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                 01/18/2018 08:41 PM  
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03/26/2006 03:35 AM ID: 53532 Permalink   

Gunman Kills Six People, Commits Suicide


SEATTLE, Wash. - Six partygoers are dead and at least one other is critically wounded in a rented house in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. There were at least a dozen witnesses to the crime.

"It's one of the largest crime scenes the city has ever had," said Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske. All of the victims were in their late teens and early 20s and were at a "zombie rave." The shooter was seen leaving the house with a shotgun.

He was told to put the weapon down, but instead he turned the gun on himself. Police discovered that he also had a hand gun. The gunman was believed to not be from the area. No motive was given for his rampage.

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Just waiting for the cops to say drugs were a part of this. wether he was on them or sold them. just waiting
  by: Mile High Guy     03/26/2006 08:27 AM     
  inside the head of the shooter  
*6 down, a dozen of people to go, must kill em all, omg!, it's the cops, the cops!!!! they'll never take me alive!!!* shoots self*
  by: FunkMan   03/26/2006 09:36 PM     
  They found pot at the house  
but the guy that did the shooting had just been to a rave- so who knows what he was on! He spray painted the word 'NOW' three times on the way into the house after putting on bandoliers and arming himself with a pistol-grip shotgun.

Don't do guns, kids!
  by: theironboard     03/27/2006 11:42 AM     
"Don't do guns, kids!"

"If guns kill people, I can blame misspelled words on my pencil." - Larry the Cable Guy
  by: testeng     03/27/2006 07:58 PM     
Anyone know what a "zombie rave" is?
  by: creep   03/28/2006 01:23 AM     
  i'm guessing  
they were dressed as zombies? unless... this is some trip back to the early ninties rave scene? i dunno...
  by: koultunami     03/28/2006 01:10 PM     
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