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                 01/22/2018 09:19 AM  
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02/09/2006 03:15 AM ID: 52762 Permalink   

Arkansas Mayor Charged with Corruption, Police Chief's Wife had Sex with Jail Inmates


LONOKE, Ark.- Lonoke Mayor Thomas Privett has been arrested in a corruption probe and the Chief of Police, along with bail bondsmen, are charged with a conspiracy to make methamphetamine in order to frame someone with it.

Police Chief Jay Campbell and his wife, Kelly Harrison Campbell, are also accused of stealing antique jewelry from a home and pawning it. The chief's wife allegedly took at least two inmates out of the jail for sex at different locations.

She is charged with prisoner escape-related crimes. "This investigation is ongoing and the state has not ruled out that there may be additional charges filed and that there may be additional suspects," said Prosecutor Lona McCastlain.

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  If your gonna be in jail...  
you should atleast be allowed to sleep with a cop's wife.

Give this women credit, she took one for the team when other cop wives won't. She's a true hero.

If more cops had wives like this, maybe Bubba wouldn't get those horrible late night urges, and ruin everyone's night.

On a serious note, Good Article Lurker... Funny stuff.
  by: tellgar     02/09/2006 03:38 AM     
  Nice story  
They are charged with conspiracy to make meth in order to frame someone with it? That made me laugh. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. Since all conspiracy theories are bunk, you shouldn't believe this. They are innocent.

  by: banshee9898     02/09/2006 08:30 AM     
  So all cops  
aren’t the upstanding citizens they are portrayed to be? They actually do go to great lengths to frame people. Wow, maybe OJ is innocent…..nawww. But this is some really incredible sh!t. When I was a kid we had an ex-CIA black ops Nazi just back from Viet Nam for sheriff and he was torturing prisoners in the county jail. After getting reported in the statewide newspaper he held off the State Troopers that came to investigate and the Governor had to call out the National Guard to take him down. I think penalties for people in positions of authority that abuse their power should be double or triple that of ordinary citizens. We are entrusting these people to uphold the law and time and again they run amuck on a power trip. All to often they get probation and a slap on the hand. BS.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/09/2006 03:06 PM     
That sounds like a chuck norris movie to me.
  by: RoBBoB     02/09/2006 04:35 PM     
I like the idea there. And I think your totally right, we should bust people in positions of authority within our government and give them way more time for the crimes they commit.

Maybe it would make them think twice about doing the things that they shouldn't.
  by: tellgar     02/09/2006 04:50 PM     
Yeah and what state this took place in? LOL what was his name? Did it end with aichman and barbie? Lol
  by: DREKK   02/09/2006 11:32 PM     
Hardin County Iowa, 1974-75. The sickest part of this whole affair was the trial for the sheriff. Half the county showed up at the trial picketing the court house with signs that read “Free Calloway”, “Calloway is a Good Sheriff”, “Calloway Cleaned Up the County”. He got off with probation and lost his job. Last I heard he was selling insurance in the same county. “Better buy some insurance or your barn might burn down tonight”.
  by: Valkyrie123     02/10/2006 03:09 PM     
Now I have to write a different script for my Made for TV movie.
  by: ericcode   02/11/2006 10:02 AM     
lol @ the chuck norris idea
  by: 31337157   02/12/2006 11:47 AM     
  Crime doesnt pay  
No wonder the jail was so full. They wanted to have a piece of the police chiefs wife.Some guys I bet were praying for 90 days in jail looking forward to the 89 nights with her. Crime doesn't pay BAH! ! ! "c'mon your Honor I should get 90 days for that". "oh and I jay walked too"
  by: Deepthought   02/14/2006 07:50 AM     
  Im so  
surprised this was not in Florida.
  by: Emp3r0r     03/14/2006 04:15 AM     
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