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                 01/21/2018 11:34 PM  
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01/23/2006 11:34 AM ID: 52412 Permalink   

US Hoping to Deport Scholar Back to China


Despite fighting for her return to the US five years ago, the United States government is now pushing to have scholar Gao Zahn deported to China, where she was held in 2001 for suspicion of spying for Taiwan.

Gao works as a researcher at the American University. Her deportation case, filed by the Department of Homeland Security, goes to court today. In 2003, Gao spent time in prison for exporting microprocessors to China.

She admitted to knowing that the technology would be used by the Chinese military. District Judge TS Ellis is surprised by the case, stating that were Gao a serious security risk, then more serious charges would have been filed.

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  This is a very odd case.  
There are far too many strange things about it.
  by: CrisW   01/23/2006 06:08 PM     
great insight. your comments are pointless to read.
  by: burner23   01/23/2006 06:42 PM     
It's called displacement... when you place your own faults on another person - but don't worry, there's treatment, so there is hope for you yet.
  by: lauriesman     01/24/2006 12:20 AM     

That was beautiful mate.
  by: jendres     01/24/2006 03:48 AM     
what a scumbag, just throw her back.
  by: koultunami     01/24/2006 03:27 PM     
  Let's see  
She is falsely accused of spying for Taiwan, which China considers a rebel province anyways, so there is no treason, really. She gets her @$#& ass to America, where she goes ahead and buys restricted technology for the Chinese military.
I do not know you all, but I believe she set all this up with her bosses in China. Just call me stupid, or whatever you like, but I do not believe she should be deported. She should be sent to a high security prison and never let her see the light of day. If she goes to China, she will live there in luxury after her bosses pay her for the years of service.
  by: macariov   01/24/2006 08:01 PM     
  I want to know..  
what they are considering "military grade microprocessors"

Anyone familiar at all with US military computer systems knows that the vast bulk of our military hardware runs on obsolete processors, things made in the early 80s.

Of course we have more modern systems as well, but the vast bulk of our guidance systems and intergated systems run off some very old hardware indeed.

If this is the sort of stuff she sent of to China, then "meh, so what?"

  by: Dedolito     01/24/2006 08:20 PM     
  Does not matter, Dedolito  
If I knowingly brake the law, even if like you say, it was probably some old piece of junk, the fact remains there was intent. Besides, if it was some sort of obsolete piece of garbage, she probably did not know the difference. It is the intent with which she did the crime. She is our guest, and basic courtesy dictates that a guest should not go around trying to cause hard to the host, even if any of you out there believe America deserves it, like many of you do. Just think if this happened in your country.
  by: macariov   01/24/2006 09:18 PM     
  I think it does matter  
I've not seen it anywhere that says these processors she sold can ONLY be used for military applications, or even that they are predominantly used in military applications. Only that they *could* be used.

Could? A 486 DX chip *could* be used in a missile guidance system. They are, in fact. We also use them in our shuttles. I'd find it rather appalling that someone could go to prison over the sale of microprocessors that, in the public sector, are in museums.

Given the stunts the Homeland Security Department has pulled in the recent past, I want to know what type of processor was sold, and which “Chinese Government Agency” actually received the chips. The source article, as well as all the other articles I’ve found on the ‘net about this case, are rather light on the details.

I would also like to toss out there that at one time the Chinese Government was rather notorious for coercing Chinese immigrants here into doing spy work by threatening the immigrant and/or their family back in the Mainland. I don’t know about nowdays, but back in the 70’s and 80’s when most of the Chinese immigrants to the US were researchers and scientists in high tech fields, it wasn’t uncommon for a couple of Chinese agents to show up unannounced at an immigrant’s door. When a pair of them showed up at our door -- something of a mistake on their part, given that our family escaped to Hong Kong and bear nothing but ill-will to the commie leaders of China– my father tossed them out on their ears.

Maybe Zahn really is a double crossing spy. Maybe she was just greedy. Or maybe she was coerced. I want to know more before passing judgment.
  by: Dedolito     01/24/2006 09:51 PM     
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