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                 02/17/2018 10:08 PM  
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01/26/2006 03:43 AM ID: 52461 Permalink   

Teen Assaults his Grandma with a Board


BRADENTON, FL - Kurt Cass,16, was arrested by police following an incident in which he threatened his 60-year-old grandmother by holding a razor to her throat and assaulting her with a board. Cass now faces numerous charges in the incident.

Cass initially demanded that his grandmother give him $100 dollars to purchase beer. When she refused, he held a razor to her throat and forced her to take him to the bank and obtain the funds. Once she returned home, she locked all of the doors.

Accoring to police, Cass returned home afterward and forced entry into the home. He then beat his grandmother with a 2x4 and a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe. Her caseworker arrived during the incident and detained Cass until police arrived.

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  There's a pic in the source  
That kid looks evil!!
  by: electricjars   01/26/2006 04:20 AM     
Like a real champ... Probably very popular with everyone. I have no idea what could have caused this to happen. =P
  by: Galamela   01/26/2006 04:22 AM     
  This is very troubling...  
The guy on the pic looks like my little brother getting beaten up pretty good...And my grandma was killed by a guy I knew in high school over similar circomstances. He stabbed her 53+ times to get away with 400$ and her car because he had drug debts...I just hope he gets to be the little bitch of a bubba somewhere in jail for what he did to his grandma...
  by: Korzen   01/26/2006 04:29 AM     
"I just hope he gets to be the little bitch of a bubba somewhere in jail for what he did to his grandma..."

should read
"I just hope this Cass gets to be the little bitch of a bubba somewhere in jail for what he did to his grandma..."

now im going to get some sleep
  by: Korzen   01/26/2006 04:39 AM     
  Doing this at 16  
I highly doubt that the kid is able to be rehabilitated. Society would be better off if someone just went ahead and killed him while in jail.
  by: W.S. Blevins     01/26/2006 04:42 AM     
  *Points to Euthanasia topic* n/t  
  by: fballer23   01/26/2006 04:58 AM     
  What a Fat Little Piece Of Sh!T!!!!  
Poor Grandma,
I know the story was switched up a bit, but the real truth behind it all is that he wasn't able to get any more Baby Ruths.
Keep this guy locked up for atleast 60 years, then fry him up like bacon. Or even better, put him on a stick and cook that fat boy, Rotissiere Style!
Donate the bacon to help the needy.
  by: stevemetzger3d   01/26/2006 06:26 AM     
I see that the disputably sane people that lurk these forums haven't posted yet, but its not too late!

Silliness aside I wonder if this is a case of Klinefelter's syndrome. I haven't gone over the details of the syndrome for awhile but I really don't see what could cause such wreckless violent behavior unless the kid was raised in a box most of his life, or his home life is just terrible.

I'd say attempt to enculture this kid, unless its a genetic thing it's not too late imo. Alot of people are posting making a common mistake and assuming that the people you are posting about have the same background, when in reality this kid may have been through hell that was not in his hands to control.
  by: luc1dDr3am     01/26/2006 07:52 AM     
The disorder I mentioned was way off base. I was thinking the XYY genotype disorder which causes higher levels of testerone to be produced in the recipient. Still don't know if it has anything to do with this child though.
  by: luc1dDr3am     01/26/2006 08:22 AM     
You are right, most of the posters here seem to have a taste for blood. Give this kid a chance, he's 16. Everyone that has studied child development know that boys who are steeped in adolescence have extremely high levels of testosterone and have very different thought patterns than fully developed adults, they are extremely reactive and will lash out with little forethought. To add any sort of child abuse, family problems, being picked on by others his age, etc. to the mix only makes matters worse. He looks obese, it wouldn't surprise me if he gets picked on regularly. He probably wanted to drink his problems away. What he needs is some time in juvie so he can learn that what he did was wrong, and then move on to get some positive encouragement, some real friends, and education.
  by: ezanto   01/26/2006 08:16 PM     
  And don't forget to mention.....  
I can't believe out of all those listed to help this guy, you never mentioned a weight loss program. This kid needs to stop eating junk food and lose a lot of weight. Maybe he wouldn't be on right now, he would never be made fun of or picked on.
  by: stevemetzger3d   01/27/2006 03:45 AM     
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