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                 02/23/2018 11:02 PM  
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05/07/2006 02:26 AM ID: 54227 Permalink   

Berlin Brothel Offers Special Deals for Virgin Customers


A brothel in the red light area of the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany, is offering special deals for virgins with prostitutes trained to service customers who have never had sex before, according to Berlin's B.Z. tabloid.

"These are men who either never had sex before or have never been in a brothel before. It's the first house of love in Berlin that specializes in taking care of beginners," said the newspaper.

Prostitution is legal in Germany, where this brothel charges 60 euros for a half an hour of sex. Their prostitutes have undergone "sensitivity training" to deal with first timers, where clients are often over 40 years old.

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40 year old virgins? Anyways why should your first time be with a prostitute? At least let it mean something...please.
  by: Mr-anderson   05/07/2006 02:35 AM     
  If your a virgin at 40+  
Your "first time" probably isn't going to come naturally.
  by: RaabHimself   05/07/2006 06:49 AM     
So how does the brothel plan to verify that patrons are eligible for the special?
  by: ixuzus     05/07/2006 12:32 PM     
a simple glance will do. any 40 year old virgin isn't exactly going to be much of a stud in the looks department. and if you're a virgin at 40, sex with a prostitute will probably be the only way you will ever have sex from that point on.
  by: manilaryce     05/07/2006 01:07 PM     
  I thought they meant 'Virgin' Customers  
as in 'Virgin Megastores', 'Virgin Atlantic', and all of those associated with Richard Branson
  by: ironic   05/07/2006 04:55 PM     
  If it's 60 Euros for a half-hour...  
Then what do they do for the last 29 minutes?! Do they still owe 60 Euros? Or only 2?

Those girls don't have to worry about STDs...they're getting fresh, untainted meat...haha, good article.
  by: cptfarlow   05/07/2006 05:47 PM     
maybe they meant virgin customers as in virgin to brothels.
they can be very good looking, with partners and everything but going to a brothel for the first time!
  by: darkangelJG     05/08/2006 10:32 AM     
  @ Mranderson  
Let it mean something??? It does mean something... it means that poor lonely ugly societly rejected bastard can bust him a nut in 30 mins for the first time ever.. . I'd pay 60euros if for some reason I couldn't get laid until I was 40. bah.
  by: Burnfactor77   05/08/2006 02:45 PM     
  'Mean something'  
I think the whole 'let it mean something and be terribly romantic' goes out of the window when you start heading into your 30s, notice the steep slope leading downwards and the question of just 'why' you havent got laid yet - becomes more of a 'Im getting laid now no matter what it takes'. Ironic since Im pretty sure thats exactly what one would be thinking in your late teens too.. only 'then' the whole let it mean something would be more appropriae. Funny what 20 years can do to a perspective.
  by: Vswift   05/08/2006 04:27 PM     
  My mate is a virgin...  
at the age of 24 (he's two months older than me)

Despite my best efforts he still can't talk to girls, and thus get laid...

we are all pairing up with ladies now and if he's the only one without I'm worried he'll find it very hard to meet someone without going out with his mates...

I'm at a loss really, short of buying him a call girl for the evening (but not telling him)...
  by: koultunami     05/08/2006 04:39 PM     
  Not as rare as you think  
Just because your friend is still a virgin in his mid 20s doesnt mean its something to worry about - theres this whole social thing in the West where there is pressure to lose your virginity by a certain time. Many people lose it after marriage, religious reasons or not and that can be mid to late 20s. And in your friends case, he will just lose it when he loses it - however he deals with whataever sexual pressure he feels himself is his own issue, call girl or not. But honestly, these things just 'happen'.. theres lots of shy people out there and they end up getting laid sooner or later and not necessary by forking out some cash :)
  by: Vswift   05/09/2006 12:35 AM     
  I was 15 when it "happened"  
...with a girl I met about 20 minutes lie. It was the last thing I, or her,
  by: cptfarlow   05/09/2006 01:23 AM     
Wonder if they do student discount :>
  by: bugmenot   05/09/2006 09:47 AM     
thank you for your nicely written comment. I feel bad cos he's one of my best mates and me and my friends do sort of do couples evenings and he doesn't want to come to the point where we stopped asking so i just feel bad. It's not so much getting him laid but the lack of female company / girlfriend.

But as I said, thanks for you comment
  by: koultunami     05/09/2006 10:41 AM     
  Good Story  
Well they sure know how to draw in the customer, I will give them that.
koultunami, the sad thing is there is some girl somewhere that would love a date with your friend she is probable there right now to shy to let him know how she feels.
  by: captainJane     05/09/2006 04:08 PM     
Just remember.. if you were to pay a callgirl and not tell your friend, you would truly hurt him if he realised later that the 'first' woman that seemed interested in him was paid to do so - that could truly shatter his confidence and he would blame you for it!

As captainJane said, its just a case of being in the right place at the right time - just get him to join clubs and societies where he will have to interact with girls.. dancing classes, charities anything. He will build up confidence and relax, start talking naturally in their presence and hopefully meet someone as well! Clearly you have to get out 'there' but just some sort of environment where you are bound to meet someone is good. Clubs and societies are usually the greatest thing because you also meet people you have something in common with!
  by: Vswift   05/09/2006 06:17 PM     
  Some stud are shy  
I think many guys have a mental problem that makes them extremely shy. I had a friend...who based on his looks...had girls after him all the time. I thought he was gay or probably his dingy was 1 inch long, as he would literally run away when a girl got too close. However, to find out he had this extreme shyness and fear to take the next step with a girl. Like having fear of heights I guess. He finally lost his virginity when he was 28, after a girl practically forced himself on him. Apparently he was not gay or small...simply a phobia. Which i think it is more common than we know.
40 yr old virgin getting finally laid is not bad...lets face it, anyways once most men hit 30...they have as much sex as their hand allows. Especially after a few yrs of marriage and a beer belly.
  by: stpaul000   05/10/2006 04:57 AM     
  if i were  
40 years old and still a virgin...

I would pay 60 Euros for someone to shoot me in the head
  by: ke1n   05/10/2006 08:06 AM     
  What´s the big deal?  
I don´t see what the problem is, this is a perfectly valid back-up plan. I´m 32 and never been laid and never had a girlfriend. It totally sucks and frankly, I don´t care about my first time "meaning something" anymore, I just don´t want to miss out on such a fundamental experience.

I´m already telling myself that I will keep trying to get a girlfriend but if I still can´t get one by the age of 35, I will definitely consider going to a brothel. If I have a friend I really care about who is 40 and never got laid, I would gladly offer to pay for his first time. After all, that´s what friends are for...
  by: andrian007   07/15/2011 11:47 PM     
I used to write good stories. too bad this site won´t see any more of them. Their loss.
  by: Lurker     07/15/2011 11:59 PM     
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