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                 04/24/2014 04:20 PM  
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01/26/2006 03:32 AM ID: 52460 Permalink   

Pilot Error Blamed for Missouri Commuter Plane Crash


The National Transportation Safety Board ruled Tuesday that a Missouri commuter plane crash that occured the night of Oct 19, 2004 was pilot error. A lack of cockpit discipline resulted in the deaths of both pilots and 11 of 13 passengers aboard.

Corporate Airlines Flight 5966 crashed on approach in a field one mile short of the runway at Kirksville Regional Airport. The NTSB said that a steady stream of inappropriate foul language in the cockpit suggested a "degraded performance" by the crew

"What we saw was a breakdown in discipline," said NTSB Acting Chairman Mark Rosenker. The crew was fatigued and distracted with the jokes and allowed the plane to get too low on approach, clipping some trees and crashing.

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for a lawsuit by the two surviving passengers. Sounds like an open and shut case.
  by: W.S. Blevins     01/26/2006 04:45 AM     
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