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                 01/19/2018 10:12 PM  
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05/23/2006 11:23 AM ID: 54474 Permalink   

Fake Chinese Drug Kills 9


A drug containing a fake ingredient has killed some 9 people in China after they were treated with the drug in hospital. The drug makers have accused the drug supplier of adding toxic ingredients instead of the proper, expected chemicals.

Arrests have been made in association to with the deaths. The drug was meant to treat liver and gastric disorders, as well as gall bladder. An investigation into the incident has been ordered, and a safety review of drug firms will be launched.

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  How can they  
be fake ingredients?? I understand the story, but the phrasing fake ingredients seems like an oxymoron, i mean, if they are in the recipe, then they are the ingredients...
  by: nyceplaya2002     05/24/2006 02:49 AM     
Ok what don't you get? It says "adding toxic ingredients instead of the proper, expected chemicals" So it wasn't the real ingredients it was therefore "fake"
  by: zmethod     05/24/2006 06:50 AM     
Seriously, you don't understand? When a receipe calls for one ingredient and you substitute a different ingredient for it while maintaining that you followed the receipe, you are billing the substituted ingredient as the original ingredient - therefore you have a "fake" ingredient. You haven't followed the receipe - you've used a different receipe while claiming that it is the same receipe.
  by: Rough Ian     05/24/2006 06:03 PM     
I don't think "fake" is the best word either...
  by: burgs   05/24/2006 10:11 PM     
Fake is a bad word choice. Saying it's fake makes it sound like it was a placebo that killed people...
  by: shaynec   05/25/2006 05:58 PM     
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