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                 02/22/2018 05:46 PM  
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05/19/2006 05:34 AM ID: 54409 Permalink   

To Bully and to Intimidate in Baltimore


A Virginia couple was arrested for 8 hours in Baltimore for allegedly trespassing on a public street after asking a cop for directions. Their car was then left open in the pound where a pair of glasses, a cell phone, a charger and 20CDs were stolen.

According to the victims, they were lost south of Baltimore. They found a cop and asked her for direction. The cop refused to offer assistance indicating the couple broke a stop sign. The victim offered to pay the fine and still asked for directions.

The cop refused again. When the couple went to another cop the first cop drove right in between and allegedly uttered: "my partner is not going to step in front of me and tell you directions if I'm not." The couple was then thrown in jail for 8 hours.

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  easily believable  
police do this stuff everywhere....they went into the
wrong part of the city and got the treatment.

i'm surprised @ the arresting part though. I
remember once i was told to go to a gas station
because he "didn't know what i was talking about". I
was like man, I see how it is. Friend though almost
got us arrested by saying that he pays their taxes
(weren't even from that area)

I smell a huge lawsuit though.
  by: hotrock11     05/19/2006 05:46 AM     
to the good ole usa or is this japan.
  by: hershey_45654   05/19/2006 06:27 AM     
It is Nazi Germany. These cops think that they have absolute power. And they wonder why they get shot.
  by: walter3ca   05/19/2006 07:10 AM     
It is Nazi Germany. These cops think that they have absolute power. And they wonder why they get shot.
  by: walter3ca   05/19/2006 07:10 AM     
nazi police is about right. Wrongful arrest should be punishable with jailtime.
  by: jendres     05/19/2006 01:14 PM     
From the source: They didn't break the stop sign, they failed to stop at it.

The cop didn't drive between the victims and the other cop, they stepped between them.

It should also be noted that they drove 40 feet away, parked with their flashers on and called their father on their cell phone when they were arrested.
  by: psuchad   05/19/2006 04:03 PM     
  I know...  
<deleted by admin>
  by: candeaz   05/19/2006 04:42 PM     
no comment....
  by: hotrock11     05/19/2006 04:47 PM     
"Failing to stop.."
Broke a stop sign, Run a stop sign, all good.

"drove between.."
Ya, it was the second cop that drove, the first cop stepped between the cars.

"It should also be noted that.."
It's called opportunity cost. I filled the quota of 250 letters for each paragrah, some i could include some had to be left out.
  by: kmazzawi     05/19/2006 05:09 PM     
The police in Baltimore should not be compared to the Nazi police state. The difference between the two is that police brutality and abuse of power was sanctioned by the state in Nazi Germany. The actions of the Baltimore police officer will be investigated and any failure to be a good steward of the position will be punished. The alleged victims have the option to pursue a lawsuit against the officer and the city in a civil court. They would not have had that option in Nazi Germany. The list of differences goes on and on, but the point is that the Baltimore Police Department does not sanction police brutality or abuse of power and should not be compared to a police state where that behaviour was not only common and accepted, but promoted.
  by: tomblik     05/19/2006 05:18 PM     
  To Serve and Protect  
(cops, to hell with the rest of you)

Can you say NAZI JACKBOOTS? Can you say FASCIST PIGS?

Either this chick is seriously PMSing or she grew a dick and a huge pair of brass balls. I think she needs a new career, like maybe inmate at the state pen. That would be a good place for her.
  by: valkyrie123     05/19/2006 05:40 PM     
I disagree with the one bad apple theory. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a county run by a corrupt sheriff that was ex CIA black ops, just back from throwing gooks out of helicopters in Nam. He pulled over and raped high school girls on a regular basis. He tortured prisoners for years in the county jail, all with the blessing of most of the people in the county. They claimed he was going to run the riff raff out of the county.

Outside investigators need to give this sheriffs office a through run threw and get rid of any and all bad apples. The sheriff should be booted for even hiring and allowing this loon to pull a stunt like this. He is ultimately responsible.

I am still wondering if there really is a law concerning “trespassing on a public street”? If so, how does that work?
  by: valkyrie123     05/19/2006 05:57 PM     
  Female Cops  
<deleted by admin.>
  by: Blinko   05/19/2006 07:30 PM     
and don't forget that everyone in jail is innocent too...considering the source, take it with a grain of salt. (note: Just to be clear, I mean the source for the alleged incident being the arrested people not the news site).
  by: steiny_33     05/19/2006 08:03 PM     
You people bitch and moan about how evil the cops are, but when you need help, they are the first ones you call and suddenly they are your best friends.

To compare them to Nazi's is insane as this isn't an organization that thrives on fear and punishment and it also isn't a power thats untouchable.

You are going to have bad apples EVERYWHERE you go.
  by: cbuilding   05/19/2006 08:08 PM     
<deleted by admin>
  by: sb_   05/19/2006 08:31 PM     
  Some Good Apples  
To actually imply that bad cops are some bad apples is just naive. The assumption is that policing is bad, giving people legal enforcement powers and guns is bad, we just allow it because the alternative is worse.

What ends up happening, is often the dumbest guys will join the 'force', the smart guys will become engineers, electricians, doctors. Criminals and sociopath also have a fascination with putting a badge specially when society allows its cops a free reign. So the moral is never allow cops a free reign.

  by: kmazzawi     05/19/2006 08:38 PM     
I’ll bet these two were fearful and feeling punished by this organization.
I dare you to go convince these cops that their power is untouchable.

Around here calling the cops is for the most part useless. First they won’t show up for a week and that is only if the roads are passable. Second they won’t do anything anyway. Third they are all on the payroll of the local drug lords (and yes I do know this for a fact).

Part of what you said is very true, “bad apples EVERYWHERE you go.” There sure is.

Here in times of need we call on, and depend on, our friends, Colt, Winchester, Remington, Ruger, and Glock. They can be depended on for results.

I guess its more citified where you live
  by: valkyrie123     05/19/2006 08:40 PM     
  I wish I could comment  
But everytime I say something bad about cops. Karma kicks me in the balls... =( So I'll just sit here and listen, and hope I don't get pulled over for some STUPID BULL SHIT LIKE HAVING TINTED WINDOWS...

Oh crap... =*(
  by: thegreatgonzo     05/19/2006 08:56 PM     
Hmm, maybe I'm misreading this but from the source -

"The first thing that she said to us was no -- you just ran that stop sign, pull over,"[...]"the couple spotted another police vehicle and flagged that officer down for directions."[...]"Kelly pulled 40 feet forward parking next to a curb"

So if I'm reading this right, they disobeyed a lawful order to pull over given by the first officer?
  by: spsellars   05/20/2006 03:06 AM     
"Here in times of need we call on, and depend on, our friends, Colt, Winchester, Remington, Ruger, and Glock. They can be depended on for results." -

You're friends with Ruger and Glock but not Mr. Sig or Mr. Springfield?!! Might I humbly recommend those if your circle of friends were to increase?
  by: spsellars   05/20/2006 03:12 AM     
  most cops  
Just about every cop that I know is a total d***. You can tell when they haven't had a good month. Every 1/2 mile you go, you usually see at least 2 cars pulled over. As you can tell they want out good ole tax dollars.
  by: hershey_45654   05/20/2006 01:12 PM     
  haveing lived  
in altimore, i can totally believe this happened. the cops there can be real pricks, but the courts are fair enough, so the couple will probally win the lawsuit
  by: ganjaman22     05/20/2006 04:58 PM     
  lol NAZIS?  
im tired of people comparing things to Nazi germany.

the US is certainly a f***** up place, far from the values it is supposed to stand for, but Nazis? No. lol

These a re just a bunch of punk ass cops is all. Punk ass cops who I wouldnt mind seeing get into a fight with a bunch of mericless gang membera
  by: ke1n   05/20/2006 09:41 PM     
  More info about this!  
Having watched my local news stations, the couple (who were brother and sister) were white and were in a black section in Baltimore County. Funny thing is that their father is a Cop in Virginia!!!
The thing that isn't disclosed is what color the cops were that were harassing them! Reverse discrimination lawsuit???
  by: risqman2006   05/21/2006 04:14 AM     
You guys do realize that the arresting officer(s) aren't allowed to discuss this until the investigation is over, right? We're hearing only one side of things, and I personally don't think it adds up.

To end up in the "heart of Cherry Hill" (per the source article), coming from Camden Yard, they had to pass the 95. Now assuming they just missed the onramp, why on earth would they pass gas stations, markets, etc., only to drive into a strictly residential area? Doesn't seem like the best place to go for directions to me. And to end up "in the heart" of Cherry Hill means they weren't right off the highway.

My opinion? They went there to buy drugs. Cherry Hill is known for it's drug trade. Possibly unfair, but the guy's smile, missing teeth and all, doesn't exactly exude a life of sobriety to me. I'm sure the officers noticed that, right or wrong. Add into that the fact that the girl wouldn't identify herself (she was booked as Jane Doe), and the fact that the man tried to rip the citation away from the officer, we're definitely not looking at a couple who was as cooperative as they want the media to believe.

The officers asked them to leave after giving them a citation, they decided to stay. They knew the officers weren't going to be of any help in finding the directions "they needed", so why did they stay, disobeying a lawful order?

The charges were dropped as it is pretty hard to get a "trespassing" charge to stick against people on a public street, in a public housing area. I personally think the officers should have let them buy their drugs (assuming this is what they are there for, which is obviously what the officers assumed) and then busted them, thus preventing and media spin on this.

Additional links regarding this which show more than just the couples spin on things -
  by: spsellars   05/21/2006 04:56 AM     
  if you were buying drugs  
IF they were buying drugs they probably wouldnt stop and talk to a cop after he tells them to bugger off.

Im not saying they are innocent but i smell some dirty pigs in this too
  by: ke1n   05/21/2006 12:04 PM     
I don't know, I personally think you're underestimating the stupidity of crackheads.

Obviously the original officer forgot that a big part of being a law enforcement officer is PR. Then again, we have all the time in the world after the fact to hypothesize about what shoulda/woulda/coulda happened.. the officer didn't have that luxury. She just as easily could have hauled the driver in the second he tried to rip the citation away from her. She instead, gave him an opportunity to leave.

Even if we are to assume that the officer is a “bad apple”, why would they provoke the situation further by continuing to disobey her lawful orders?
  by: spsellars   05/21/2006 01:29 PM     
and what lawful order was that?
  by: jendres     05/22/2006 01:22 PM     
and thanks for the link. It shows even more information that you don't know what you are talking about.

"It is outrageous and our office has tried very hard to change these policing practices," Baltimore City State's Attorney spokeswoman Margaret Burns said.
  by: jendres     05/22/2006 01:29 PM     
"and what lawful order was that?" -

1) When a uniformed officer in the United States gives you a traffic directive (her telling them to leave), that directive takes precedence over any other traffic laws.

2) When an officer asks for their pen back and you refuse, you are again disobeying a lawful order. (Petty, yes, but still disobeying a lawful order all the same.)

"and thanks for the link. It shows even more information that you don't know what you are talking about." -

Ok Mr. Knowledgeable, since you’re obviously proficient at ripping quotes, feel free to point out what specifically I said above that is disproved by your quote.

Since I apparently don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe you could enlighten us as to why they ended up in “the heart of Cherry Hill”, having to pass the 95 to even get there (the highway they were supposedly looking for), passing any logical source of directions, only to drive deeper into a public housing area known for it’s drug trade? They are quoted as saying they saw the 95 north sign, but not the 95 south, so why would they continue to drive in an obviously wrong direction? If Ms. Brooks was able to call her father to get directions after the citation, why didn’t she do it after leaving the 295?

I never overtly took a side either way, I was simply stating that there are two sides to the story, and therefore, most likely, two sides to the blame. Seems funny to me that everyone is so quick to extend the “innocent until proven guilty” mentality to these "victims", and not the officers. We have heard ONE side of the story, from people who stand to gain form the story (money). Add to that Llara Brooks was previously convicted of embezzlement, we can assume SHE at least is willing to lie for a profit.

So again, please, wow me with your cut-and-paste skills and show me what specifically in my prior comments is refuted by your quote?
  by: spsellars   05/22/2006 03:04 PM     
Just cuz what a pig utters is considered a "lawful order" it does not mean it is acceptable as said pig will still pay hell if he/she utters crap that I do not find acceptable. I pay a fine and the cop gets fired. It's all good.

I do not want to be in an area only to have a cop pull over to give me a ticket and then "orders me to Leave". Was his goal to give me a ticket to make the traffic safer? or was his goal to make me leave? Even if someone 'thought' I was in the area to buy drugs. Specially if I was in the area to buy drugs. I did not have drugs on me and frankly even if I did, the cop would not have had the right to search my person.
  by: kmazzawi     05/22/2006 08:45 PM     
“I pay a fine and the cop gets fired. It's all good.” -

You forgot a night in jail, but that’s exactly part of my point, if the cops were truly just a-holes, don’t make things worse on yourself by being one too! The officer is still working right now, no paid leave during the investigation, as they normally do. That tells me they aren’t getting rid of her. Had the driver not refused to sign the ticket, not refused to give the pen back, and not attempted to rip the ticket away from her, I have a feeling this officer would be on a paid vacation right now.

“I did not have drugs on me and frankly even if I did, the cop would not have had the right to search my person.” –

Well, yes and no.. During a traffic stop an officer can require you to step out of the vehicle, this creates more than “casual contact”, and therefore they can do a “Terry” search of your body for “their own protection”. They can also use drug sniffing dogs during normal traffic stops –

One bark from that little guy and you’re done, probable cause to search the whole vehicle.
  by: spsellars   05/23/2006 03:37 AM     
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