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                 02/25/2018 12:33 AM  
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01/26/2006 12:54 PM ID: 52469 Permalink   

Hamas Seen with Clear Majority in Palestinian Elections


The Palestinian premiere and his cabinet today handed in their official resignations after elections in the country looked to be won by the radical militant group Hamas. The result predictions have been described as shocking.

Official results are not due until later today. Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said: “This is the choice of the people. If it’s true, then the president should ask Hamas to form a new government. For me, personally, I sent my resignation.”

By law, the Palestinian president must ask the party with the most seats to form a government. Hamas has said previously they were not interested in governing alone and could ask Fatah to form an alliance.

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  Blame the Us government  
Blame the Us government for the totally one sided dealing with the palestinians and Jewish setttlers which has lead to a possible confrontational situation being realised. Treating the Palestinians like second class citizens in the dispute over the land all formally known as Palestine has lead to the people electing and extreme group to govern. A move like this shows clearly the people of palestine a sick of their treatment and want to make a stand. This situation now can only be resolved if America steps out and allows Israel and Palestine to either finish this dispute over battle or over amicable discussion.
  by: JOCKSTEELUK   01/26/2006 04:39 PM     
  Long live democracy!  
What great governments they give us: Bush, Blair, Hamas...
  by: ixuzus     01/27/2006 12:49 AM     
Kim Jong Ill, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...
  by: Mr-Anderson   01/27/2006 04:46 AM     
  What I love  
is the fact that the US are so 'encouraging' about creating new democracies in other countries that they heavily funded Hamas' opposition party. Another case of "you can have a democratic government as long as they're the guys we want".

Well, people may not like it, but it is a democracy and the people voted for who they want.
  by: jameswaring2000   01/27/2006 05:37 AM     
I can't understand how USA can get away with something as blatant as that heavily funding Hamas' opposition party and even threatening to reduce the aid given to the Palestininan Authority if they let Hamas stand in the elections.
Is this the democracy Bush is talking about?
Is the World just going to sit back and ignore these things?
  by: DataGLO   01/27/2006 10:55 AM     
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