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                 02/23/2018 11:13 PM  
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01/26/2006 11:14 PM ID: 52482 Permalink   

Largest Known Drug Tunnel Closed


A tunnel running seven-tenths of a mile was discovered from Tijuana, Mexico to Otay Mesa, California. The authorities found two tons of marijuana inside the tunnel. Officals are calling it the most sophisticated and largest known tunnel to date that crosses the border.

The tunnel was equipped with lighting, electricity, ventilation and a pump to remove water. It stands 5 feet high and 3.5 feet wide.

Since 9/11 more that 20 cross-border tunnels have been discovered.

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Just legalize Marijuana and tax the **** out of it. Make everyone happy :)
  by: Chainzsaw   01/27/2006 01:00 AM     
Hmm I don't know how to edit a message...

But seriously, Marijuana is much less dangerous than alcolhol, and on that note, anyone care to debate w/ me?

Forgot to mention, you should add to the third sentence "...and largest <b>known </b> tunnel".
  by: Chainzsaw   01/27/2006 01:06 AM     
The Goverment should stop supporting terrorism and legalize these substances.
  by: steme   01/27/2006 01:39 AM     
  If the  
government were to legalise marajuana and tax it extremely high maybe out national debt would come down from 8 billion dollars.

Shows the debt to the penny.

  by: cherubgirl     01/27/2006 01:45 AM     
  That's eight TRILLION...  
01/23/2006 $8,174,270,999,692.73
Check the link again.
  by: vanillaskye   01/27/2006 02:14 AM     
that's $8000 billion.. also i bet the smoke wasn't the only thing being smuggled in
  by: pornohippy   01/27/2006 04:00 AM     
The US gov't should actually be concentrating on keeping illegals OUT of their country.
  by: cbuilding   01/27/2006 05:02 AM     
Why, because you are afraid they are going to take your jobs?
Cause im sure you like the construction and cleaning floors in supermarkets at 1am in the morning. Or Maybe being a cook in the fast food.
They set us at a higher standard, if you can't do more than a mexican that can't speak english im not sure what to say then.
  by: sp00ky187   01/27/2006 06:21 AM     
last i knew illegal aliens didnt pay taxes... o, or followed laws. so spooky go shi* in you hat. tell me what job your kids will do afterschool if all the illegals are doing the job
  by: twixt01   01/27/2006 11:46 AM     
I actually have a job while going to school, there are several jobs that i can apply for. As for paying taxes, they don't pay taxes while they are in or not in the US; and they do the jobs no one else wants to do anyways.
Have you heard of any job shortages from illegals at all?
Have you heard of any deficiencies we have because they don't pay taxes?
You know i know people that don't pay taxes, car insurance, car emissions, and have a debt sky high and don't pay that either.
They are all american people too and i bet that there are more american people "intentionally" cheating taxes than illegals do and at a higher amount by 15x.
"Or followed laws" ?
I speed daily i guess i don't follow laws either, whats your point ?
  by: sp00ky187   01/27/2006 12:26 PM     
If you know American Citizens that do not pay taxes then you know freeloading criminals that the IRS will hunt down and prosecute. Tax evasion is a serious offense, friend.

It is unfair for anyone, illegal alien or citizen, to benefit from our society without paying taxes to support it. Those tax dollars support the very infrastructure that allows you to work, and without taxes our country would crumble.

Look beyond your own little world and you will see that regardless of your tree-hugging sentiment, the are criminals, plain and simple.
  by: Twisted_Mister   01/27/2006 12:56 PM     
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but if I discover a drug tunnel, I would keep it open. :-/ I hope they would close a drug tunnel after its discovery. Anyways, very interesting! Thanks for posting.
  by: s0n0fagun   01/27/2006 02:27 PM     
In my little world, bush is the one that is pushing for allowing illegal aliens to work in the US.
Tree hugging? i would rather perfer them not to be here, but at least i have a sense of reality that there is no way we can keep them out. So you might as well work with the problem instead of sitting in your chair complaining about taxes you will never see and wouldn't even notice a different if we did get them.
And if you don't think we have enough taxes to spend on ourselves maybe you should look into protesting the war in Iraq.

While i agree with taxes being the basis of how this coutry is developed, i do not believe that illegal aliens are harming it. There are far more serious offenses done by the american people themselves, cheating and pillaging money. ERON ? Haliburton? Rep Delay?

And don't forget, we were all criminals and illegal when we took this country from the Indians.
  by: sp00ky187   01/27/2006 02:45 PM     
  Taxing Drugs  
The state of Tennessee has a tax on illegal drugs and collected $1.7 Million dollars so far. The tax was introduced last year.
  by: MephistoVI   01/27/2006 04:10 PM     
I am going to go out on a limb here and adress your Indian question.

1. "when we took this country from the Indians"
- There was no country to take, this country was not a country at all when it was inhabited by the Indians. There was no infrastucture or centralized government, no borders. Nothing but indigenous tribes of people roamning the land trying to survive.

2. "we were all criminals and illegal"
- Actually since there were no laws established by any existing entity at the time the pilgrams and future settlers landed in the New World you cannot say we were illegal or criminals. I am sure there were some criminals who fled Europe to come to the New World, but no crimes were commited by just being here.

- you must remember before we conquered the native's of the New World we tried to teach them and integrate them into the society that was becoming the new leader on the block. The Indians refused to accept our way of life and decided it was best to declare war on the settlers and try to push us back where we came from. We fought back and they in turn became a conquered people, we claimed the land because to the victor goes the spoiles.
  by: DRHunk     01/27/2006 05:10 PM     
There are an estimated 8-9 million illegal immigrants in the us. If they work for $5 an hour without paying taxes (many make substantially more, very few if any make less...), that is between 200 and 250 million in lost revenue. If that isn't much to you then you have a lot more cash than I do.

It is unfair and illegal. To say it is "less illegal" is ludicrous. I don't think we need to build a wall, I think it should be much easier to become a legal resident. If you would take the money we have wasted on the war in Iraq and invest it in the Mexican economy and infrastructure then we would be able to open the border without great concern of serious economic repercussions.
Just a thought...
  by: Twisted_Mister   01/27/2006 05:15 PM     
  @spooky again  
Of course bush is all for using illegals - he is all about the rich getting richer at any cost. He and his cronies love cheap labor with no benefits and no chance of unionization. What is best for bush is not necessarily what is best for the country.
  by: Twisted_Mister   01/27/2006 05:18 PM     
  Do any of you know  
what Mexico does to people who enter their country illegally?
  by: tomblik     01/27/2006 06:06 PM     
people go to mexico? :P
  by: Emp3r0r     01/27/2006 06:09 PM     
Make them eat churros?
  by: koultunami     01/27/2006 06:11 PM     
Let the illegals work. But as far as the US is concerned, they should not have the same rights as legal citizens or those who came here legally and have a green card.

What pisses me off is like what just happened in Conneticut. 8 illegals from Guatemala were trespassing on school property while school was in session. There were no trespassing signs all over the place. The police were called and the 8 were arrested and found to be here illegally. These illegals were day laborers, so they did not report any taxes. Now the tax money from the citizens of this country who care about it's financial stabilty are paying for defense attourneys for these 8 people who shouldn't have even been here to begin with. Not only are they not paying taxes, they are wasting our tax money in the court systems.

To hell with illegals wasting our money and the ACLU.
  by: Sirus_x   01/27/2006 06:43 PM     
  taxes and legalizing drugs...  
i agree that marijuana should be legalized and taxed. The govn't can really get a lot of money for that. Before you say that I am a druggy that just doesn't want to get arrested for my habit; i've smoked pot once in my life (10 years ago...never tried it again)

If they don't want to legalize pot, another way the govn't can collect money from the drug trade (and also illegal immigrants) is to abolish the Federal Income Tax and put a Federal Sales Tax in place. I don't know what percentage would work but then if the drug dealers use their income to buy a car, the govn't gets its share.
  by: testeng     01/27/2006 06:59 PM     
Do you really believe that illegal immigrants are the problem?

Why do you think they come here? , well they find work, Who gives them that work?
If YOU lived in mexico you would be doing the same thing, its businesses readily accept immgrants and put them to work.

"they are wasting our tax money in the court systems."
Oh yea because you hear the lawyers and judges handling the case complaining about it, and their free appointed attorney if they have one, IF they really cared about taxes they would deport them immediatly.

I never said anything about them being illegal and less illegal, nor was i trying to make it sound that in anyway.

Maybe you just don't get it, im not defending the mexicans at all, im pretty much neutral in it and i understand why they come to the US, and i see why you are angry about it.

BUT, what i pointed out is you will not be able to stop this problem no matter what. ANd keep in mind mexicans aren't the only problem, how about the chinese? Hell i knew a polish guy that wasn't legal.
The amount you say for taxes, sure its a lot of money....Keep in mind our national debt and iraq....if we had more money, do you really think you'd see any of it put into use that you would see?

Im sorry but you are beginning to be one of those people that seem to find lower people than then and place the "blame" of problems on them. When the underlying reason is much more than that.

If they worked in Alaska where there is no income tax, would you still be complaining? Would things be any different?
Truth is, they are either here or not, and either way you don't get taxes from them; they are doing the job that no one wants to do AND most likely getting paid under the minimum wage (which can affect your amount of taxes that are lost through them)

You can sit there and complain and insult me as a tree hugger, or like the other guy i can shit in my hat? (forgot the star he used for the i). Im just stating the obvious to you and i won't lose this argument because you are arguing a totally different point.
  by: sp00ky187   01/27/2006 07:30 PM     
  Illegal Immigrants...  
In my view the problem has nothing to do with the presence of illegals. I concede that our economy is dependent upon that work force. It's the constant crusading for the rights of these illegals that has me tweaked.
Illegal immigrants can get housing assistance. Their children (regardless of whether they were born here or not) are eligible for financial assistance to go to state colleges. Hospitals are required to provide medical care for these guys when they get hurt or sick. All these items and more are paid out of funds that they don't contribute to (taxes). In essence, we pay for them to be here.
I say keep the aliens working, keep them coming to the US but LEGITIMIZE THE PROCESS. It should be easier to become a citizen and there should be more incentive and less red tape for getting a green card and they should pay income tax so as to pay for the services our society affords them that citizens aren't necessarily eligible for.
  by: etown411   01/27/2006 08:21 PM     
  The answer to my earlier question  
is that Mexico arrests and deports people who illegally immigrate to Mexico, yet at the same time the Mexican government enforces their immigration laws they demand that we not enforce ours.
My biggest problem with illegal immigration is the misinformation disseminated from organizations such as MALDEF ( ). Organizations such as MALDEF would have us believe that the United States has a closed border. Our borders are wide open. We have approved border crossings at an average of approx. every 20 miles. That is hardly a closed border. The immigration laws of the US are quite methodical. There are background and health checks that are intended to prevent the entry of criminals and the spread of disease. People who choose to enter this country through less than legitimate means effectively bypass those safeguards. The next issue is that there are people who immigrate to this country legally. These people or their employers spend literally thousands of dollars to maintain sponsorship until their green cards are approved. Then there are those who enter this country on the cheap through the Diversity Visa Program. About 50,000 Green Cards are given out every year through the Diversity Visa Program. Nahhhhh Our borders are closed. How would you feel if you went through the wringer to get a Permanent Resident Card (green card) while your local landscapers just hopped over 3 strands of barbed wire. The mass immigration of illegals over our southern border is a slap in the face to everyone who has immigrated here legally. If immigrant rights groups want to get this thing right they would stand up to the advocates of illegal immigration such as MALDEF. MALDEF would have you believe that these illegal immigrants aren't criminals either. I will cut MALDEF a little slack here since English isn't their first language and calmly point the to Webster's Dictionary. People who break the law are, in fact, criminals. This shouldn't be a debate over the imporverished Mexican economy. That is Vicente Fox's problem. This should be a debate over right and wrong in this country. It is dead wrong to require Japanese citizens jump through hoop after hoop and seemingly never ending red tape only to get here and discover that Julio out there with a leaf blower only had to jump 3 strands of barbed wire and apply for amnesty. It is wrong wrong wrong.
  by: tomblik     01/27/2006 10:25 PM     
[trolls will be banned----Admin]
  by: Azza   01/29/2006 01:27 AM     
"you must remember before we conquered the native's of the New World we tried to teach them and integrate them into the society that was becoming the new leader on the block."

Wow, what a brilliantly hegemonic view of the world. 'Hi, we've decided we want to live here now, so you can either conform to the way we do it or we're going to kill you.' It's nice to see that American foreign politics hasn't changed much since the days of the Native Americans
  by: jameswaring2000   01/30/2006 01:35 AM     
How exactly is he trolling? Looks to me he's just expressing an opinion which others are countering and debating. Pretty much the sign of a healthy discussion
  by: jameswaring2000   01/30/2006 01:38 AM     
  aahh jameswaring2000  
no it means an admin deleted is lame comment.
  by: Emp3r0r     01/30/2006 03:15 AM     
Pure engineering genius.
  by: kalika   02/01/2006 03:42 PM     
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