hypnotists'. I am not the worst. ...

“Some may need to be drugged for the rest of their lives, it is likely. If they're caught. If they're not caught, the world will end, probably. What do I predict? Armageddon. Really. We must be stopped. Except we keep hypnotising people. For more trouble. That's the way we are. That's the way he made us. He, the devil, made us, he Paul Campbell particularly, others. Michael Dougan, particularly, particularly, particularly [of Belfast and London recently], Damien [Kennedy}, John Stewart [originally of Belfast], particularly those also very, very much, and she, Cathy Hirschmann [of Leeds, more recently Edinburgh] and she, Tamsin [Mendelssohn, of Shrewsbury, more recently Edinburgh], and he, Aidan Burke, and even she, Katherine (Katie) Dent [of Huntingdon, Cambs. originally] and she ... Katie Ovary [of Leeds, more recently Edinburgh] and he, ... and so on. [crying.] And Torben [Rankine]. He's the devil. The devil. The devil. ... Don't believe them. I'm one. Don't believe us. Ever. The evil is so much it could not be ever believed by all of the people of the world together.

“We will get better. We will get help. I'll get help. Stop it. Now. Don't trust us. Don't ever relax and trust us. Even when we're telling the truth. Especially when we're telling the truth. We have to o back to confinement after that. In an ideal world. In any world were people can live though, not considering yet even remotely being happy. If we tell the truth, and we will, that's it. Leave us alone to be helped. Help us, doctors. Please. Please, please, please. And lock us up. It's beyond necessary. For years and years and years. And then, should we seem fine, even for years, don't ever leave us unaccompanied.It's so evil, hypnotism. Abuse. Abuse of hypnotism. And hypnotism for abuse. It's the most evil, the strongest evil. Please help. Orla Cole. [of Bangor, County Down, more recently an international lawyer of London.] She's the most evil. Lock her up. Now. ... Or they're be no end ever to hell on earth. It will end otherwise. Probably. With all the will in the world. That's what it will take. And Liam Perry, that teacher [of Belfast]. He's Lucifer. So evil. And no one is stopping him. He enables all of it. Those teachers of that school, … that pit you went to. They’re the devil. They’re so sick. I think they were the devil. We were here before. Before we were born. Who knows? They were the devil anyway. Who knows. Our fault. Who knows?"
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 01:57 AM     
  More of the message of the terrorists of that time  
The terrorist hypnotists have said that part of their aim, in a very large part within their hijacking in large parts at times parts of the media particularly (including news publications and including this one ShortNews, and other more famous publications also including B.B.C. News and I.T.N.) was to "control" and then "confuse" ... "screw up" "harm, injure, maim" "induce pain from confusion, very, very serious pain". It troubles me greatly to have written what I have written, but it troubles me severely to report in this news communication by I whom am not a journalist, another description members of the terrorist hypnotists gave on occasions of their intent. This very disturbing intention was, "to mesmerise by bringing about pain." This most disturbing intention was said repeatedly in various ways to me, especially last summer, when in sent me into painful shock.
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 02:01 AM     
  I see....  
The devil is hypnotising the world. Run! Run to the hills!
  by: CrisW   04/22/2006 01:47 PM     
  What or where is the higher ground?  
There must be an answer like that, rather answers.

You frightened me a bit, CrisW also, as I was thinking that the hypnotism has already been done. All that I will encounter in my life anyway. I hope. But then I have thought this on countless occasions before, and this just before someone came along, hypnotised me to do as they commanded and brought me off somewhere to say things as if in a dream, then hypnotising me to forget any of it (what even I did not understand) happened, and even to think any notions of it as ridiculous.

Sometimes I watched torture, sometimes with the command to watch until I had been physically nauseous to the satisfaction of the hypnotists, having then to spell this word after being sick or while being sick and being beaten, “for now and the future, for all the children reading.” Sometimes I was commanded to say things against my will. Often I was hypnotised to believe that all of the abuse of life was my own fault, and I seemed to believe this, not remembering that this was a hypnotic command because I had been further brainwashed to forget this.

CrisW, your reminding me is good. Being realistic, whevener one is capable of being this, may be necessary to find one’s self or something approximate to this. Perhaps though nothing can be done to avoid intrusion if these persons are not caught.

Anything otherwise to being realistic, dreamlike mental collapse which I believe is most often absolutely necessary should only be a reality for those hypnotised when safe, if possible. But do give in to this impulse I recommend those whom have been hypnotised, advice from my personal experience. Such temporary and perhaps total collapse I feel is absolutely necessary and natural, to allow wellness to be restored, at least in part. If you are working, take some time off, perhaps a good lot, as much as you can. As, if you have been deeply hypnotised against your will in an abusive way, against how you are and naturally and beneficially wish to be in all naturalness, it is probably unlikely you will find yourself in any sicker or more harmful state for you in your life. Therefore, not only for the benefit of your person but naturally for your professional life and devotion, all the sick-time allowable ought to be available for many such persons.

Unfortunately the sickness may get worse if you don't just collapse, allowing yourself to find some natural way of dealing with what has been forced upon your person.

What is very likely is that one's character can be beset beyond finding in parts or in ways in totality, like severe mental dementia. And also one's ability to develop of the person and also in terms of endeavours such as professional life and hobbies and sports, and also relationships, can be inhibited and damaged, perhaps increasingly in time.

Some persons can deal with this harmful influence in living and being and operating and performing activities better than others, naturally adapting to the outside influence upon their persons which may go to the core of the being, of living and being. Talking to someone will probably not only help but may be necessary to get better.
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 04:26 PM     
  Advice and help.  
Regarding the advice above, I am not though a professional. There are no answers possibly to abusive hypnotism whilst also it is true that many persons react well to talking frequently about their induced state, if they are aware of it. Seek professional help if you are able. It should be natural to telephone someone and arrange to speak even if you don't know what is wrong but are aware you are not yourself. If this is a problem, try to say or write to persons. Expressing how you feel, even if it is that you feel very happy when it is believed this is not your natural state of your own person, ought to help you.
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 10:40 PM     
  No or little new action for destruction required.  
No further acts by the terrorists may be required for further actual terrorist destruction brought about by this group. And in any case, the slightest telephone messages may be required. This is so as persons have already been hypnotised (I believe) with respect to destroying erections and people along with this. The Eiffel Tower was planned as a prime target for envisaged post-World Trade Centre destruction further terrorism.

I have found from recovered memory today that I was asked to publicise this should the World Trade Centre destruction plan have been successful. The terrorist hypnotists believed that further large scale and even mass scale destructive action would be very easy or at least reasonably easy if both of the World Trade Centre buildings were fully destroyed as planned, and the terrorist hypnotists had not been caught after a few years.

The ‘hidden terrorists’ said that if there had not even been attempts to reprimand them within nearly three years to three years of the New York destruction which in fact occurred in September 2001, they believed in advance that their continuing job would be “more easy than any job on the planet, including carrying water, small loads”. “Everything is set up”, they said. They told me if their hypnotism of myself to forget anything I knew of what happened was successful, their jobb should be very, very easy and they would be assured of success in destruction. “We probably don’t want to continue at that time in the future. We would probably be very nervous, confused, frightened, and yet, in a more fragile and probably reckless position. But it is more than likely we will not be able to choose. Unless we are locked up, for years. And that won’t happen will it? Of course not. We can do anything, we can control anyone.”

To be clear, although I expressed that I was assuming, and am still hoping that all of the abusive hypnotism has already been done, as Sarah Bruce suggested (not only a suggestion, something I have experienced many times) there may be much embedded in persons already which has been commanded to them in the past under deep trances. Upon certain occurrences, or times, what is dormant in persons may be borne out in the persons' acts beyond their own control. Trigger commands may be used to bring this about, or it may even be that events such as The British Queen's 80th birthday would trigger acts (this was an example and I was told an actual trigger event also for hypnotised persons). There are, I am aware, ongoing afflictions which are outwith persons normal selves which have been onset upon their being, their living by these hypnotists.

Only very recently I have remembered that it was said to me under trance that, should I see Mr. Blair, the Prime Minister of my country, and perhaps with some other possibility I can't remember, I "will try to kill him and be successful", it was said to me. It was said to me under hypnotism I believe, that if this doesn't happen by any chance, I would sometime after, "perhaps days, perhaps weeks, perhaps years, kill myself."

I believe on the same occasion, this last summer, I may also have been hypnotised, in the words of Michael Dougan and Mr. Seamus O' Prey (of Belfast) "to strike (Ms. Selina Scott whose career is with famous news company I.T.N.) with a very sharp knife, and kill her if possible. Perhaps she will not die. But she will be hurt." Mr. Dougan said "we are hypnotising her anyway and her colleagues. They will not respond to your communications. No-one will. ... No-one will be able to. We are supreme. We are the devil, the real one. anyone who helps us in evil will regret it, probably forever. It is most terrible. Earth is the tiniest fraction of our evil existence. And we are so successful in evil here. We can't believe it. And yet, even most of the evil on the earth doesn't compare to where our true ambit lies, after. But be reasonable. We are humans too."

Every precaution ought to be taken to ensure that these events do not happen.

Last year at Burrows Lea I heard, as I was half unconscious in shock, the same hypnotists instruct someone whom they had placed under trances to attempt to destroy The Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the person himself ("or yourself, whichever, both if possible") by flying an aeroplane into the structure.

Persons were also ordered, I believe under deep hypnotism, to attempt to destroy "buildings of Barcelona", "places in Dorset", "as much of Dublin as possible", "the east coast London to Edinburgh and Aberdeen train line and trains and persons".

Also in a long list was, "particularly, afresh, famous old schools, again, after we had Gavan with his friend Ben partly destroy the most famous when a small boy under hypnotism. They thought they were going to die. But we saved them, not the others. The others we hurt and killed were not in a position to help us create more destruction like Gavan was and is, and Benjamin also. In fact those persons we re
  by: G.M.C.   04/22/2006 10:52 PM     
  Your last post got cut off GMC  
Theres only so much you can write at once.
  by: CrisW   04/24/2006 07:21 PM     
You need a girlfriend and an aluminum foil hat. You have way too much time on your hands.
  by: valkyrie123     04/24/2006 08:21 PM     
This computer has a virus. I am having to cut and paste for these words. I
will soon I
hope continue. This is very, very, very important.
  by: G.M.C.   04/25/2006 03:44 AM     
  Critically Urgent.  
Critically Urgent.


Please any persons reading promote my information above as much as possible. Tell as many persons as possible.

If you are able to have this web page or the page listed for wide publication and access by search and directory organisations please do. I am not able to presently.

One act any person could do is contact the state attorneys' office of The United States for the East district of Virginia in Alexandria and the court in Alexandria. I suppose that the more persons contacting these offices is for the best.

Email, phone, fax, write, please.

Also to the head office of The United States Judiciary and the District Mayor. This is not coded communication.

If you see this information as possibly true then please, please take 10, 5 or 3 minutes to communicate this web page address or the page address or comments or copy and paste information from the pages. This is not a hoax. This is serious.

Please, please, at least do not dismiss what I write.

Gavan Connolly
  by: G.M.C.   04/25/2006 04:01 PM     
  It would help a lot  
If you had a phone number
  by: CrisW   05/09/2006 01:44 AM     
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