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                 07/05/2015 07:29 PM  
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01/18/2006 12:25 PM ID: 52335 Permalink   

NASA Delays Pluto Mission Launch


NASA was forced to delay the launch of its New Horizons mission due to gusting winds at the launch site. The New Horizons craft is now due to take off for Pluto today at 1:16pm US Eastern Standard Time.

Yesterday's scheduled launch was pushed back seven times before the close of the agency's launch window. If the rocket fails to launch by the 3rd of February, some five years will be added to the time it takes to get to Pluto.

This five year addition increases the risk of error and failure. As it stands, New Horizons will reach Pluto in nine years time.

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wasted time and money
  by: LordClone   01/18/2006 08:46 PM     
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