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                 01/18/2018 03:08 PM  
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04/28/2006 02:33 AM ID: 54089 Permalink   

82nd Airborne Soldier Admits to Performing Sex Acts on Web Site


Pfc. Richard T. Ashley, an 82nd Airborne Army paratrooper, pleaded guilty on Thursday to performing sex acts on a military-themed gay porno Web site. The judge in the case had denied a motion by the defense that would have dismissed the charges.

Ashley was one of three 82nd Airborne Division members charged with sodomy, pandering, and wrongfully engaging in sexual acts over the Internet for money. Two of those pleaded not guilty and four other soldiers have already received nonjudicial punishment.

"Homosexual orientation alone is not a bar to service, but homosexual conduct is incompatible with military service,” states the military's “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Anyone who violates this policy can be removed from the military.

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It's not very clear in the article, but this person, I assume, went to courtmartial. Judges do not preside over courtmartials...military council does not appear at civilian court either. Dang msnbc....can't quite figure it out.

They go over this one with you all the time in the service.

And it's a situation that is as old as MASH. :) Want out of the service...get caught doing something like this.

I do have to say though, kinda strikes me as odd that they came from the 82nd...those guys are pretty tore up. But with deployment rates as they are right now for that unit...I'm pretty sure that this was a one time incident for all of them.

There are easier ways to get out though.
  by: tv34291   04/28/2006 04:28 AM     
thats one way of getting out if going to iraq of afganistan and if this guy was just unhappy about protecting the contractors he can go back and earn $20k a month for the same job
  by: JOCKSTEELUK   04/28/2006 05:14 PM     
  Don't think outside the box, destroy the box  
If gays are not allowed to openly serve in our military and they are not allowed to marry and are denied all the benefits that come with these basic human rights as citizens they are being relegated to second class citizenry and should not have to pay taxes. It is tantamount to paying for services not rendered. They are paying for rights not realized. Stop denying them their rights or stop asking them to support this oppressive government.
  by: valkyrie123     04/28/2006 05:27 PM     
  Recruiter was talking to me...  
so I gave him a list of excuses. Then I was like
"man, i'm a raging homosexual who videotapes
myself and others in drag"

he finally was like "well...that could get you
discharged I guess..."

That man should have said the same thing if he
wanted out.
  by: hotrock11     04/28/2006 10:54 PM     
As ive been told many of times: You dont like it, then move.
  by: digital_darkness   05/01/2006 05:18 PM     
At this time, there isn't a draft in the US so anyone who is in the service signed up to be there. Granted a lot of them signed up before the threat of a war but when you join the military you have to expect that that is a possibility. When I was going through the process of joining the Air Force, the part about homosexual acts being a reason for court martial was stated very clearly in all the paper work I had to sign.

--So, it isn't as if the military is hiding the fact that they will not accept it and these guys joined anyway, so don't blame the military for enforcing its rules.
  by: testeng     05/01/2006 06:51 PM     
I like option 2 better. If you don’t like it, change it. At one time slavery was legal in this country, and women couldn’t vote. That changed, so will this eventually, when right wing neo-Christian hate mongers from the dark ages cease to rule this country. There are a lot of benefits that come with marriage and service in the military. These benefits should be available to any tax payer physically and mentally fit enough to marry or serve in the military. And no, homosexuality is not listed as a psychosis in the DSM IV. Anything less than full rights is relegating them to second class citizenship and hence they should be tax exempt. The government can’t have its cake and eat it too.
  by: valkyrie123     05/01/2006 07:56 PM     
I agree with you... but gays aren't the only second class citizens in this country. Potheads are also denied rights...

"It is tantamount to paying for services not rendered."

That goes for a lot of things... I don't have children, so I don't get tax deductions, and I am paying for kids to go to school. Personally, I think people should be charged more, say 5000 a year more on their taxes for each dependant they have under the age of 18.

That also goes for the people who lived in new orleans, and their tax money was paying FEMA. Or people who pay into welfare, and will never use that, etc.

I may not agree with what you post all the time, but telling people that if they don't like it, they should leave the country, is just retarded. We wouldn't be in america if that was the case. We would still be part of the british empire.
  by: tellgar     05/01/2006 09:39 PM     
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