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                 01/19/2018 10:06 PM  
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01/26/2006 06:59 PM ID: 52480 Permalink   

Murder Defendants Stab their Lawyer while Attempting Courtroom Escape


Two murder defendants on trial for the murder of a woman in Brooklyn tried to escape by stabbing their attorney and the other grabbing at the gun of a court officer. Attorney Mitechell Dinnerstein was stabbed in the neck with a fiberglass shiv.

The wounds were said to be not life-threatening. The two are now additionally charged with assault, attempted escape and resisting arrest.
Two plastic items were found in the court and a metal item was in the rectum of one of the men.

The defendants were not handcuffed during the trial so as not to sway the jury and both were searched before leaving jail. No injuries to court officers were reported, but three people were taken to a hospital by the fire department after the attack.

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  Why would  
you want to harm your own lawyer. It seems like he would be the person on your side.
  by: cherubgirl     01/27/2006 12:02 AM     
  Perhaps the lawyer  
In his opinion thought the acused (I guess guilty now) was guilty, and deserved to be sentanced, so worked to ensure that outcome. Once the murderers came to that realization, they knew they were going away, and that this was an option for revenge, aswell as a foolish attempt at freedom?

"Dinnerstein works for the Capital Defender Office, which was established under the state's death penalty law to represent defendants who can't afford adequate representation in capital cases."

He'd get payed the same win/loss in the case, and perhaps was doing what he thought was morally right?

Just a thought...
  by: Syphon   01/27/2006 05:09 AM     
  The lawyer may have been  
a public pretender.
  by: LuxFestinus     01/27/2006 05:27 AM     
  If I understand correctly...  
Lawyers are supposed to support their client no matter what they think of them. If they think strongly against them, they arent supposed to take the case. If they "betray" their clients, no one will use that lawyer in the future.
  by: MephistoVI   01/27/2006 04:41 PM     
That guy had metal items rammed up into his poop shoot?
  by: RoBBoB     01/27/2006 07:55 PM     
Yes, well if you're a lawyer, and you're taking a case, if you disagree with the outcome, or believe ones innocence despite substancial evidence, and you would "technically" be saving ones life from wrongful imprisionment, wouldn't you show more initiative to get the acused free?
  by: Syphon   01/27/2006 08:33 PM     
  Mitch would never  
give up a defendant (personal knowledge), he has a strong belief that the system suks, as do I.

Few lawyers (cept those in the present white house) lack the necessary ethics. If they truly thought as Syphon says they would withdraw as counsel.
  by: MmmMan     02/02/2006 11:50 PM     
  Seems pretty simple.  
Granted the story no longer seems to be at the source, but from what I've read, it's still not so hard to understand. Why stab the lawyer? Perhaps simply to cause confusion to make the escape easier. Maybe they figured that people would attend to the wounded before trying to stop them. It is not as if the lawyer were a personal friend or indispensible ally - the court will just appoint a new one, so why not use this one as a distraction?

I bet this lawyer will be pretty hesitant to request no handcuffs next time, though. Whether moral or duty bound, it is a pity the guy was stabbed while doing his job.
  by: MomentOfClarity     02/03/2006 12:18 AM     
Next case.

After that display I would also recomend the asolute maximu sentance and no parole.
  by: jaded fox     02/03/2006 02:58 AM     
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