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                 01/23/2018 04:39 PM  
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02/19/2006 05:53 PM ID: 52941 Permalink   

Michael Jackson's Hurricane Katrina Song is Ready


Michael Jackson announced eight days after the Hurricane Katrina disaster that he would release an all-star, Katrina charity single within two weeks. [SN reported] Almost six months later, the song is scheduled to come out by the end of this month.

Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain's king, said in a telephone interview from Dubai, "The record is coming along great. We've been taking our time to perfect it and mix it."

Stars featured on the CD include Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, the Rev. Shirley Caesar, the O'Jays, Ciara, Keyisha Cole, James Ingram, Jackson's brother Jermaine, and Shanice. The song is supposedly titled, "I Have This Dream."

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  @Mchael Jackson  
I thought the song was going to be called 'From the Bottom of My Heart.', or was that some other charity song MJ was going to whip up?
  by: theironboard     02/19/2006 09:35 PM     
  is mike not allowed to change the name of a song??  
  by: hotrock11     02/19/2006 09:38 PM     
looking forward to it
  by: starlock   02/19/2006 10:55 PM     
Whats this washed up Wacko up to.
  by: Drudge   02/19/2006 11:39 PM     
so crap. I find these natural disaster sing-alongs so tacky and especially when commercial rappers join in.

It's so stupid!! Rappers think guns are cool and wearing pants around their ankles is cool so it looks like they've shit themselves.

Then they're on an album with church people. Maybe Snoop should just give the homeless people a bit of his trillion dollars or perhaps one of his swimming pools.
  by: biohazard   02/19/2006 11:57 PM     
  hahahahaha @ bio  
another person crying about hoo

it's so damn funny, because people hate on rappers
for doing a DIEASTER SONG. Damn, you have to be
cold hearted to get mad because a famous rapper
wanted to do a song where any profit will probably
go to charities.

"Maybe Snoop should just give the homeless people
a bit of his trillion dollars or perhaps one of his
swimming pools."

Yea, he should donate more. It's not enough he just
has more than 100 players, and that he is active in
CHARITIES. WTF do you want him to do? Everyday
cut a check in front of a TV reporter? "Yea, this is
for Biohazard, who thinks everyday I walk around
w/my pants to my ankles"

In fact, here's a better question - where are thse
mosh rockers at? Can someone answer that? Are
they too "cool" to do anything? Because it seems
like a lot of these school killings and sucides are
commonly linked to heavy metal. But I guess that's
not cool to talk about anymore...rather talk about
some random shooting w/a commercial rap song in
the background, eh?

This is why I love SN. People will shit on someone
for no reason. You want to rant about rappers? I'm
going to rant about these grungy heavy metal
artists who rather do coke and sleep w/100 girls
than donate a dollar down here.
  by: hotrock11     02/20/2006 01:10 AM     
  I don't like  
rock either, I especially don't like heavy metal so don't assume I'm some [deleted] I actually listn to drum'n'bass if you must know.
I'm just saying that the whole bring out a CD for dying people is so tacky and typical of rich famous people to make them selves look better. We thank the rich people for giving out some of their money but everyone seems to forget the doctors and nurses and volunteers who often don't have many cheques to write but are always there in the heat of the disaster. I didn't mean to offend you so much, and I am rather cold hearted towards people

Why did Snoop fund a fu*ckn football league. Aren't they loaded with cash anyway???

(don't pop a cap in my ass for that comment)
  by: biohazard   02/20/2006 01:36 AM     
  I don't  
mean to be so harsh.
  by: biohazard   02/20/2006 02:34 AM     
Before you get all up on that heavy metal shit, you should know that theres just as much linkage going on between gangsta rap and school shootings as their is heavy metal. Heavy metal linkage tends towards suicide.
  by: lauriesman     02/21/2006 05:50 AM     
The football league Snoop founded isn't for NFL players. It's for local people in the community. Ya'know, to keep kids out of gangs by giving them something better to do (like playing footbal)

With the vast amount of rap/hip-hop artists out there and the diversity within that genre it's pretty rediculous to make blanket statement about all rappers. It's like saying all rock-n-roll musicians are self absorbed egomaniacs. Sure, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) may be so but the guys from U2 are about as charitable as someone can be.
  by: etown411   02/23/2006 08:19 PM     
You arent harsh at all. I'm with you on your opinions. He's a fcking wanker whos spent all his money on shit and he's gotta regain it somehow. Idiot! lol.
  by: FluffyPinkPillows   02/26/2006 01:02 AM     
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