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                 02/23/2018 01:35 PM  
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04/20/2006 02:18 PM ID: 53952 Permalink   

Police Arrest Phony Doctor Who Goes Door-to-Door Offering Free Breast Exams


Broward County, Fl - Police have arrested Philip Winikoff, after two woman accused him potraying himself as a doctor and for sexual assault. According to police Winikoff arrived at an apartment complex carrying a black doctor's bag.

The first unidentified woman told police Winikoff stated he was a doctor in the neighborhood administering free breast exams. The woman agreed & let him into her apartment, where he began to examine her breast then fondled her genitals.

The woman contacted police. As they arrived, Winikoff had already left & found a new victim. She described a similar story to police. She as well allowed him into her apartment. Investigators believe other women have also been victimized by Winikoff.

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  God I love Florida nt  
  by: Emp3r0r     04/20/2006 03:26 PM     
  You know  
I blame these women just as much as I blame him. 2 women in a row let him in and let this strange man fondle them. for heavens sake they ALMOST deserve it.

Reminds me of this
  by: RoBBoB     04/20/2006 04:03 PM     
  Now how f*cking stupid  
Do you even have to be to let someone in like that? Are these women just plain stupid? I think so. In this day and age, you don't even let a Jehova Witness into your house!

Sure they are victims, but also to their own stupidity!
  by: jediman3     04/20/2006 04:04 PM     
  lol rob  
Great link! j/k
  by: Emp3r0r     04/20/2006 04:10 PM     
Great Link!
  by: roots88     04/20/2006 04:48 PM     
I really have nothing better to do with my time then horde all these great links up just waiting for a story with relevance. ;-p hit me up some day if you are bored.
  by: RoBBoB     04/20/2006 05:07 PM     
  that link confirms my thoughts...  
if you ask correctly, you can almost do anything
you pleased.

think about it - some strange doctor comes up to
your door and asks you to let him feel your breasts.
You not only consent, BUT THEN, allow him into
your apartment. And you wonder why so many
rapes happen...

Come on ladies, you can't be so trusting! If it was
me (i'm a male) i'm going "no, there are no women
living here. why are you going door to door? what's
your business card? why aren't you setting up
appointments?" Also, I wouldn't let him 4 feet into
my house unless I had some backup w/me. (never
let door to door people in my house anyways)

I still can't believe these women not only allowed
the guy into their home, but allowed him to grop
them in areas that are deemed private. Use
common sense...WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A
  by: hotrock11     04/20/2006 06:02 PM     
  on a side not  
I am thinking about going to the fake ID store and getting some OBGYN badges made. I will do house calls to ensure that vagina fitment is ok for all these women.
  by: RoBBoB     04/20/2006 06:06 PM     
  I agree  
Those women should have known better "FREE BREAST EXAM" yeah right!!!
  by: mygoodness   04/20/2006 07:37 PM     
this guy stole my idea. I honestly don't see why the women blame him, how stupid can you be?
  by: cavedude   04/20/2006 09:36 PM     
"Do you mind if I come in and feel you up a little bit? I assure this is a perfectly legitimate practice."

I've always wanted to sink California off of the map, but now I'm including Florida in that list. What are these people thinking?
  by: ChaoticVengeance     04/20/2006 10:01 PM     
I would examine his nuts quicksmart with my shoe right in them, yep sir nothing wrong with those.
  by: captainJane     04/20/2006 10:37 PM     
lol that is such a rip off of a skit on The Man Show. They did that exact same thing on The Man Show.
  by: deagle   04/21/2006 07:37 AM     
"I blame these women just as much as I blame him. 2 women in a row let him in and let this strange man fondle them. for heavens sake they ALMOST deserve it."

I agree, they're as much at fault as the guy doing this (if they weren't, they wouldn't have let him in). Funny how it's not bad until it's found out he's not a doctor. I bet we won't even hear about the women that actually still think he was one.

"Yeah, word! Sign that!"
  by: banshee9898     04/21/2006 09:26 AM     
  FBI Ma'am  
Federal Breast Inspector
  by: koultunami     04/21/2006 09:55 AM     
lol indeed, the ladies have to have been stupid to have let the guy fondle their genitals, from what it sounds like this guy hasnt said im a doctor merely carried a doctors bag and considdering doctors in america arent free these women were stupid to say the least. i can understand say a free eye test because then you may purchase some glasses from them but free breast check lol.
  by: JOCKSTEELUK   04/21/2006 11:10 AM     
  are u kidding...  
that is a good idea but he just got a little too horny to pulkl it off.
  by: Sheemo44   04/21/2006 01:40 PM     
You know what Jock has a good point. Imagine how good this story would have been if he charged the women their insurance co-pay. Now that would have been.. I cant even think of a word to describe it
  by: RoBBoB     04/21/2006 03:50 PM     
  Not Stupid  
My understanding is he tried this primarily in immigrant communities. He targeted Haitians who do not yet understand how things are done in America. All he had to do was say that he was providing a public health service and represent himself as being with the county or the medical society to gain entry. If he had preyed on any other group, yes, I'd agree the women were stupid. In case, they were ignorant and he took advantage of their not knowing how health care works in the US.
  by: Wordess   04/21/2006 08:07 PM     
well, not an update...but they showed him on Kimmel last night.

He's 77 and extremely old and I have no idea why anyone would even allow him to touch the door knob...
  by: hotrock11     04/22/2006 03:15 PM     
  Although he can be charged  
for pretending to be a doctor (that is an offence in some placed. Is this sexual assult when they allowed him to touch them, and allowed him into their house. They didnt tell him to stop, or anything, so how is this 'technically' sexual assult.
  by: ssxxxssssss   04/22/2006 03:25 PM     
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