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                 02/23/2018 07:11 PM  
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02/12/2006 05:13 PM ID: 52820 Permalink   

World's Flight Distance Record Broken


American adventurer Steve Fossett has broken the world's flight distance record. Fosset flew 76-hours and 45-minutes and travelled over 26,000 miles (42,000 km).

"Well, that was an exciting finish," said Fossett, after having to make an emergency landing.
Shortly after breaking the record over Ireland he lost electrical power. The back-up- battery only lasts approximately 25 minutes.

He was forced to land at Bournemouth instead of at Kent. He said he had "no visibility" due to a build up ice during the flight, and his tyres burst on landing.
He was greeted at Bournemouth by the fire brigade instead of a grand reception at Kent.

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  Well its a record  
but at the end of the day its a guy with too much money and a lot of time on his hands.
  by: Gatsby   02/13/2006 03:11 AM     
Good for him.
  by: Drudge   02/13/2006 03:38 AM     
  @ GATSBY  
In the process, this guy with "too much money" raised thousands of dollars for the charity ORBIS. Without people like Lindgerg, the Write Brothers, Bleriot and Steve Fossett, the human race would be pretty pathetic!
  by: PBoxter   02/14/2006 02:19 PM     
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