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                 07/01/2015 02:01 AM  
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01/30/2006 02:10 AM ID: 52545 Permalink   

Arctic Ice 'Tsunami' Crashes Ashore in Alaska


Two Arctic Ocean sea ice surges, known by Alaska Natives as 'ivus', have crashed onto the shore at Barrow, Alaska, in quantities not seen in nearly three decades. A lot of residents were stunned by the specticle and had never seen it before.

"It just looked like a big old mountain of ice," said L.A. Leavitt, 19. Ivus are like frozen tsunamis and can be quite deadly. Their violent force has killed people in the past and are among the Arctic's most feared natural phenomena.

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  Been there  
I've been to Barrow several times. This would have been neat to see, but where I used to stay, I would have been stuck until they cleared the one road that runs along the coast.
  by: justaperson     01/30/2006 06:07 AM     
  holy hell  
they were just talking about this on the colbert report he said "thunder snow? whats next? an ice tsunami?"
  by: duffman3030   01/30/2006 10:44 PM     
Waiting for the "Doomsday Lads" to say this is another sign of the apocolypse...

(Little info for everyone - this is the end of the sign of Pisces - The sign of blief - We've entered the sign of Aquarias, which Catholics have somehow, through many manipulations, turned into the "Coming of the Anti-Christ" as well as the "Armageddon"...)

Don't believe me?

(Caugh... Google... Caugh...)
  by: ignorant almond   02/01/2006 09:18 AM     
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