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                 02/23/2018 11:03 PM  
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01/28/2006 05:54 PM ID: 52533 Permalink   

Father Convicted of Raping his 3-year-old Daughter - Offers to Rape Child on Live Web Broadcast


CINCINNATI, OH. - Paul Kraft, 32, has been convicted this week of raping his three-year-old daughter. Both he and his wife, Robin Kraft, 25, were facing 17 charges relating to the abuse of their five children ages 1 through 6.

Kraft was arrested after he offered to broadcast the rape of his three-year-old daughter live on the Internet. He made the offer providing that someone else would perform the same crime so that he could watch. The offer was made in a chat room.

An undercover Secret Service Agent monitoring the chat room titled "Baby and Preteen Sex" witnessed the offer in an online exchange with Kraft. Local authorities then arrested him. His wife was found incompetent to stand trial.

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Sick bastard.
  by: cherubgirl     01/28/2006 05:59 PM     
This is probably the most f*cked up thing I've heard in a couple of weeks.
  by: jonnysodoff   01/28/2006 06:18 PM     
I just cannot understand this. No matter how empathic I try to be I just cannot understand how someone would get turned on from doing this.
  by: Rappy   01/28/2006 07:15 PM     
it seems to be part of our animal heritage, recent studies with big monkey populations have show that when are large male numbers in the group, the males that can't copulate with females use younglings as sex objects or engage in homosexual conductes
  by: demonh8   01/28/2006 07:31 PM     
I dont know about you but the rest of the human race relies on logic and intelligence, not animal instincts to get by from day today, so thats no excuse to be a sick f*ck
  by: djcll6121   01/28/2006 08:26 PM     
An explanation is not a justification, you have to open your narrow mind, and as much as you and other ppl want to deny we all humans are just animals
  by: demonh8   01/28/2006 08:35 PM     
  I doubt any animal rapes it babies...  
except for deranged human beings.That pretty much sums it up.
  by: W.S. Blevins     01/28/2006 08:41 PM     
i say we chop his dick off and let him bleed to death, revive him 3 or 4 times just to chop somthing else off
  by: groomsy     01/28/2006 09:02 PM     
  I agree  
with groomsy. Or let him out of jail with a room full of mother's whose children have been molested or raped, each mother gets one object. Not a gun or knive. (ice picks can do alot of damage.)
  by: cherubgirl     01/28/2006 09:13 PM     
what im saying is that you are trying to relate two unrelated things. this guy is not in an all male population or anything like that, he chose to do these things. i dont see monkeys setting up webcams so they can get off on their kids. i understand we are animals, but animals in the wild have to rely on instinct to survive. finding heat when its cold, water when their thirsty. we have developed brains so we can invent something to make life easier for us. if that wasnt the case, there would be no order or civilized life
  by: djcll6121   01/28/2006 09:27 PM     
er, he had a wife. in theory he could have (and, in fact, most likely did) used her as a sex object instead. it wasn't lack of available adult partner that made him go for his own children.
  by: ayestiva   01/28/2006 09:29 PM     
contrast this guy with Geoghan (SN reported) - this guy IS a monster, psychologically revels in being sick an depraved, this man is not just sick, he is demented. He is probably psychopathic, and from the nature of his crimes feels absolutely no shame or guilt, and would definitely do it again if he believed he could get away with it.

While I do not believe in revenge, I do believe that this person should probably receive the death penalty.
  by: lauriesman     01/28/2006 10:24 PM     
  While I do believe in revenge.  
I do not think he should get death penalty. We should study him... or maybe study stuff on him... Like organ transplant or other medical products.
  by: Calamit√©   01/28/2006 10:52 PM     
  While I don't..  
agree with the death penalty in all cases, I think it is definitely appropriate in this case.
  by: StarShadow     01/28/2006 11:05 PM     
  I believe  
there is a special place in hell reserved for people like this. On another note we should stand against the people that are trying to use political forces to legalize activity like this.
  by: LuxFestinus     01/28/2006 11:29 PM     
  Don't sink to his level  
Don't sink to this sicko's level by what gruesome revenge you propose. Kill him quickly, and quietly, and without fuss - there is no way this man will ever reform, psychopaths generally don't because they are incapable of feeling shame or remorse. For all concerned it would be better if he was quickly and quietly executed by lethal injection or such.
  by: lauriesman     01/29/2006 01:23 AM     
  Here's a photo  
  by: W.S. Blevins     01/29/2006 04:26 AM     
  Oh God,  
what a sick motherf*cker... i hope he gets the living sh1t torn out of him in prison, literally...
  by: stonesour025   01/29/2006 05:50 AM     
  You've got to be FU#)@(# Kidding  
Just wipe him off the face of the planet as well as anyone that thinks like him!
  by: callanish   01/29/2006 06:13 AM     
  i think this is the best idea  
i think they need to make a real saw3 with him in the room and his wife
  by: lenny56769   01/29/2006 06:27 AM     
this is a pretty clear cut case of a monster in my opinion.. was he on crystal meth or something?
Plus he kinda looks like that kid that beat his granny to death, reported here recently
  by: pornohippy   01/29/2006 06:28 AM     
  Justice ...  

What I do not understand is why society goes out of its way to protect these people once they are caught and convicted?

This pedo will get a special place in prison with others like him.

The general population would have this guy dead within hours of his admission. So, if they really want to make prison a deterent to these sick people, why not just put them in with everyone else and let "natural selection" take its course?

I mean does a guy like this really have rights? It seems to me he has chosen to give those up???

  by: SmutleyQ   01/29/2006 07:56 AM     
  Fine, if he does it....  
...kill him, nuff said!
  by: ozric   01/29/2006 10:33 AM     
It isn't about this guys rights. It's about OUR humanity..

To paraphrase Neitzsche, "When hunting monsters, be careful that you do not in turn become that which you despise"

In short, civilized people - as we are - do not throw others to the wolves, that would be sinking to a level of barbarity. While we may feel that level or anger and outrage, we cannot let it dictate our actions, or we become as barbaric and despised as the criminals we seek to excise.
  by: lauriesman     01/29/2006 12:19 PM     
  Becoming monsters  
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

This would apply to a wise society who has a concept of what one should do to evolve to a higher plane of understanding. Unfortunately humanity is a barbaric monkeyish race prone to self destruction so...

Yes we will become monsters fighting monsters and pretty much kill each other. See: 'current events' and 'history' and 'bleak future'.

  by: Vswift   01/29/2006 08:29 PM     
i find it common for people in religious groups to want to take "God's" place and murder people. Not to say people outside of religion don't, but it find it amusing how you believe in God; but also do God's job for him. You shouldn't be the one judging him and deciding his fate, God should.

So i wonder what the point of having a God, if people do the job for him.
And i always like this line
"Only God can judge me now"

They've already said the mother can't stand trial, most likely because of mental problems? And they will stick this man on trial eventhough he may not be fit, just to please the people that "justice" will be done.

Im in no way supporting anyone that molests children, but murder isn't the right way.
  by: sp00ky187   01/29/2006 09:01 PM     
Actually, the mother was found mentally incompetent - what that means basically is that she is incapable of knowing that what she did was wrong. The father, on the other hand, knows very well that what he did was wrong - in fact he glorified in it, and enjoyed sexual gratification from the wrongness itself.

The forgiveness of God does not mean you do not have to face the consequences of your actions. It is not for me to judge the state of this man's soul, that is true. However, God's forgiveness has nothing to do with real world consequences.

Separation of Church and state.
  by: lauriesman     01/29/2006 09:37 PM     
stop going back and forth, what the hell was a SS agent doing in a chat room titled baby and preteen sex? i doubt UBL and terrorists transmit crap in those chat rooms i want an explanation from the white house about that.
  by: DREKK   01/30/2006 01:01 AM     
  It's amazing  
how quickly discussions on crimes such as this on SN turn into inane, immature pointless crap like 'kill him with an ice-pick'. All that happens is that people often come off sounding as civilised as the subjects they are commenting on.

It gets really difficult on here sifting through all the crap about the most innovative ways to kill people, to actually find anything of substance on people's opinions of the motives and mentalities of those such as the focus of the article.

I'm personally not sure whether he will go to a normal jail or end up in a psychiatric unit for the remainder of at least most of his life. No matter how much I consider it, it just doesn't seem possible to me how someone who could commit such acts could be classified as sane (thus be sent to a normal prison) under testing. However, not all perpetrators of such crimes are technically classified as insane.
  by: jameswaring2000   01/30/2006 01:20 AM     
  And secondly  
Where on earth are these chat-rooms called things such as "baby and pre-teen sex" allowed to exist? Surely whoever owns the service on which they are run should be monitoring which rooms are created etc. so those with such names are closed down, and the identity or IP of the creators handed on to the police immediately
  by: jameswaring2000   01/30/2006 01:24 AM     
  Simple... not  
1. If rooms like this were not allowed to exist we would be living in a dictator society. 2. A fact is that MOST people have psychological locks built in that make it possible to refrain from performing every sick thought that floats through ones head. Unfortunately some people do not have these (everyones different) and so they do not have the same restraint that most of us are capable of. (any one here that will try to insist that they are not capable of thinking these thoughts is lying, and should probably re-read their own comments above.) we are all capable of thinking these barbaric things, it's just that some of us don have the ability to realize that these things are wrong.
  by: cyphercrash   01/30/2006 01:44 AM     
Would you rather force it further underground - where no doubt it already exists? It is a matter of minutes to set up a working IRC server with a name registered through one of the dynamic DNS providers.

Personally, I'd rather these sicko's were kept on public servers where FBI agents and what not can observe and collect data on, and then capture and prosecute people like this guy.
  by: lauriesman     01/30/2006 02:55 AM     
i agree it's possible.. i also think we make choices based on inherit instincts more so than we think. if youre born with a f*cked up head, i dont think logic and intelligence is going change the unwillful motives you have
  by: arciced   01/30/2006 03:59 AM     
ok, I see your point, I was just wondering where and how people set up these chat rooms in the first place. I have never personally used IRC so I'm not sure how the whole thing works.
  by: jameswaring2000   01/30/2006 06:49 AM     
In the link posted above.

I am certainly not always liberal nor conservative and am an actual real life moderate in how my views are all in one very extreme direction and in an not related to typical people's reactions.

Anyway enough personal bable (that we all sometimes run into, after all we are in a way talking to, about, and analazing most importantly ourselves and secondarily (always least important in people, one another.)

If you look at this man's photo, and look into his eyes, actually look, you may notice the sad, weary, and definitely a troubled look on this mans face.

This man knows what is about to happen to him and I honestly believe he certainly without a doubt understands his situation and he probably also for whatever the reason believes he deserves punishment.

I am not claiming to be a psychic of his situation but honeslty this seems like he is a manifestation of the evil his surroudings have inflicted upon him.

That doesn't mean that he too is now not evil and or doesn't diserves punishment and even death (he won't be executed though, unfortunately nor will he probably even be in jail for more than 15-25 years.

I say that to say this; He deserves what ever punishment reserved for the most cruel and disgusting criminals.

But until we learn to conteract this desire to commit harm to one another or can turn of the desire to want to read about others doing it or watching it on tv (ie: hostel).

For some reason people can be as the most loving caring creatures and then have it within themselves to commit such hatful despicable acts.

This man was however not just sought into existance he was molded by his environment. He possibly dated his wife at a very very young age that may have been sparked by perhaphs him being raped at a young age or a traumatic experience, that could have developed into this distain he has become.

I dont claim any justification for this thing but I can assure he was certainly not always like that and hopefully saw the fallacy in his ways and did this as a cry for help to be caught... I dont know where you solicit for such random sick things but the internet but I can't imagine that to be too smart.

I'd wonder if I'm right and maybe he thinks he deserves what is coming for him based on his past sin or if he doesn't feel the need for care, compassion, love, or any human emotion.
  by: opticalillusion   01/30/2006 06:57 AM     
Everybody knows that the world of a child is full of hopes and good things about the world, eventually one grows and realize the truth about things

That little 3 year old girl's (and his brtothers/sisters) dreams and hopes were destroyed by that Moda f*ck*r who doesn't give a crap bout any1 but himself.
He destroyed the simply purity of a child, something priceless that she won't be able to get back never, and that with leave a burnign scar in her forever. 50 years could happen and still she would not recover?

Can anyone of u look at that little girl's eye, see her tears, her pain everything that she suffers and still say that the guy going to prison is fair?

What if it was ur sister? or a very dear person to you?

It is not inmature to say someone deserves death, for there are many punishments worse than that, and that one is raping.

Kill all rapist

  by: Jhax   01/30/2006 07:56 AM     
  The purpose of jail  
Is not for revenge against criminals - the purpose of jail is two fold - to offer criminals a chance to 'pay their debits', reform , and reintergrate into society, and to excise from society those who are not capable of reintegration or reformation.

We do not put people in jail to get back at them, to take revenge, we do it so that they cannot continue to harm society. It is for societies benefit.

If an excised criminal, considered medically beyond reform, has done something so heinous that the cost of his keep, and the space he occupies, is deemed unjustified, then he will be executed. When this happens, it is done in as swift and painless a manner as possible.

While we might hate the crimes of this man, and despise the man himself, we cannot let our aggression control our actions - otherwise we are reduced to the level of murderers.
  by: lauriesman     01/30/2006 09:43 AM     
I am confused as to why the Secret Service is monitoring chatrooms (with the genius title of 'baby and pre-teen sex')....

Child Protective Services are responsible for this kind of thing. This article seems to be unhinged.

The Secret Service provides security to diplomats, dignitaries, and executive branch members (as well as security around Federal buildings).

Something stinks of bullsh!t here. I bet this is just some 'detective' jumping the gun and trumping up charges so they can get the 'Employee of the Month' parking space (hanging out in chatrooms for pedos ain't exactly digging too deeply).

P.S. As people have to be reminded repeatedly, and I am sick of having to be the one to write the manifesto-- if you kill a convicted child-molestor then you might as well kill every other felon (and why stop there? Kill innocent people, too!). Putting them on lists which haunt their lives well after imprisonment/rehabilitation/punishment is already cruel and unusual punishment.

Once you start WRITING LISTS then you have to write MORE LISTS. Who else do you want to burn at the stake, or blacklist, or send to a concentration camp? Are YOU really prepared to murder a convicted pedophile and justify it? What happens when someone accuses you of a crime and wants your head?

Protect Your Rights by Protecting the Rights of Others (even if you think they are human excrement).

  by: theironboard     01/30/2006 04:04 PM     
  Humans and Animals  
For those of you arguing the duality of man, the intelligent side and the animal side, first look at animals.

Make love not war monkeys, aka Bonobos. I don't condone what humans do but we can't say what animals do is wrong.

Should we kill this guy? He didn't kill anyone. But is he useful to society or will he ever be? I get so tempted with stories like these to not kill these people, harvest their organs. Pull out his heart and donate it to the transplant system. Why ruin perfectly good organs? Seriously though, pedophilia is all about control. So I hope this guy gets raped repeatedly in prison. Would Cruel and unusual punishment deter cruel and unusual acts? Probably not because people with that mentality don't think they will be alive at the end of the day so there is no deterant with prison. I'll die before they catch me is the usual mentality. So the question I pose to this community is this; How do we keep this from happening again?
How can we prevent irrational people from doing irrational things? We cannot ration with them obviously and we cannot be irrational because we are the sane people so what do we do? This has plauged humanity for a long time, I hope there is a solution.
  by: ericcode   01/30/2006 05:30 PM     
"It is not inmature to say someone deserves death, for there are many punishments worse than that, and that one is raping."

I challenge you to find one person who would rather die than be raped. It just doesn't happen, which is why rape is ofte commited at knife/gun point; because given the choice between death and rape people will largely choose rape.

"What if it was ur sister? or a very dear person to you?"

Using these sorts of comparisons is a very dangerous thing to do when looking at law and punishment. As a species we are so protective of our families that we will not always do what is just given the chance to avenge one who has been wronged. That is why we have juries of people whom usually have no connection at all to the victim.

"He destroyed the simply purity of a child, something priceless that she won't be able to get back never, and that with leave a burnign scar in her forever. 50 years could happen and still she would not recover?"

Well the best we can hope for is that she is given a decent foster or adoptive family who can bring her up to give her the chances her original parents would never have been willing to give her.

  by: jameswaring2000   01/30/2006 08:44 PM     
I'm aware that the FBI does monitor chatrooms, both with agents and AI programs designed to trigger alerts to other agents.

I think that is what the article meant - secret service would not be involved.

I personally beleive this man is beyond reformation, and as such, should not be allowed to consume vital resources that could go to helping another criminal who is not. Of course, that isn't for me to deside but for a jury, with the evidence and assessment of expert witnesses on the matter.
  by: lauriesman     01/30/2006 09:57 PM     
  Thats flucked up!  
He should get the death penalty but not for a very long time. He should suffer in prison for years before they finally kill him. Plus you know what happens to these sort of criminals in jail...
  by: turkman   01/31/2006 04:13 AM     
  1 person  
has mentioned the child in this case. Thank you.

He's going to get what's coming to him. That may be life in jail (normal or not), it may be the death penalty (lethal or getting the crap beat out of him in jail), or he just may spend the rest of his life all alone locked up in a little cell. As a Christian minister I have no problem letting the consequences shape out. Whatever they may be.

My problem is the question of why we don't focus our attention on the child. How do you think I'm sure she'd appreciate the fact that most people are too busy arguing about our animal instincts and our stance on the death penalty. This is personal, I know, but I hate how we just forget all about the victims.

A 3 Year Old Child!
  by: revjfletcher   01/31/2006 06:22 PM     
When somebody rapes your sister or somebody very dear to you THEN AND ONLY THEN you can come and say that you must move along and follow what the law says.
If i bring up a comparison like that is beacuase it exist, it hurts and you can't just look away like if nothing had happened.

Second, If you have any knwolodge of psycology, raping is one of the most brutal things that can be done to a person; not for the physical damage but for the psycological damage.
Of course, some may recover fully, but most of them can't and will reside with that pain/fear/etc for the rest of their life, especially in a delicate age as childhood.
Believe me, no good adopted family is gonna take that suffering away, it's something that may mark her whole personality. If you think otherwise, go ask a doctor the effects on a childs psycology.

It may be true than raping is better than death fine, and it may be butthats the way people who never met someone who was raped thinks

Next time you want to make an opinion saying "being raped is as normal as being robbed" i suggest you get some background for your theories. Just what you think isn't enough.
  by: Jhax   02/01/2006 06:19 AM     
  I Despise child molesters......  
I never use to believe in the death penalty before.But now I wish they would just torture those sick bastards untill they die a slow and painfull death.Too many innocent children are being destroyed and killed by perverts like him.They are too selfish and screwed up in the head to be alowed any kind of freedom just to keep harming children.They cant be trusted to do ever any difforent in my book.I wish God would strike the sick perverts down and send them straight to hell.....
  by: angela_1954   06/26/2008 03:54 PM     
  Old summary  
Look at the date.
  by: JonSmith     06/26/2008 04:17 PM     
  Link didn't work for me  
showed I wasn't logged in or registered
  by: crosimoto     06/26/2008 04:28 PM     
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