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                 02/19/2018 10:47 PM  
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05/23/2006 09:03 AM ID: 54471 Permalink   

Iranian President to be Sued for Anti-Israel Comments


Various highly profiled Israeli diplomats plan to take Mr. Ahmadinejad to the International Court of Justice for what they believe as a violation of the 1948 UN genocide convention, to which Iran is still a cosigner.

An advisory document that recommends prosecution is 'almost complete' reported Israeli news website The Iranian president drew international criticism with comments that reflected a desire to "wipe Israel off the map," Ynetnews said.

The UN convention describes any "direct and public incitement to commit genocide" as a breach of the convention. The same court which is based in Hague, ruled that part of Israel's West Bank "security barrier" were illegal in 2004.

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  perfect example...  
...of double standards

This is so hilarious, they're preparing a document to convict Iran's president to be sent to the UN genocide convention, the same court which ruled Israel's West Bank "security barrier" as illegal. Oh but that's ok, we don't care what you say about us, but you should still say something about THEM.

I said it before and I say it again, the UN has long since failed.
When I see the UN impose sanctions on the US for an illegal war, or on Israel for the 'security barrier' then I might believe in it again.

Until then, I can't see a reason why Iran, or any other country, should give a shit about what they say
  by: Breathe   05/23/2006 10:06 AM     
i totally agree with what you said but

"Until then, I can't see a reason why Iran, or any other country, should give a shit about what they say"
unfortunatly, _weaker_ countries have to, otherwise they get bullied!
  by: darkangelJG     05/23/2006 10:24 AM     
  completely stupid  
"direct and public incitement to commit genocide"

who decides what is and isn't genocide? it'll take me days to compile a list of countries and offenses which breach this convention.
  by: manilaryce     05/23/2006 12:33 PM     
  Ah, but is it genocide?  
Now, if the Iranian president had said that all Jews should be removed, maybe.

But, he said that Israel should be removed. Destructions of a country is not necessarily the destruction of its people, and so does not directly indicate genocide.
  by: ofWolfandMan   05/23/2006 01:43 PM     
I love how they think they can tell a nation what to do, then when something's said against them they get all offended... Maybe they should be taken off the map and take all the idiots with it.
  by: mav738   05/23/2006 02:10 PM     
  oh, for crying out loud!  
if they want to start pointing fingers maybe they should sue countries like sudan. saying is something and doing is something.
and why is it that Israel always ends up in the vulnerable position where everybody is trying to kill them?!
  by: darkangelJG     05/23/2006 02:21 PM     
i would like to bring the attention to you guys that the United Nations = prototype for the NWO (New World Order) by the 'illuminatis' & 'the free masons'. so, well, screw all the governments of the world, when the world gets screwed over, it's us, we the people who are gonna get the worst of it.
  by: FunkMan   05/23/2006 09:49 PM     
  Talk about double standards!  
Isn't Ariel Sharon responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacre!?

Wasn't that genocide!?
  by: zmethod     05/24/2006 01:52 AM     
  its all about who your friends are  
just like in everything else. if you are friend with the US, then you are always the peace-loving democratic good nation. but if u arent friends withthe US then you are a terorist.

same cocksuckers, different names

Israeli leaders have commited just as many crimes against humanity as Saddam did. Israel didnt kill pure, jewish, israelis. butthey sure are slowlly commiting genocide on the palestinians

oh wait, they are arabs who don't like Israel, so that doesnt count right?
  by: ke1n   05/24/2006 05:36 AM     
  You must be joking...  
What about the butcher of beirut?(arial sharon)
  by: cosine   05/24/2006 05:47 AM     
  yeah right!  
like u expected something better..
  by: cosine   05/24/2006 05:51 AM     
  "threatened to wipe Israel off the map."  
Juan Cole writes:

"I object to this translation of what he said on two grounds. First, it gives the impression that he wants to play Hitler to Israel's Poland, mobilizing an armored corps to move in and kill people.

But the actual quote, which comes from an old speech of Khomeini, does not imply military action, or killing anyone at all. The second reason is that it is just an inexact translation. The phrase is almost metaphysical. He quoted Khomeini that "the occupation regime over Jerusalem should vanish from the page of time."


"As for the matter at issue, Ahmadinejad is a non-entity. The Iranian "president" is mostly powerless. The commander of the armed forces is the Supreme Jurisprudent, Ali Khamenei. Worrying about Ahmadinejad's antics is like worrying that the US military will act on the orders of the secretary of the interior. Ahmadinejad cannot declare war on anyone, or mobilize a military. So it doesn't matter what speeches he gives."

The Israelis want war. This is also worth reading:

And this: Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map - Does He Deny The Holocaust?
  by: Kaleid   05/24/2006 06:15 AM     
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