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                 01/20/2018 12:37 AM  
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05/12/2006 05:35 PM ID: 54320 Permalink   

13-Year-Old Warcraft Worshipper Sacrifices Himself


Tianjin, China- A thirteen-year-old boy played Warcraft, the incredibly popular online multiplayer fantasy game, for 36 hours and then jumped from a building to his death in order "to join the heroes of the game" as indicated by his suicide note.

The parents, according to reports, are suing the distributor for failing to include U.S. warnings that the game is not suitable for children. (The game is produced by a French-owned company.) The local distributor has not yet seen a court notice.

The boy played the game in a 'game hall' that might have violated Chinese laws which control exposure to games by setting time limits in internet cafes, and a curfew. The parent's lawsuit also demands a label 'playing games excessively harms health.'

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  This is hillarious!  
more warnings on labels? and 13 is not really a kid is it? i mean he would know better than to get so passionate about a game!
  by: darkangelJG     05/12/2006 05:56 PM     
but... he.. erm...

/got nothing

dont label no more games...
  by: koultunami     05/12/2006 06:04 PM     
  LOL Dumba$$  
I've played this game for over a year and a half, and I've never once thought of jumping out of a building. Maybe killing someone who Ninja'd my epic sword, but never kill myself. /sarcasm
  by: thegreatgonzo     05/12/2006 06:15 PM     
Blizzard will eat them alive. I swear to Christ, using video games as an excuse for a mental health issue [and believe me, I know about issues...] is stupid. Just plain fu**ing stupid, and wrong. Should have had the kid in therapy instead of letting him run around going to "game halls" for 36 hours straight.

Great parents, man.
  by: vanillaskye   05/12/2006 07:23 PM     
  Not suing the gaming hall...  
I noticed that there was no mention of them suing the gaming hall for failure to obey the gaming time limit. Wise of them, considering you think they would have noticed they didn't see their 13-year old boy for 26 hours.
  by: jreid   05/12/2006 07:31 PM     
I was just about to freak out because I couldn't get my morning fix when I read this. It makes me feel a whole lot better. The only people who should be sued are the parents. They obviously didn't care much about this until it was too late. I'm sure the game hall will be shut down by the government for this.

"...the game is not suitable for children." No, it's not suitable for your child because he was a complete tool. At least he killed himself and not someone else.

@koultunami: "dont label no more games..." I thought that was dead by now. Still my favorite SN story to this day, though.
  by: erasedgod   05/12/2006 07:47 PM     
Where does anyone kill themselves in that game?

In fact, there is more suicide messages in music, TV, and movies than all video games put together.
  by: prophageus   05/12/2006 08:08 PM     
  Parents are IDIOTS.  
Suing the company... if they ever get around to it.... is only going ot embarrass them further. What morons.

Don't Kill No More Offspring.
  by: theironboard     05/12/2006 09:31 PM     
  Life is a risk  
Jesus! the whole of life is a risky business but, if i didnt know what my 13 year old son was doing for 36 HOURS! ive got to take some blame as a parent for any bad shit he gets involved with. Then again bieng a Chinese boy of 13 maybe a (little emperor) as they call them (spoilt rotten) maybe they let him do what he wanted.
  by: kanda   05/12/2006 11:32 PM     
So they are in China, the boy played a game owned by a french company, and yet the parents want US warning labels? If it isn't a law in China regarding warning labels, then no "crime" was commited.

But it goes back to the parents. Where were they that their 13 year old son was playing a game for 36 hours? Did they not notice he was missing? The parents should be brought up on charges of neglect.
  by: clk630   05/13/2006 06:53 AM     
  "Playing games excessively harms health"  
Parenting isn't a "sometimes" job. Shitty parents raise stupid kids, end of story. For the one that commits suicide, there are 5.99million who are just fine. Something tells me the guy had problems before Warcraft.
  by: HVSahin   05/14/2006 05:52 PM     
  Oh christ  
What will be the next thing a parent sues about. They should know that most of the games out these days arn't made for children.
The person is 13 so we can't say that hes realy a child.
  by: hershey_45654   05/14/2006 05:57 PM     
  well im glad  
to see china is getting so democratic. sue sue sue, its the american way!
  by: DREKK   05/14/2006 11:11 PM     
  you know`  
see soon enough parents are going to bitch everyone into not making anymore games that are in any way graphic, i mean comeon warcraft isnt all too graphic i play it all the time its a great game but im not going to kill myself in order to "join the heroes." but if they do stop making good games like doom 3 battlefield 2 halo all the good ol one im going to kill myself do to sheer dumbassedness playing halo 4 reading evolved
  by: thrasius   05/15/2006 02:09 AM     
The Gamer's Alliance of North America acknowledges Yin Yang's sacrifices and salutes him!
  by: morph   05/15/2006 03:10 AM     
  New warning label  
from now on, every kid that is born should have "WARNING: STUPIDITY IS CONTAGIOUS AND MAY BE HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH!!!" tattooed across their chest
  by: testeng     05/15/2006 05:25 AM     
  Human of stupid brain!  
(quote)online multiplayer fantasy game, for 36 hours

Im just wondering how it is this young man got to play this game for 36 hours. Where the hell were the parents. Not only did they not realize this game was meant for children over 13 but failed miserably at realizing your brain will shut down without sleep whether you are awake or not. SO if I read this correctly this boy was a walking zombie and that is the parents fault!
  by: hotwired   05/15/2006 06:02 AM     
i dont think this kid played world of warcraft, i think it was talking about warcraft 1, since the source mentions it.
  by: mentally ill   05/15/2006 06:41 AM     
i dont think this kid played world of warcraft, i think it was talking about warcraft 1, since the source mentions it.
  by: mentally ill   05/15/2006 06:41 AM     
The source clearly states in the first paragraph 'popular "Warcraft" online games'.. So I think we can all asume its refering to World of Warcraft
  by: chris_sykes84   05/15/2006 08:19 AM     
  sacrifices himself?  
He probably thought he could run over to the spirit healer and res himself despite having 10 minutes ressurection sickness and 25% durability damage to all his equipment...

shit happens though, maybe a shaman could res him...
  by: koultunami     05/15/2006 10:15 AM     
  First to say it...  
Darwin Award
  by: anony-chan   05/15/2006 10:40 AM     
  Read the source first, then comment!  
This poor kid joined his hero's back in Dec 27 2004...! secondly, as someone else stated, the game he was playing was indeed Warcraft 1 quote.. "It said Zhang's parents, who live in Tianjin, just east of Beijing, are seeking 100,000 yuan ($12,500) from Aomeisoft, the Chinese distributor of "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans." Unless the article is poorly written and its just stating that the company distributed War1,2,3,WoW..

But either way.. I'm just glad this guy didnt have the chance to reproduce ><
  by: UltraL0rd   05/15/2006 03:13 PM     
1) a day n a half is not bad. i have done the same thing. and im definatly not ready to jump off a building

2) The source never said he didnt eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.

just the medias way of trying to make it more extreme, then it really is. if your a$$ is a jumper, it isnt because of the game.
  by: trankpill   05/18/2006 08:50 PM     
  If it actually was WoW...  
American warnings may have been requested because Chinese servers are more carefully controlled, and a great number of American and even European servers are populated by Chinese gold farmers.

Chinese Gold Farmers... like a C&C unit ;)
  by: AxTng1   05/20/2006 03:36 AM     
  younger and loger  
iv stayed up longer than 36 hours and im only 11
  by: sabarkel   10/19/2007 03:00 AM     
well, i won't be playing WoW for a few days until the bad joking and arguments stop.
  by: Calilac     10/19/2007 03:19 AM     
  Dont blame the game...  
It was NOT Blizzard's (or whatever company they sued) fault. The parents should be the ones taking the blame since they let him play that long.
  by: Mamorax   01/27/2008 06:11 AM     
  Hahah pwned  
  by: Zmethod     01/27/2008 06:42 AM     
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