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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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03/04/2006 02:36 AM ID: 53155 Permalink   

Sea of Souls


Scotland’s award winning 3rd Drama, Sea of Souls, has just ended.
The story involves three main characters:
Dr Douglas Monaghan (Bill Paterson) and his two researchers at the Clyde University's Parapsychology. The three are drawn together by the unexplained.

Researchers Justine McManus (Dawn Steele) and Craig Stevenson (Iain Robertson) soon link together and into the supernatural where Justine soon finds her Psychic powers.
Monaghan reflects on his past after a séance contacting a child.

The show's producer, Stephen Garwood, said: "This year we've aimed to make the audience feel even more scared, so each story should feel like a rollercoaster ride. The trick is to be able to provide the shocks and bangs, but not where people expect them to be."

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  Interesting title  
  by: Hereslooking@you   03/04/2006 08:31 AM     
  No interesting reply  
n/t and you get 20 points for that.

Wow, now that rocks my boat.
So are you interested in the Paranormal?

  by: captainJane     03/04/2006 09:09 AM     
Yes I am fascinated by all things unexplained.
I'm at work so I had to keep my comment short, excuse the n/t dear :P
  by: Hereslooking@you   03/04/2006 09:48 AM     
  Great Series  
have not enjoyed anything on the paranoral for ages but like that.
Hope you get to see it one day with your niece.
  by: captainJane     03/11/2006 08:19 AM     
  Personally I dont believe in the paranormal.  
More often than not when these "unexplained" things are explained they turn out to be quite natural phenomena, just presenting themselves in an unusual way.

The premise that these things are real may work for fiction and I can understand that. You have to suspend your disbelief in order to enjoy such stories.

I do however have a problem with fictional paranormal shows being presented as fact (I'm looking atyou "most haunted"). They prey on peoples beliefs to make quick easy money.
  by: CrisW   03/11/2006 08:39 AM     
  This is news?  
I am not edified.
  by: walter3ca   03/11/2006 08:51 AM     
Most Haunted lol, omg, trash just a load of ex public school kids finding a way to keep rich absolutely ridicules we have laughed so much in our house at that Derrick but he is laughing all the way to the bank he is soooooo fake.
  by: captainJane     03/11/2006 09:10 AM     
  A ghostly bride  
In St. Augustine, FL, where I live, there are ghost tours every night. I've been on some of them because they are always adding to them and I like ghost stories. The tour guides dress in old fashioned costumes and one night when we were near Tolomato Cemetery which is haunted by a ghostly bride, a woman in all white was standing next to me. It was close to Halloween so I didn't think anything of it. But when I turned to make some comment about what the tour guide was saying, the woman in white was gone. I could still see her out of the corner of my eye as I turned, but she just disappeared. I looked around the group but didn't see anyone dressed like her. I've always wondered if it was the ghostly bride standing next to me.
  by: Lenore   03/21/2006 04:55 PM     
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