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                 02/23/2018 05:19 PM  
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01/18/2006 01:54 PM ID: 52338 Permalink   

Workers Discover Mass Iraqi Grave


A grave containing the remains of some 22 people has been found in Iraq, according to security officials. The grave is believed to contain the remains of people who took part in the failed Shiite uprising against the Saddam dictatorship in 1991.

The latest grave site was found near Najaf, the city where many mass graves have been uncovered since the fall of the Iraqi governement in 2003. The grave was found by accident at a building site.

One source said: "A search is ongoing to find other bodies."

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  Not Surprised...  
what with all the killing in Iraq over the last 2 decades, i think we will be finding plenty more
  by: tiggyfiggy   01/18/2006 02:20 PM     
  I think we will too n/t  
  by: digital_darkness   01/18/2006 02:44 PM     
  And I suppose  
the media will somehow say this is all Bush's fault...
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   01/18/2006 03:34 PM     
actually it is... George Bush Seniors fault, didn't his administration enocourage the shiite's to uprise and did nothing to help them so watched them get massacred?
  by: koultunami     01/18/2006 03:53 PM     
  When the US pulls out of Iraq  
there are going to be a lot more mass graves created.

If we just ignore these insane countries they will eventually commit genocide on themselves and we can just walk in and take the resources. Victory through attrition.
  by: Valkyrie123     01/18/2006 04:45 PM     
The media exists to perform an information gathering and disseminating role in society, not to push an agenda. For example -- when Al Gore pointed at portraits of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and asked, "Who are those people?" 12 newspapers and the Associated Press dutifully reported the news. The New York Times reported the story; the writer of its article was then-reporter Maureen Dowd, who is now, of course, maybe the best-known liberal columnist in America.

My point is this -- did Dowd become a liberal when she became a columnist? No, of course not. But bound by the ethics of her job, even if she was tempted not to write about the blunder of a Democrat, she still did it because it was newsworthy.

I have a little experience with these things, and believe me, there's no vast left-wing conspiracy that runs the media. If it seems most newspaper opinion writers are liberal, well, they're balanced by the right-wing talk-show hosts on the radio.
  by: l´anglais     01/19/2006 05:05 PM     
Isn't the president supposed to represent the people of it's reign? So, if the president is being blamed for this, then in actuality the people of the country are being blamed?
The people who are wrongfully blamed for not supporting/voting for that party, should do something to try and halt the corruption of their own democratic system, and the massive amounts of; immoral, unjust, and more or less evil acts they're getting away with and planning.
  by: Syphon   01/27/2006 03:43 AM     
  U.S. shares in the blame  
an analogy: You see a foaming, raving lunatic near a group of people, one of whom you really hate, and the man is threatening to kill them all. Only problem for him is that there are six of them and only one of him, and all he has is a pen-knife.

do you:
a) Call the police?
b) Try to take the pen-knife away?
c) Give the man a pistol in the hope that he'll only shoot the one you hate?

if you answered c), congratulations! you picked the same option as the U.S. did when it decided to arm Saddam (the foaming homicidal maniac) against Iran (the one person in the group you hate), assuming he wouldn't use his weapons (your pistol) against the other innocent people in the crowd (Iraqi Kurds, etc.). one more question -- would you help him bury the dead bodies you're partially responsible for?
  by: l´anglais     01/27/2006 02:24 PM     
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