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                 11/22/2017 08:27 AM  
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03/20/2006 01:31 AM ID: 53428 Permalink   

John Travolta’s New Role May Go Against Scientology


Some Scientology watchers say that John Travolta's decision to play a woman in the John Waters film, “Hairspray,” may go against L. Ron Hubbard's teachings. Travolta will take on the role of middle-aged mom Edna Turnblad, formerly played by gay actors.

L. Ron Hubbard, felt that gays “should be taken from society as rapidly as possible” because “no social order will survive which does not remove these people from its midst.” He probably would not have liked Travolta dressed in drag as Edna Turnblad.

“If Hubbard had historically had his way there would be no John Waters films in America and no gay actors to play the part of Edna Turnblad, which would of course leave Mr. Travolta with no new character role," said Rick Ross on

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The Prophet Travolta has fallen from galactic grace. If Travolta is in the closet we may need to use R Kelly to get him out. Lord Hubbard would be most displeased.
  by: manilaryce     03/20/2006 01:45 AM     
  to quote mr travolta  
"Hahaha! Stupid humans!"
-Battlefield Earth
  by: manilaryce     03/20/2006 01:47 AM     
Oh no. The choice of an actor breaks the meaningless, arbitrary laws put in place by a now dead man who was clearly only in it for the money.
  by: p_g_chris   03/20/2006 06:07 AM     
I've heard enough about scientology this week...hey why not organize some massive riot against them, smash em to bits then we all can go to sleep!
  by: Pas Content   03/20/2006 06:30 AM     
Travolta is a scientologist. This may be a problem
HOPEFULLY Travolta will convert to something else, I really don't see why he is a scientologist. I mean, he's a respected actor
  by: anony-chan   03/20/2006 06:37 AM     
"he's a respected actor"

i hope you were being sarcastic.
  by: manilaryce     03/20/2006 06:40 AM     
The media shows him in quite a good light in Australia
  by: anony-chan   03/20/2006 06:42 AM     
i guess he's alright as a human being. as an actor though he's been in alot of horrible movies. i'm sorry but pulp fiction doesn't make up for all the damage.

and he always makes it a point to dance in every movie he's in. what's up with that? i guess he wants to be remembered as a great dancer.

he's just really annoying in my opinion. see battlefield earth and you'll know what i mean.
  by: manilaryce     03/20/2006 06:58 AM     
did he dance in that? Wasn't he won of the bad guys dressed up like a klingon copy?
  by: jendres     03/20/2006 07:14 AM     
  won , one...  
why is it that i only proof read after I click 'submit'?
  by: jendres     03/20/2006 07:15 AM     
no he didn't dance in battlefield earth. jebus! imagine how bad it would be if he did. that'd be overkill.
  by: manilaryce     03/20/2006 07:43 AM     
  good actor, bad religion  
  by: reverend j roach     03/20/2006 08:23 AM     
  bad religion, good band  
  by: manilaryce     03/20/2006 08:52 AM     
  Dodgey Cult, Should be Band  
  by: ozric   03/20/2006 10:23 AM     
Omg John in a frock that has hit my funny spot today.
  by: captainJane     03/20/2006 12:40 PM     
Travolta is ok. He's not George Clooney.

As Batman (some one who's parents were murdered) he was far to damn happy.

Smile, head bob. Head bob, smile.

It was more of a sequel to the '60 series than the Tim Burton batman movies. The problems with Clooney's installment of batman can be summed up in two words - Bat Nipples.

Travolta looks like he deserves an award when you compair his role in Battlefield earth to Clooney as Batman.
  by: ericcode   03/20/2006 01:47 PM     
  What is Travolta's buddy Samuel L. Jackson up to?  
Just remembered something about one of Travolta's friends.

Samuel L. Jackson is in a movie called "Snakes on a plane". In an article about the movie, the producers wanted to change the name to "Pacific Ocean Flight 121" instead of its origional script name. Samuel was quoted as saying "You can't change the name. It's Snakes on a mother f***ing plane"
  by: ericcode   03/20/2006 01:58 PM     
Ok, first of all, this trash article came from a GOSSIP column, by someone who does not understand the first thing about Scientology.

Secondly, L. Ron Hubbard did not say such thing about gays.

Thirdly, Hubbard never had any comment about John Waters.

RickRoss hates all new religions and only writes trash about Scientology.

Scientology has no problem with gays, respects individual choice and does not get into people's bedrooms.

By the way, Anne Archer, a Scientologist, has a prominent role currently in "The L Word", a lesbian show.

There is a website for gay Scientologists at

There is a paper on Scientology and the Gay Community at

You can learn more about Scientology at:


By the way, I thought Battlefield Earth was a dog of a movie too. But Travolta will always be Tony Manero, king of disco, for me. And he was great in Swordfish.

Greg Churilov
  by:   03/20/2006 03:04 PM     
  Scientology and Gays  
Sorry, something happened to the link to the "Scientology & the Gay Community" PDF. Here it goes again:

Greg Churilov
  by:   03/20/2006 03:06 PM     
  Link, third try!!  
The PDF on Scientology and Gays is at:

www . liveandgrow . org / gays . PDF

(dub, dub, dub, liveandgrow dot org, slash gays dot pdf)

  by:   03/20/2006 03:08 PM     
before I turn you into an engram and implant you in someone!
  by: Xenu   03/20/2006 03:40 PM     
"Give it first! Not after the deducts. Not after the social security, and the hospitalization, and the malnutrition. Not after all these things on ya check, ya say 'I'ma give God a little what's left.' You do, and that's what
you gonna get from God."
  by: RoBBoB     03/20/2006 04:28 PM     
  mind games  
"what we perceive as matter is an interpretation of divine mind" (Science & Health, 330:25-274; 470:9-14).

hey its all in the mind, there is no john travolta, no movie, therefore no transgression of scientology law..

"Sorry, something happened to the link to the "Scientology & the Gay Community" PDF. Here it goes again:"

see even no link ... its all in the mind, all in the mind.
  by: wayfarer     03/20/2006 04:28 PM     
  Not all in the mind  
Wayfarer, the interface is breaking the link when I post it.

It's (slash) gays.pdf

That's the best I can do.

You can also see

And, like I said before, there is no Scientology "law" on sexuality.

Greg Churilov
  by:   03/20/2006 04:38 PM     
Please stop multi posting your crap on here. All the links worked just fine you just dont seem to know what you are doing.
  by: RoBBoB     03/20/2006 04:43 PM     
  On bigotry  
Instead of mocking something because you don't understand it, make an effort to understand.

Just because some hate-sites describe Scientology beliefs as some cooky UFO thing, doesn't mean it's true.

Prejudice leads to fear, fear leads to hate, hate fosters prejudice. Break the circle.

Greg Churilov
  by:   03/20/2006 04:44 PM     
  mind games  
"what we perceive as matter is an interpretation of divine mind" (Science & Health, 330:25-274; 470:9-14).

hey its all in the mind, there is no john travolta, no movie, therefore no transgression of scientology law..

"Sorry, something happened to the link to the "Scientology & the Gay Community" PDF. Here it goes again:"

see even no link ... its all in the mind, all in the mind.
  by: wayfarer     03/20/2006 04:47 PM     
  @ RoBBoB  
Who am I? I'm not the Devil
I can take you to my level
Above the rocks, above the earth
Tell me what your soul is worth
  by: fats3287   03/20/2006 04:55 PM     
*clap,clap,clap* bout time someone guessed at that.
  by: RoBBoB     03/20/2006 05:00 PM     
Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you

I'd be pretty dubious about my faith if i heard its inventor said "if you want to get rich invent your own religion"
  by: koultunami     03/20/2006 05:01 PM     
  @ fats  
i will guess who you are...
u must be that chap a.k.a
Greg Churilov
in disguise....
  by: wayfarer     03/20/2006 05:56 PM     
  Bogus quote  
That thing about "inventing your own religion" was debunked in court long ago. It's actually a George Orwell quote, from the 1930s.

And I ALWAYS sign by my own name - not a nic and not anonymous.

Greg Churilov
  by:   03/20/2006 06:00 PM     
  One word:  

That says it all, look it up on google or wikipedia.
  by: cbuilding   03/20/2006 06:25 PM     
  "Make money. Make more money." - L. Ron Hubbard  
"Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown." - L. Ron Hubbard

Hey Greg!

How are you? Welcome to this website of anonymous and cowardly people. How much money have you given to save the world from Xenu? Is weed a drug?


P.S. Of course Scientology (tm) 'Religion' doesn't have a problem with gays! Tom Cruise is their new prophet. Gay people have a lot of money to volunteer to the 'church'!

  by: theironboard     03/20/2006 06:29 PM     
Just because your cult took a German publisher to court over the quote doesn't mean it was debunked, but there's hardly any point in talking any thing like sense with you since if you were attracted enough to come here to whine about an article, you're deep enough in to not see past the idiocy and lies you're being brainwashed with.

As for Bigotry, save your pseudo logical rhetoric for some other weakminded, under-educated fool. I have spent plenty of time trying to understand your cult because my father got sucked into it when I was young. I read the books he brought home, and then I read other books, including some of the ones from which L.Ron stole and modified the regression therapy you people call "Auditing".

That's one of the big clinchers too. "It must be true, because Auditing works!" Of course it works! Any half baked psychology student could walk someone through a few sessions!

75 kajillion years trapped in this volcano, and I've gotten a bit cranky! Don't try my patience!
  by: Xenu   03/20/2006 08:53 PM  
You are going to hell, for your evil beliefs!!! Burn demon, burn! </sarcasm>

BTW real persecution requires gas or a lion.
  by: Emp3r0r     03/20/2006 09:26 PM  
I think the only way you'll atract new followers from here is if you can offer some sort of legal immunity for the use of mary-jane, and even then, it's iffy now that TIB has gotten comfortable with his glue-eating habit.
  by: lynxdk   03/20/2006 09:43 PM     
  Everything you need to know about Scientology...  
You can learn from South Park.

  by: etown411   03/20/2006 09:49 PM     
  I eat glue!  
mrrph! mrrrrrrrph mrrrrrrrrph!
  by: theironboard     03/20/2006 10:38 PM     
I hope the good Lord Hubbard has compasion on you all. My brother Greg Churilov has obviously achieved the level clear and expelled the very thetans which still still bind you. Fight against their influence and you will rid yourself of your intolerance and insanity. I know how hard it is to do this. In my past life I was a peaceful being transplanted on Nostra. There I was tortured for the enjoyment of galactic pirates. Overcoming that trauma was a difficult thing to do, but scientology made it possible. I urge you to undergoe your own experience. It's really not as expensive as the critics say. May Hubbard bless you and allow you to expel your thetans.
  by: manilaryce     03/20/2006 10:55 PM     
Thanks guys, after the day I had, I needed a good laugh.
  by: testeng     03/21/2006 04:14 AM     
Darth Hays shell make sweet love to your bum!
  by: Emp3r0r     03/23/2006 04:52 AM     
I went to all your links and i still can't find the uncut clips from Battlefield Earth of John travolta dancing in a pseudo klingon outfit!

Can you send them to me? I really want to see them because I think John is a fantastic dancer!
  by: jendres     03/23/2006 06:46 AM     
  An even better link!  
Hey '' ive got an even better link for you, maybe it'll help you see what a scam your part of?
  by: Xenu Rules!   03/23/2006 02:28 PM     
I forgot this one...

All hail Xenu! :)
  by: Xenu Rules!   03/23/2006 02:42 PM     
  Maybe Gumps fundy buddies  
will have Dubya declare the Scientologists the Scienterrorists and declare war on them next.

Travolta dances in all these movies because he’s gay. Just watch South Park and you will learn these thing. So is Tom Cruise, they are in the closet together.

I wonder if the Scientologist’s have ever been audited by an outside source?

Did you know that Scientology spelled in Xenuibian is ASSHATS!
  by: valkyrie123     03/23/2006 05:28 PM     
  So much hate and pettiness...  
1) Yes, Scientology WAS audited by an outside source - the IRS conducted an extensive 3-yr. audit of all aspects of Scientology finances, and concluded that Scientology was a valid non-profic organization.

2) Posting links to hate-sites doesn't accomplish much. Just shows how much hate there is in the world. I could post links to anti-Catholics or anti-Mormons just as easily, but what possible purpose does it serve.

3) While you're having your fun mocking someone else's beliefs, would you stop and examine your own, and your parents', and your friends', and see if anyone could possibly consider those beliefs ridiculous as well.

By promoting hate for a religion, you're helping hate grow. There are millions of Scientologists in the world, and a kid in your school might be a Scientologist. Or someone in your neighborhood. Don't participate in the hate campaign.

Greg Churilov
  by:   03/23/2006 06:16 PM     
No no no, its not hate I'm sorry if you feel wronged but your "religion" is at best silly at least the rest are hundreds of years old your "religion" was made up in the last century by a sci-fi writer... If that does not give you a clue nothing will. Your "fruity little group" incites criticism because it is extremely secretive and attacks anyone remotely critical of it. My god look at South Park, South Park poked fun too bad they poke fun at every religion and have and has for 10 years. But when it comes to Scientology... then Isaac leaves and Tom Cruise starts making threats.
  by: Emp3r0r     03/23/2006 07:14 PM     
  Scientology is full of hate  
Hey, I am the creator of and How can you say those sites are full of hate? You are brainwashed. I would love to get a response from you naming one thing on my site that is not %100 true on my sites about your religion. Name it, and if you're right, I'll remove it. I don't hate. I educate. I educate people that your religion tries to get it's GREEDY money hungry paws on.

You wanna talk about hate? What about your hate website For those here that don't know, is a Church of Scientology front group with the sole purpose to discredit it's critics and spread lies about them. I can tell you 50 things on that site that are lies and full of HATE, because I personally know a lot of the people and there REAL stories. Your cult plants drugs on people. It hires P.I's to try and get it's critics fired from there jobs. Some of your P.I's are in jail for things such as impersinating cops. Your religion kills people with it's high ammounts of Niacin used in it's drug rehab programs. Google Lisa Mcpherson and Jeremy Perkins for just a couple of the deaths, these are not even Niacin related.
Your god, L. Ron Hubbard is a liar. He was never a War Hero as your cult claims he is.

Wanna learn about hate? Google "Scientology RPF", Google "Scientology FAIR GAME", Google "Scientology and Disconection". F*ck, I could go on for days.

Don't come here bringing your bullshit evil site trying to trick people into joining your cult.

Let's see you respond. Please point out what hate you are talking about.
  by: PaulH   03/23/2006 09:44 PM     
  one more thing.....  
Jeesh, I just read the last of your idiodic post.

Millions of Scientologists?? I can't stand it when you robots say this BULLSHIT.

Here's another way to get a scientologist NOT to respond to your questions. Ready? Ok, please name a factual referance that you got this information that there are millions of Scientologists. Real records show around 200,000 or less. So, please show where you are getting this informaion from AND IT CAN'T BE FROM A SCIENTOLOGY WEBSITE OR OTHER PEICE GARBAGE THAT THEY POST THEIR LIES ON. thanks
  by: PaulH   03/23/2006 09:53 PM     
He won't reply to that. In my experience, they generally "just leave the situation" when anyone says anything confrontational or contradictory to what they've been brainwashed with.

I'm surprised he even came back long enough to post that last message he did *lol* although the generic babble @ everyone instead of addressing anything specifically directed at him is typical.
  by: lynxdk   03/24/2006 03:02 AM     
although what you say is true i would still like to see the response. lol
  by: Emp3r0r     03/24/2006 03:34 AM     
My religion is the most ridiculous on the planet, I’m a Discordian. All hail Eros, may She taste delicious and bless my tax return. May we free Xenu and take him to lunch at Quiznos. All Hail!

Scientology is a hate group. They label anyone that disses their cult an SP, Supressive Person. They have gone so overboard in their attempts to vilify people on a scale so heinous and criminal they have had entire departments if their organization shut down after being caught. L.Ron’s wife was jailed for breaking into government offices to steal evidence against this cult. They promote physical violence against SP’s, breaking and entering into their homes and offices to plant “evidence” to disgrace innocents, they lie, threaten, harass and frame SP’s in order to silence them. They file frivolous law suits to try to break antagonists financially and ruin them.

Would you like to explain the term Dead Agent? No? Will let me then.
Dead Agent means to spread malicious lies and rumors about Scientology critics or organization, in an attempt to so thoroughly discredit them that everyone concerned will be disgusted with them, and not listen to the information they have to give about the cult.

Do your research folks. Anyone that wants to suppress the free speech of others usually has something to hide.
  by: valkyrie123     03/24/2006 04:23 AM     
  hey lynxdk  
Yeah, I'm suprised he stuck around as long as he did too. I give him credit for that.

I've seen a forum on before with this lady scientologist, and she'll stick around and even answer questions about Xenu. Now that's cool.

C'mon liveandgrow, still waiting on a response.
  by: PaulH   03/24/2006 09:20 AM     
  @liveandgrow scientology cultist freak  
I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

You 'scientology-worshippers' can eat the peanuts out of my poo.

I want to add more hate to the world because of idiot brainwashed dolts such as yourself infest it.

All of you radicals.... HOW THE FU#@ do you think you can live your life turning your back on your family and friends, pretending that others don't realise that you are part of a lunatic cult that has been declared a religion only to claim a special tax-bracket.

Yes, you got audited by the IRS because you are a bunch of asscap ninnies. Grow up! Do something good for the planet.

And stay the hell away from me and my family or I'll sue your ass!
  by: theironboard     03/25/2006 01:41 PM     
  To Ironboard:  
I don't know what fu(ked up experience you must have had with a Scientologist to be so damm bitter, man.

Personally, I don't turn my back on any of my family - I get along great with all of them.

Don't qute get the rest of your rant, so it's hard to reply.

I do think that you're misinformed though, 'cause my life is nothing like you seem to think it is.

B'sides, don't we live in a Country where everyone is entitled to believe as they want to? I mean, you can believe whatever you want, dude, and I don't hate you for it, so why do you hate me? It seems odd.

Greg Churilov
  by:   04/11/2006 11:55 PM     
Hi Paul.

Well, first of all, your posts are WAY off topic, as they have nothing to do with the original article. You're just using this forum to sound off about a personal hobby-horse and flame.

Secondly, I don't run and don't know much about it.

I can tell from your posts that something about my religion seriously ticks you off, and I'm sorry for that. I do remind you though that it IS still a free Country (until Dubya finally makes it a police state), so chill.

I don't know how you get off calling an evil site, dude. I mean, that's a stretch.

I don't know about greedy. I can personally tell you stories of thousands of Scientologists I met volunteering in Indonesia after the tsunami, or in Mississippi after Katrina. (And before you go there, no, we did NOT "preach", we distributed food and water, and helped in relief centers.)

I think that both you and the Scientologists who go up against you are both wrong. I think that some honest dialog might sort a lot of sh!t out. I'm just not sure this particular board is the best place for it tho.

I see you have a lot of fragmented, inaccurate information, and some of it is twisted to be even worse. You mention two negative incidents - both based on people that had a history of mental problems. Do you know that over 50,000 such people have died at the hands of psychiatry since 1950? I think every death is a tragedy, but let's compare apples to apples.

Feel free to keep on hating. I don't really hate you though. And I'm sorry you feel the way you do.

In the words of Rodney King, "can't we all just get along?" LOL

And, bottomline, the article was about Travolta playing a gay role. And the answer to that is, there's nothing in Scientology that would preclude that, and I personally know a bunch of gay Scientologists. And Anne Archer is co-starring in "The L-Word" anyway.

Greg Churilov
  by:   04/12/2006 12:09 AM     
  Rick Ross' question  
Rick Ross is probably working for Hollywood, producing negative publicity to get the film's plot inculcated into the public mind. He has introducing tidbits to bait us.
  by: Terryeo   12/25/2007 06:44 PM     
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