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                 03/31/2015 06:50 PM  
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01/23/2006 02:28 AM ID: 52406 Permalink   

NASA's Image Satellite Stops Operating


NASA's Image satellite was launched in 2000 to study the Earth's magnetic field. Its two-year primary mission has been successfully completed as scientists got six years of data. It continued to work until last month when its power supply failed.

The "Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration" (IMAGE) was the first spacecraft to study the magnetosphere in its entirety. The invisible field extends for thousands of miles beyond Earth.

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  NASA needs more funding  
I think we've got more out of the american space program than we ever got out of invading Iraq. If only they would spend money on space like they do on wars.
  by: CrisW   01/23/2006 02:23 PM     
  Yeah it's about iraq  
I hate bush! Screw the war! Oh, we're talking about nasa? Hmm....Bush hates nasa and babies!
WTF? If you'd like more funding for nasa at least stick in a comperable realm. I.E. "Nasa should be getting at more funding than NURP (National Undersea Research Program) because more good things have come from NASA than NURP."
  by: aardvark   01/23/2006 02:47 PM     
  War in general  
It doesnt matter what war, it'd just be nice if we could spend money on something that will benefit mankind. The fact that he used iraq as an example is irrelevent... and to bring up bush...ohh god.. hasn't there been enough drobble about that?
  by: luc1ddr3am     01/23/2006 03:40 PM     
  I think he has a point, kinda  
NASA was the best thing to come out of the cold war. Now how do we convince President Bush that landing on the moon will fight terrorists like it did communisim?
  by: ericcode   01/25/2006 02:00 PM     
  Lollipop dreams and candy coated feelings  
@luc1ddr3am: it'd be nice if he'd send each and every one of us a million bucks too but this is the real world and war is part of that. Sure it'd be great if we could just sit around in a circle singing kumbaya but when you're dealing with people that have no qualms about beheading reporters for crying out have to throw down the gauntlet.
And yes, they were beheaded long before we went to war with Iraq.

@ericcode: Nasa is actually a v2.0 of what was then called the NACA, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, which was created in 1915 to design more reliable, faster planes for commuter travel and military dogfighters after WW1. The FAA is also an offshoot of NACA, but that's irrelevant. Anyway, my point is any time we have a war, we have innovation. Better faster ways to do things. Any war. Ever. Try googling military innovation iraq war september 11. :)
  by: aardvark   01/25/2006 02:23 PM     
Ok?? What does that have to do with our desire to spend an equally large amount of money on space study as war?

No one is contesting going to war being valid or not. If you read closely I think you'll find thats the truth.
  by: luc1dDr3am     01/26/2006 08:55 AM     
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