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                 02/23/2018 01:39 AM  
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02/05/2006 06:15 PM ID: 52687 Permalink   

Western Union Sends Final Telegram


Made obsolete by new technology, the Western Union telegram is a thing of the past, as of Friday. It was formed in April 1856 to promote the hot new technology of the telegraph, that could send cross-country messages in less than a day.

“The decision was a hard decision because we’re fully aware of our heritage,” said Victor Chayet, a spokesman for Western Union. “But it’s the final transition from a communications company to a financial services company.”

Last year, only 20,000 telegrams were sent at $10 each.

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only 20,000.... i would have figured only two.

telegram 1: hey dude whats up?
telegram 2: who sends a telegram? just email me.

honestly who sends telegrams? and at ten bucks a piece? thats retarded.
  by: duffman3030   02/05/2006 07:50 PM     
done for the 'theame' of it. I know for $10 it would be interesting for a child to recieve etc.
  by: ssxxxssssss   02/05/2006 10:08 PM     
  i've charmed countless women by sending telegraphs  
nothing sets a woman on fire
like sending her a sexy wire
and even if she lives next door
telegraph her and she'll ask for more

  by: reverend j roach     02/05/2006 10:20 PM     
  20000 huh  
looks like the military hasnt upgraded yet :D
  by: starlock   02/06/2006 12:28 AM     
  I think  
most of them would be for weddings. I know they are still used in some very traditional weddings.
  by: ixuzus     02/06/2006 01:01 AM     
  traditional western weddings  
  by: 31337157   02/07/2006 10:42 AM     
  @rev j roach  
There once was a codger from Dodger
who sent a wire to oblige her
the dispatch was sent
then away they went
That crafty ol codger from Dodger
full stop

Next to go: strip-o-grams.
  by: theironboard     02/07/2006 12:58 PM     
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